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  1. Hi First thing you need are some Export Formats, which you can find in the downloads part of the site. Under the Current Character menu is Export. You want to select Set Export Format. The select the appropriate export format type you want (i.e. one of the ones you downloaded). Then you can either Preview or Export to File. Personally I like to do Preview. All done
  2. bluesguy

    2018.01.01 Errata Compliant?

    Yes to the best of my knowledge. Many of the items identified don't have a direct impact on running combat. Please realize that HCM does not implement everything that can be done during a Hero combat session. Rather it helps with '80% of the bookkeeping around' running Hero combat.
  3. bluesguy

    We lost a good one.....

    Very sad to hear.
  4. Hi Jeffrywith1e, Thank you for joining us. You live in the Twin Cities... Cool so do I. We should get together sometime.
  5. bluesguy

    Disarm a shield

    In my Valdorian Age campaign there was a dwarf, the only one anyone had seen in forever, who carried a monster axe that he specifically used to destroy shields. I had to look up the DEF/Body for all shields being used in my campaign. So the character's first action after IDing the most dangerous melee opponent and use his axe on that person. He could throw the axe (the character was crazy strong and had bought PSL vs. range with the axe) and aim for the shield. Almost every time the shield was destroyed. Then he would go after that opponent with a sword and put on his shield. I think he had fast draw with those as well. As a GM I allowed it because it was so unique and made for interesting fights. I very much enjoy cinematic fight scenes.
  6. bluesguy

    LFP: Fantasy Hero - VTT

    I am currently running a Sunday afternoon role playing game using Epic Table (VTT) and Discord. There are currently four other players and it would be good if there was one or two additional players in the group. Specifics: When: Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm Central Time. 3 to 4 Sundays a month Genre: Fantasy Hero Campaign: Nyonia which is my home brew world and I have been running for a while. The party currently consists of a captain of a ship (think Viking), bard, duelist, and war mage. The party could use a warrior-priest or straight up priest of either Larani or Peoni (which would be more priestly or monk like). Other options are possible but read about the world before you propose them. Please read this information about character creation. What do you need: Decent computer Very good internet connection Headphones/mic for your computer. We have one person who doesn't have this and it does cause problems. If you are interested let me know.
  7. Hi,


    Have you seen this http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html concerning the roadmap for Java?  I am wondering what that means for both of our applications.



    1. Simon


      Likely not much. The baseline Java SE is still under development -- it's products like Java SE Advanced that are going into long term support....and even those are still getting updates, just not major new features.

  8. If you are getting the following error that means you are running HCM 1.1.11a and it has the wrong Combat Record export files which you used to export your characters from Hero Designer to be used by HCM. If you are using the HCM 1.1.11b (at this time the latest version) you shouldn't have the above problem. You can either download the new version of HCM or you can go to this link and download a zip which has the HCM export files you need. Sorry about that folks.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a temporary fix for the HCM v1.11a Export files. Unzip the file into the HCM Export folder.
  10. bluesguy

    Doubt about the magic system

    Here are a couple of additional resources: Killer Shrike's site with a number of fully laid out magic systems - This site provides a number of really good options for magic systems that are not DnD like. He also provides a way to create a DnD magic system using Hero. Valdorian Age - 5e setting book has a unique magic system based on 'favors' that spell casters have to make with their patron deity/demon/otherworldly source Narosia Sea of Tears - 6e has a unique magic system divided between arcane and divine
  11. bluesguy

    Doubt about the magic system

    Hi, Glad you joined us. First of all I think you are asking some very good questions about how to balance a custom magic system. I did this when I created my campaign world of Nyonia. Here are the questions I asked myself about magic in Nyonia: How 'magical' is Nyonia? I wanted a world where magic was unique and not rare. This drove a decision that anyone could learn some magic. How 'unique' is magic in Nyonia? One thing wanted to avoid is the 'generic wizard'. To handle this I decided (GM fiat back filled with in world logic later) that each race and culture would have a unique kind of magic. Once you started to learn magic from your race or culture that was the only kind of magic you could learn. So some cultures are very nature oriented and have a lot of nature oriented spells. Other cultures are more interested in commerce and so they have a number of spells which increase their ability to sell things for a profit and buy things on the cheap. One culture and 'bottle magic' - basically they can create potions and some limited magical devices/items. Another culture can enhance and dispel magic. One culture is known for their battle magic (think lightning bolts and fireballs and other big effect spells - downside is that if you ask them to take out the guy in the middle of the village they will tell you - no problem you don't mind if the village is on fire afterwards). A couple of cultures have enhancements that make warriors even more powerful. How powerful can a mage be in Nyonia? I decided to divide magical ability into two types of people. Anyone can learn a few spells (see #2 for culture/race limitation). This is all based on the idea that anyone can learn to play a guitar (believe I taught myself at the age of 30), but you won't ever be a world renowned guitarist. These kinds of mages have a decent possibility of having spells fail during casting and causing the caster problems. They are limited in the maximum active points per spell. No spell can be in a power framework (Multipower or Variable Power Pool). Bunch of other limitations. OR People born with a talent for magic. These are the people who have a natural ability to do magic. They have a large VPP and they know all the spells available to their race/culture (see #2). The spells can be at a higher active point level. If they fail their spell roll bad things don't happen besides a missed roll. Magic items - Aside from potions/scrolls, magic items are rare. One of things I did was buy as many of the Hero Spell books as I could afford at the time (and the Hero Designer files to help managing spell 'books' per race). I ended up getting Fantasy Hero Grimoire and Fantasy Hero Grimoire II (both 5th edition but easily converted to 6th edition). I then build each races/cultures spells from the spells I found in those books. Over time I have bought more Hero 'spell books' and expanded the options for each race/culture. The end results can be found here: Nyonian Magic - This is world view of magic Hero mechanics around Nyonia Magic Everyone in my game knows that as the GM I can adjust any aspect of the game (magic, racial templates) whenever something seems unbalanced. My next post will point you to some additional resources and ideas on how to handle this.
  12. bluesguy

    Showing "Likes" Not working?

    You know what I can't see it either at this point. Hmm. That looks like a defect.
  13. Mages in my world don't have END Reserves. I would consider a Staff that had an Aid to END and/or REC that worked on charges (maybe 4 to 8 ) where the charges would recharge slowly, recharging one charge per week. That way the mage only uses the staff when they really think they will need it.
  14. bluesguy

    Chase & Race

    This thread really belongs in the general "Hero System Discussion" subforum.
  15. bluesguy

    Showing "Likes" Not working?

    If you click the heart icon 2x it will mark the post as a 'like'