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  1. So yeah, since each Multiform is a Character, they get Complications like the main Character, just add that to the build like you would any other build.
  2. If you mean, that form has no control over its actions, or has a set of basic actions it performs - like Attack Everything; that sounds like the Form has Berserk at a high level. If you mean, has no control over when the Form can be changed into, that's either Accidental Change or No Conscious Control.
  3. ghost-angel

    How would you price this Limitation?

    The fact is if you removed the Endurance part from Charges it would require less words to explain, it would also remove words from Autofire. It would create less side explanations as everything would be normalized: Charges limit how often a power can be used. Reduced END removes Endurance cost. The only reason you see an interaction between the two is because the system put one in at the very beginning. Once you remove all Endurance considerations from Charges every argument about pushing, reducing effect, altering costs, math on where it switches from Limitation to Advantage, go away completely. That's a fact.
  4. ghost-angel

    How would you price this Limitation?

    There's nothing about 'using as few game elements as possible' in the game philosophy. The system has been moving ever closer towards breaking components down to increase granularity of concept (removing figured characteristics and making them secondary characteristics, for example). Making Charges do only one thing (limit uses per time period) is much more in line with the overall system philosophy than the current setup of having one modifier do two things - thus causing further complication elsewhere; especially since it has a flip point where it goes from Limitation to Advantage, and affects the cost of another modifier (autofire) as well. That is, IMO, much more of a book keeping problem than simply tracking multiple resources during play. And I'll note your exception of Heroic campaigns tracking ammo is... well, Charges, so you've already stated that the reason not to do a thing is a thing that is already being done anyway... making that point moot.
  5. ghost-angel

    How would you price this Limitation?

    D'oh... edited, sorry - do not think Charges should default to 0END.
  6. ghost-angel

    How would you price this Limitation?

    Compound Powers are hardly a 6E thing, it was codified as a term during 5E, and has certainly been an idea since Partially Limited Powers were a thing. Some alternate ideas to the aforementioned Compound Power; I'm sure we could figure out how to use Damage Over Time, but I didn't sit down and do any math on it.... But, Cumulative with a series of Naked Advantages is an alternative. The build isn't any less messy that additional dice with their own Modifiers, but it's an alternative. Each Cumulative NA has it's own Limitations: must follow previous increment, increases time step by one.... Also, I'm in the camp that Charges shouldn't really cost 0END by default, folding an Advantage into a Limitation is 1) weird, 2) locks out or makes some ideas more complex than needed.
  7. ghost-angel

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    It's not "pulling a race card" to point out that reducing an entire cultures animated industry into a single 'genre' is off point. As someone pointed out, American Animation Hero would have the same problems; Gummi-Bears. GI-Joe, and My Little Pony hardly operate under the same genre conventions beyond some generalized cultural similarities. The Toon RPG is great for simulating Hanna-Barara cartoons, but terrible for Transformers... but, hey, those are both cartoons so one Cartoon Genre Book will do just fine? No, no it won't. The same with Japanese Animation.
  8. ghost-angel

    We lost a good one.....

    Condolences, his contributions to the boards will be missed.
  9. ghost-angel

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    Superhero, as a genre, does have it's own rules. Anime is does not have a universal set of themes/rules it plays with. The genre conventions of Mecha Anime are not the same as Cyberpunk Anime, Fighting Anime, Slice-Of-Life Anime, Haram Anime, Magical-Girl Anime, Historical Anime; And some Anime is essentially Superhero Anime (Dragonball, One Punch Man, any magical-girl could fit this); What works in Dragonball Hero will absolutely not work in Kazei 5. Every generic anime gaming source book I've seen (a good half dozen) have been, to be blunt, utter trash. Which is what made things like Kazei 5, the old BGC RPG, and yeah, even the old Robottech RPG, work much better: they focused their rules within the genre they were. And frankly, to call "Anime" a genre is just culturally insensitive, bordering on racist generalizations. It's a whole medium where a lot of genres have their stories told.
  10. ghost-angel

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    I agree - I see no compelling reason for Resistant Flash Defense either, for any game I've ever been in. But a universal system can't rule out that concept outright - somewhere, some game, has a use for Resistant Flash Defenses, and they should be allowed in the RAW for that reason. Building a campaign isn't just what you use from the book, it's what you don't use too.
  11. ghost-angel

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    The rules say nothing about a Normal Attack becoming Stun Only. Penetrating only applies to the Stun Damage of a Normal Attack, just not the Body. A Penetrating Hand Attack will still do Body Damage. This is for both 5E and 6E. You cannot apply Penetrating to the Body Damage of a Normal Attack as Penetrating works on the Total Die Roll Effect.
  12. ghost-angel

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    Does Body can only be applied to Attacks that do Stun Only damage. There would be no point in adding it to an Attack that already does Body damage.
  13. ghost-angel

    Things not covered/addressed in Hero

    Screw the source material, I'm trying to create something interactive, interesting, and with longevity.
  14. ghost-angel

    Things not covered/addressed in Hero

    If I were to implement a Sanity Mechanic it'd work more like a renewable resource like Stun or Endurance. As you're introduced to new, horrifying, facts about reality it depletes - too many new things at once and something horrible happens, but if you're given enough time to recover, internalize, and normalize the information your Sanity restores itself and you can move on. It would work much better for campaign longevity.
  15. ghost-angel

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Nope. In any given campaign something can be used to abuse the campaign's expectations.