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  1. I have been in the process of getting almost everything in an electronic form because I don't have shelf space. I don't see purchased PDFs as piracy. If you pay for the PDF you own it. You shouldn't pass around the PDF that would be wrong.
  2. I think having a compelling setting with adventure modules that all fit together. In the fantasy genre there have been a few attempts at this (Narosia, Valdorian Age, Turakian Age, etc. which I own). I ran VA as a setting and was able to successfully run a campaign for almost 3 years using the setting. My son use TA and he was successful with it as well. I haven't run Narosia and after having read about 1/3 of it I gave up with trying to figure out how to use it. I think TA has the most potential for growing into a very usable Hero Fantasy setting and having writers work on modules for the setting.
  3. bluesguy

    Abort to dispel

    I would say if a mage wants that they should build the spell with a trigger and prep the spell ahead of time. Maybe the trigger is "To abort to a defensive action to dispel spell directed at mage"
  4. bluesguy

    Whats YOUR Champions universe like?

    I almost always try to run my Champions games in the city where the players live. Usually we live in a big enough city for this to make sense. I then use the Marvel universe as a backdrop and use the Champions villains and organizations as appropriate. Every once in a while the players will run into an actual Marvel Universe Villain or Villain group and the fun really happens. For instance when they were fighting the Wrecking Crew.
  5. bluesguy

    Where are the old export formats?

    Hi, Did you look in the download section? https://www.herogames.com/forums/files/category/2-export-formats/
  6. bluesguy

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    The biggest thing I do with critical fumbles is drops weapon, broken bow string, device is broken for the combat, etc. No one accidentally kills someone else (self or others)
  7. bluesguy

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    In my heroic games, we use Hit Locations and Placed/Called shot. Please remember the X Body is applied after appropriate defenses are taken into account (6E2 108). If combined with Critical Hit Damage (6E2 118), which requires rolling less than 1/2 of what is needed to hit the target. So if a character decides to take the extra time and shot their opponent in the head and needs a 12- to hit the head (PSL to offset hit location and PSL to offset range mod) and then rolls a 5- with a weapon that does 3d6 RKA. The target took 18 Body and 90 Stun and if the target was wearing a really tough helmet that had 8 resistant PD and they have 8 PD, then the target would take 20 Body [(Body - rPD) * 2] and 74 Stun [Stun - rPD + PD]. Unless they are fighting a dragon it is very likely that the target is dead or so unconscious they will only wake up if they receive medical attention. I had a game where this happened a couple of times (more often to NPCs than to PCs). The players very quickly learned to plan ambushes and be on the look out for ambushes.
  8. bluesguy

    Attack of the random Dungeon Master

    I use random tables a lot but not for these kinds of things. Rather I use them to help generate potential encounters, locations, NPCs (and personalities) and adventure ideas. I will generally generate a hundred or more and then pick out a few to refine to the point where they can be used or strung together into a narrative. I use Inspiration Pad Pro to generate the results. The tables themselves are based on material I have found on the net and then my creating the random tables for Inspiration Pad Pro to use to generate the information.
  9. This application does not replace what you can do with Hero Designer. In any case here is the link about Hero System Mobile
  10. Yes neon blues is a color that people only see in the night sky (the campaign is called Nyonia - The Celestial Jewels) and for all practical purposes a small celestial jewel fell from the sky (see background for the campaign website). Some things I have decided: It will take time and effort to figure out the full potential of the stones Simple uses include grinding up the stones and mixing the powder with water to make a blue neon dye which will dye just about anything It is possible to use the stones (after a lot of time, effort, and expense) to magic items. A finely crafted item is made with either the blue stone powder mixed in with the base material. Then a mage takes the time to cast the appropriate spell on the item. One spell per stone. After a week of casting the spell (pretty much all day long), the spell is bound to the item. Probably make the caster roll spell research every day and for every -2 they make their roll by the item gets an additional charge. In my world items recharge very slowly (1 charge per day). So if someone wants an item with multiple spells they would probably want to have multiple stones attached/embedded into the item and each stone could have a different spells cast. The meteorite is not a living entity. The side effect of using such items case a slow change in skin tone until you look like the Beast from the X-Men
  11. Oh I wasn't going to have it turn them blue. Although some spores from a plant growing in the soil where the rocks were found turned one PCs arm blue. So yes a side effect of using an item made from the stones should turn the user (or a part of them that comes in contact with the item during use) starts to turn blue..
  12. @death tribble and @Duke Bushido I love your suggestions. The players are very role playing and story oriented. They like complicated plots. The campaign has an overall campaign arc, this event was just a random event. Based on some of your suggestions I can see how I can weave this into the main plot line. I should have been more clear about the random events. What I do is before a session I will generate a bunch of random events and then pick out some of which are interesting and see what happens. I use random event sessions for travel between places. My world is huge and travel time is measured in weeks (and months). Something needs to happen along the way. I tend to create an overall campaign plot with plot points/places/events/people and I let the players find their way through the campaign. It is never a straight line. No Smurfs (Die Smurfs Die!)... Some of players were part of the group that generated these quotes. Look at bullets 9 & 10 in the list.
  13. Looking for some advice, I need to provide some context first: Sometimes I like to run a single session that is purely a series of 'random' events/encounters. I wrote 'random' because I do use a tool to generate the random events/encounters and then I collect up the best ones and put them in a list. Based on what the characters do will drive what happens. That is what happened on Sunday. The party is traveling up a river towards the frontier. Along the way they encountered a huge thunderstorm and a F5 tornado (Random). The captain of the boat (PC) has luck so no one hurt and boat survived intact. The next day they encountered a fog and they noticed animals where fleeing the fog (Random). That night they encountered another boat and that crew had captured a bird which had a few feathers that were neon blue in color (Random). Sitting around the campfire a couple of the players realize there was a falling star that hit in the area 50 or 75 years ago. Two characters are very curious so they use skills to take a guess where the falling star probably hit. They headed off in that direction. Along they way they noticed more and more animals, plants and the very ground turned to the color of neon blue. The lucky character and good skill rolls got them close enough to see an unusual land formation in the form of a mesa (Random). They climbed up and found a weird biosphere and a bunch of blue stones. All the plants were blue in color. One of the players accidentally bumped his arm against a plant and spores from the plant sprayed his arm and his arm turned blue. At this point the mage determined the blue stones have alteration magic associated with it. Ok so here where I need advice: The party took about 30 lbs of stones with them. The stones are in fact magic. I really haven't decided what can be done with the stones Here are a few things I have thought about: Stones (prepared/ground up) and put into a liquid can be used to color anything neon blue. Permanently or temporary... Stones combined with other magic can be used to alter an item to contain the magic that was cast on the item. In my campaign world there is only one group of mages who can create magic items by working with other mages. The blue stones bypass the need for the mage who creates magic items. Stones add some kind of power when added to a an item Stones do nothing Thank you
  14. bluesguy


    We are currently using Luck in combination with Hero Action Points. I have everyone roll 4d6 and add the body for HAP. The character who has luck gets to add +1 to the final outcome. This seems to be working pretty well.
  15. bluesguy

    Takes No Body

    Chris: Take this with the sense of humor it is intended to be