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    WWYCD?: Two Mind Controllers Whammy Each Other

    Not so much depth as surface tension. Every do a belly flop into a swimming pool and it really stung? Hit the surface of the water from high enough up, no only would it feel like you slammed into a cinder block wall, but it might even knock you out cold. An amateur cliff diver who was a bit rough on the landing could suffer broken bones and internal injuries.
  2. Mister Trent

    WWYCD?: Two Mind Controllers Whammy Each Other

    Would it matter? Depending on how high up the pier is from the water, he might have sustained injuries in the fall that could make it difficult or even impossible for him to tread water; let alone swim to safety.
  3. Mister Trent

    WWYCD?: Two Mind Controllers Whammy Each Other

    Of the two, Magic Word would be in worse trouble since he had to have known what would happen when he told Negator to "take a long walk off a short pier." Sure, Negator's an asshole, but he could've drowned if no one had stopped him.
  4. Mister Trent

    WWYCD: Negator

    Assuming this clown is a one trick pony and his devastating insults are his only power, I'd say the most logical strategy is to jump him while he's focused on emptying the cash drawers. Once he's out cold, get the mask off him and tape his mouth shut (silence is golden, duct tape is silver).
  5. Mister Trent

    Laundry Detergent Pods... Really?

    I remember when they started requiring ID to buy spray paint on account of those nimrods who were huffing it to get high. It wouldn't surprise me if the same happen with the Tide Pods due to all the "Tide Pod Challenge" idiocy.
  6. Can't say I'm surprised. Rescue Holly and tell the creature he should've tried online dating before resorting to something so gauche as straight up kidnapping.
  7. Mister Trent

    WWYCD: Christmas Special 2017

    These hooligans have definitely earned their spots on the Naughty List this year, Ol' Saint Nick won't appreciate someone committing crimes while in the guise of his helpers.
  8. Mister Trent

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Dude, have you been watching nothing but nature documentaries all day? A: Unfortunately, Booker and Elizabeth are too busy playing Bioshock Intimate to be much help at the moment.
  9. Mister Trent


    Re: Jokes So, two guys run into each other in the afterworld and strike up a conversation about the circumstances of their deaths. The first one, Bob, said simply, "I froze to death. It sucked." The second, Greg, nodded sympathically then recounted his tale: "I was a rich man, and an insanely jealous husband. I was always paranoid that my wife was cheating on me. One day, I came home from the office and found another man's clothes thrown over the couch in the den. I tore through the entire house top-to-bottom looking for the bastard, screamed at my wife, and eventually collapsed from a sudden, fatal heart attack in the kitchen." Bob shook his head. "that is a shame, really. Hell, if you had only looked in the walk-in freezer, one of us might still be alive."
  10. Mister Trent

    Answers & Questions

    Re: Answers & Questions Q: Is the service really that slow around here? A: Ouch! My Dragonballs!
  11. Mister Trent

    Answers & Questions

    Re: Answers & Questions Q: Dude, is that a Fnord? A: Quite simply, the CEO is MIA, the CFO is AWOL, and we are all SOL.