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  1. From a quick review it seems Pariah has not used his Commissioner's Bonus Pick. It's still available if he wants to use it.
  2. Time for Pariah to revise the astronomy curriculum again.
  3. The Best Picture award is for the film the majority in the Academy feels/thinks/believes has the highest quality for that year. Quality can be subjective or objective.
  4. I nominated Thanos. So it was dirty trick by Log-Man to put them together. I have a longer history with Thanos going back to the early 90s until Jim Starlin retired from writing the character recently. I have only really read Carol Danvers from the Kelly Sue DeConnick era and a few series that continued on. I have been a fan of Carol as Binary from collecting the Marvel Handbooks in the late 80s and 90s. Hope that explains things. And you voted against Darkseid? You're anti-life to me. ( )
  5. Archie captain america thanos storm danny colt dr doom starro galactus phantom girl darkseid hulk wolverine
  6. Since we only have a few players. Here is a new rule: New rule: All in. Complete your rosters when you want to. Potentially snipe your fellow players multiple times.
  7. Really, the projected $80 million loss, is just that, projected, not actual. We won't know until the movie opens. But it this aside, there are other points in that article I liked.
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