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  1. Right. The lower price is the reason I'm asking. Aside: it would be really helpful if the item descriptions in the store were more... descriptive. At least give me a page count, whether it's color or B&W, and the binding — that should be the basic info included.
  2. (That said, the 5e version was never a color hardcover. 😉)
  3. 6th Ed. My apologies for not being clear:
  4. I'd like to know if the $29.99 Star Hero Book + PDF deal current listed in the store is the original color hardcover or a softcover, B&W reprint. Would anyone be able to enlighten me? Any help is much appreciated.
  5. buzz

    Loading Prefab Issue

    I was seeing this same issue and tried Chris' solution — renaming the TK file to .ZIP and extracting. It worked, creating a folder as he said. I poked around some of the other files and noticed there are others (e.g., Teleport) that suffer the same problem. I think it would be helpful to remedy this issue for the pack so future buyers don't have this problem, and maybe even see about turning those .hdc files into .hdp files (which are much more useful).
  6. Re: What RPG book(s) are you reading/have you just read?
  7. Re: What RPG book(s) are you reading/have you just read? True. Thankfully, the designers are very accessible, and the system is simple enough that you can fool around pretty easily and get fun results. The most common concept I've seen is a Stunt allowing you to use one skill in place of another. E.g., Mysteries in place of Rapport, or, in an example I used in my game, Science in place of Athletics ("The World's Fastest Physicist").
  8. Re: What RPG book(s) are you reading/have you just read?
  9. Re: What RPG book(s) are you reading/have you just read?
  10. Re: What RPG book(s) are you reading/have you just read? Currently reading Spirit of the Century, which has a GM section that is the template from which all GM sections should be made. IMO, HERO could use GM advice this awesome.
  11. buzz

    Handling money in a Star HERO campaign

    Re: Handling money in a Star HERO campaign Thanks for the ideas, guys!
  12. I'm gearing up for a Star HERO campaign that will likely focus on a group of PCs with their own merchant ship looking to pay the bills moving cargo and takng on passengers. I.e., typical Traveller/Firefly type stuff. I'd like advice on how to handle money in a campaign like this. I'm wary of having the PCs count every last credit; I don't want to make this feel like D&D, i.e., where one player always gets designated the "Excel bitch." . I'd like the freedom to begin adventures with "So, down on your luck once again...", i.e., just handle money more as a plot element, but I don't want to negate the PCs accomplishments. Doesn't seem like much fun if the GM just handwaves away any money you earn in order to get an adventure going. And, of course, being a Heroic campaign, money also has a lot to do with available equipment, so I need to keep that in mind. So, how are you guys handling money in your own campaigns?
  13. buzz

    New Zealand

    Re: New Zealand Lord, but that sounds wrong.
  14. buzz

    New Zealand

    Re: New Zealand Isn't there still the issue of having to pay with a credit card drawn on a US bank? Or did things change?
  15. buzz

    New Zealand

    Re: New Zealand Man, I loved that band!