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    I enjoy collecting and playing classic videogames and computer games (from the late 70s/early 80s). I'm also a theme park maven.
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    I grew up in the SF Bay Area, graduated from CSU Hayward (now CSUEB) in 1992, and have since lived in Northeast Illinois. I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my hobbies and passions. Back in the 90s, I did freelance work for Imperium Games as a member of the Core Group.
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    Corporate IT

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  1. GM Joe

    George Perez announces retirement

    Truly one of the greats. I wish him all the best.
  2. GM Joe

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Homeland, S7. It was an OK season, but there was a lot of stupid characters doing stupid things, too. Overall, it seemed like the writers were trying to recapture the glory of S1 but didn't know how. It was worth watching, but I'm not sure I'll watch S8.
  3. Well, I GM a lot and my first name is Joe. Plus, back in the early 70s, I loved playing with my GI Joes -- especially the one with Kung Fu grip and the one with the grappling hook! I GM'd before I played. The first tabletop RPG I played was AD&D 1e. But, really, we were playing RPGs without knowing it back when we would play with Micronaughts, Star Wars figures, etc. Before that, we were RPGing with Hot Wheels. My friends and I would build elaborate cities for them out back during summer, giving the cars' occupants personalities and acting out stories. In the winter, we'd use Lego to build the cities indoors. B/X D&D (the Moldvay/Cook Basic and Expert sets). I'm GMing a street-level supers campaign using HERO System 4e. I picked up Champions 2e at my FLGS in 1983, brought it home, read it, and it blew my mind. I began running it the next weekend. HERO has been my favorite game system ever since.
  4. GM Joe

    Where to sell classic collection?

    If you're more interested in a hassle-free sale than in getting the best price, you could always get in touch with Noble Knight (nobleknight.com) and see what they'll offer you for the books. Just make sure you describe them as well as you can, and include good photos if possible.
  5. Yup, anyone who has no core beliefs in anything is totally immune.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty much a human thing, as recent studies have shown. We really, really don't like having our core beliefs challenged, and will pretty much do whatever it takes to keep them intact in most circumstances, including lying to ourselves about things we've seen right in front of us with our own eyes. It's pretty scary.
  7. Good point; there are some journalists and editors doing good work out there! And you're right, news reports fail to point out the subtleties of the D's position vis a vis walls. That's why I end up being treated to rants from coworkers about how evil the D's are for shutting down the government instead of negotiating with Trump.
  8. GM Joe

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    We finished S3 of Travelers. It was a good season (minus one poorly written episode), and I'm interested to see where things head from here. I just hope they leave David and Marcy alone for a season, dag nabbit.
  9. The "serious and long illness" being that he embarrassed Putin by botching the poisoning, I'm sure.
  10. GM Joe

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    No, you really can't expect faithful adaptions. My mistake was expecting something other than a story that's so drawn out that you can see through it.
  11. I wish every article on the shutdown would mention that it started when Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate, rather than trying to "show balance." Journalists should point out that the Republican Senate passed a spending bill and then the Republican House rejected it. Now the Democratic House has passed that same bill, and the Republican Senate refuses to consider it. Back in December, Trump said he'd sign that same bill, then decided he'd rather please Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. It's very clearly not Democrats who made this problem. But now they're being told they need to be the ones to solve it -- by supporting something their base hates. Both-sides-ism rules the American media, as always.
  12. GM Joe

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    I'm a fan of PKD and have read and enjoyed all of his books and short stories, and I was looking forward (with some trepidation) to seeing Amazon's adaptation of Man in the High Castle, back before S1 launched. My wife, who has read most of PKD's works, was guardedly looking forward to it as well. Then S1 dropped, and we watched it with a growing sense that, as you say, the story was being dragged out way too long. We lost interest, and never bothered with S2. Such a waste!
  13. GM Joe

    Browsing through the HERO store

    Yeah the HERO Bestiary is a true gem.
  14. Yes, Mitch, it would be pointless to see whether enough Senators will vote for even a single one of these bills to pass it, and then later to find out if enough will vote to override any veto Trump may make. Voting is pointless.