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  1. ChaosDrgn

    Naked Limitation

    How can I build a naked limitation that covers multiple powers? For example my Barbarian has several Naked Advantages and Talents/Powers that he can you 8 times per day.
  2. ChaosDrgn

    Export closest to 6E template in book?

    RPMiller has one that works
  3. ChaosDrgn


    I keep wondering what the values in Hero would be for some of those metals...
  4. ChaosDrgn


    It was either watching Black Panther (only seen once!), or reading Titan's 'Made in Manhattan" too many times.
  5. ChaosDrgn

    Only for Dying...

    When you get to negative body you're dead, period. My understanding of it all is if you have the +20 body (only to prevent death), and you have a normal body of 10 then you don't die (flat-line) until you reach -30 body, not -10.
  6. ChaosDrgn

    Dr Arcane!

    I have the PDF for Coriolis...am going to work on it more this week, real life is a pain in the ...ahem....
  7. ChaosDrgn


    For some reason I was thinking about using nanites to make costumes. Be able to afford protection, heal, etc, as well as be able to be absorbed into clothing already there....
  8. ChaosDrgn

    Dr Arcane!

    I was tempted to use Projection/Possession from APG to write up Dr. Arcane for the 2000....comments/suggestions?
  9. ChaosDrgn

    Only for Dying...

    I can't find it now but there used to be "+X body; only to prevent dying(-?/?) Anyone know what the limitation is and where the reference might be?
  10. ChaosDrgn

    RIP: Margot Kidder

    Frown Face :(
  11. ChaosDrgn

    HTML Export

    Pasting it into Wordpress.com and they don't allow custom CSS.
  12. ChaosDrgn

    HTML Export

    Is there a bare-bones HTML export that has NO CSS involved?
  13. ChaosDrgn

    Things not covered/addressed in Hero

    I have in my games before, though it has been awhile. I tend to cut the limit at 64ft though, anything taller and it involves burnout, IEC, Side Effects and possibly Extra-Dimensional.
  14. ChaosDrgn


    I was thinking Accidental Change or modifying Berserk/Enraged. I went with Accidental change and some OIHIDs. She doesn't really change form as much as personality - at times she may even use powers she's unaware of in her non-super id (i.e. waking up in the middle of the air, or striking someone at super-speed as a gut reaction). Also playing with the idea of there being a "third" real personality that's a mix of the two that comes out every once in a blue moon.
  15. I'm trying to remember how you would do someone with split personality, especially one who's powers are only in one identity (I'm thinking Aurora from Alpha Flight for the longest time).