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  1. bluesguy

    Speed chart app or program?

    When I got back into tabletop RPG (I started in the late 70's and played Champions when it first came out) we would spend hours making sure our characters were correct. This was all done with pencil and Xerox copies of the character sheets from the book. No spreadsheet, just a calculator. Lord that was a pain the butt. I got back into gaming about 7 years ago, I didn't have any of my old material so I had to buy everything from scratch. I just went 6e. When I saw what HD could do when it came to creating rules compliant characters and it handled all the math for creating the characters, I was sold. Also my players at that time didn't know anything about Hero character creation. They came to me with concepts and I built the characters w/ HD and we would tweak them to get them just right. Then I got to a point where I wanted something to help me manage combat, back to your original question. I found the export I pointed you to, did a couple of quick modes and wrote a VBA macro in Excel to help manage the combat. Let me say the VBA macro was discarded within 3 months and I then taught myself Java (I was a software engineer more than a decade ago) and started writing Hero Combat Manager. So there is my answer.
  2. bluesguy

    Speed chart app or program?

    Barbara Do you own a copy of Hero Designer? If you do you can load the characters you created in Hero Designer and then use the Combat Record Export feature in HD to export combat information - names, speed, dex, etc to a file. There is a 'template/export' format file that Tasha created here, which might meet your needs. If you don't have Hero Designer then there isn't an option for you, as far as I know. Shameless Plug: If you want to get really fancy you can use Hero Designer (Simon's product) to create your characters and combine that with my product Hero Combat Manager, which lets you manage combat from an application. HCM deals with all the bookkeeping for running Hero Combat. 😀
  3. bluesguy

    Features for v1.12

    I am working on a new release. I have completed the following bug and feature updates: Stunned characters are recovering actual stun which is incorrect (Bug) [#41] Any attack that is d6 "-1" can not be read in (Bug) [#76] GM Attack - AoE selection does not allow multi selection of targets (Bug) [#109] One Hit Wonder was miscalculating (Bug) [#108] Presence Attack (Feature) [#22] I am working on this feature right now: Combat Notes (Feature) [#37] - I am implementing this as something simple where you can access this from the main window and attack dialog. The combat notes will not be saved from combat to combat. I am looking into these bugs and try to get them fixed: HKA is not calculated correctly with STR (Bug) [#48] Character who aborted got 'stuck' (Bug) [#100] I am looking at doing a few of these for the next release. GM Attack - A list of potential attackers to pick from with their stats (Feature) [#25] - Not sure on what the workflow for this would be and so it might be pushed to a later release while I think thru the workflow. Fumbles (Feature) [#27] & Critical Hits (Feature) [#26] - These go together. This is mostly for the NPCs and it would be a preference that the GM can set before or during a combat session. This will probably show up as a message within the attack dialog after the NPC attack dice roll. With Critical hits the damage will be calculated and applied like any other attack. The fumbles will need to be handled by the GM (good place for a combat note 😉) Opinions/concerns about what is on this list. I am not looking for feedback on additional features within this thread. Post those in a different thread. Thank you.
  4. bluesguy

    Module Conversions

    Chris, I have to say you are awesome for doing this. Very very helpful. You are a good man for doing this!
  5. bluesguy

    Module Conversions

    First of all thank you for doing that. I am always on the look out for material I can easily add to my sandbox game. I try to find generic material when I can and I think I have used a few of your products and at least one of these modules. I modify everything I get, it is just easier if I don't have to convert X game system into Hero for the villains. Again thank you!
  6. bluesguy

    [LFG] Fantasy Hero Online

    No we haven't. Honestly their site confused me as to the pricing model and such. I will give it a try.
  7. bluesguy

    [LFG] Fantasy Hero Online

    We have been using Epic Table which has meet our needs. I paid for a one time license and we are good to go. Our biggest problem has been with VOIP for all of the participants. One person in particular has an extremely difficult time w/ Discord. We also tried Hangouts but I couldn't get it to work w/ my headphones. And Skype (which we use when we have too) is a resource hog. Other options for VOIP would be appreciated.
  8. bluesguy

    Feature Requests

    First of all thank you for purchasing HCM. I deeply appreciate it. Secondly let me address you feature requests: Haymakers - great idea and I will add it to the feature list. My guess is that I will look at it at the same time as when I implement Constant attacks. Held Actions - there is a really annoying bug associated with Held actions. I am looking into that one at this time Knockback - I will add this to the backlog. I would probably make it an additional preference option so that if you select Knockback as a preference it will also ask if you want the damage to be calculated. I will think about the workflow around this one.
  9. Hi First thing you need are some Export Formats, which you can find in the downloads part of the site. Under the Current Character menu is Export. You want to select Set Export Format. The select the appropriate export format type you want (i.e. one of the ones you downloaded). Then you can either Preview or Export to File. Personally I like to do Preview. All done
  10. bluesguy

    2018.01.01 Errata Compliant?

    Yes to the best of my knowledge. Many of the items identified don't have a direct impact on running combat. Please realize that HCM does not implement everything that can be done during a Hero combat session. Rather it helps with '80% of the bookkeeping around' running Hero combat.
  11. bluesguy

    We lost a good one.....

    Very sad to hear.
  12. Hi Jeffrywith1e, Thank you for joining us. You live in the Twin Cities... Cool so do I. We should get together sometime.
  13. bluesguy

    Disarm a shield

    In my Valdorian Age campaign there was a dwarf, the only one anyone had seen in forever, who carried a monster axe that he specifically used to destroy shields. I had to look up the DEF/Body for all shields being used in my campaign. So the character's first action after IDing the most dangerous melee opponent and use his axe on that person. He could throw the axe (the character was crazy strong and had bought PSL vs. range with the axe) and aim for the shield. Almost every time the shield was destroyed. Then he would go after that opponent with a sword and put on his shield. I think he had fast draw with those as well. As a GM I allowed it because it was so unique and made for interesting fights. I very much enjoy cinematic fight scenes.
  14. bluesguy

    LFP: Fantasy Hero - VTT

    I am currently running a Sunday afternoon role playing game using Epic Table (VTT) and Discord. There are currently four other players and it would be good if there was one or two additional players in the group. Specifics: When: Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 5pm Central Time. 3 to 4 Sundays a month Genre: Fantasy Hero Campaign: Nyonia which is my home brew world and I have been running for a while. The party currently consists of a captain of a ship (think Viking), bard, duelist, and war mage. The party could use a warrior-priest or straight up priest of either Larani or Peoni (which would be more priestly or monk like). Other options are possible but read about the world before you propose them. Please read this information about character creation. What do you need: Decent computer Very good internet connection Headphones/mic for your computer. We have one person who doesn't have this and it does cause problems. If you are interested let me know.
  15. Hi,


    Have you seen this http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html concerning the roadmap for Java?  I am wondering what that means for both of our applications.



    1. Simon


      Likely not much. The baseline Java SE is still under development -- it's products like Java SE Advanced that are going into long term support....and even those are still getting updates, just not major new features.