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  1. power changes are not bad, of course some would be based on the campaign and the power limit the GM is using
  2. Future project line is Villainy Codex Adventures, small runs with groups or characters from the series. Improvements could be an option as well. Thinking of something similar for the SIDs product line as well
  3. Edit, added Jack's sheet.
  4. Updated files have been shipped and should be available soon
  5. tiger

    The Arms Race Must End

    You could try something like this
  6. yep and Stooge Fu
  7. It's released! It up for sale on RPGNow and sent to Jason and soon will be in the store
  8. Merry Andrew April Foolmaker Marbles Skate Kate Spotlight Tag and of course TeeHee
  9. where's the fun in that
  10. Just want to say thanks to everyone. Finished it up last night and it's ready for release. It the same size as the first Villainy Codex at 99 pages. Thanks again.
  11. yes, but you have to remember there actually is no official meaning to CLOWN. in the original write it is states that some say it means... Merry Andrew and crowd have never committed. There will be similar ideas for IMP given as well, just meant was does a name in all caps HAVE to mean something. Could be they thought that caps would draw more attention is all
  12. I apologize now if this is in a book or previous question but I couldn't find it. I have a character that has multiple bases or at least has a base for a planned purpose, use it then abandons it to not allow herself to be caught. Then when need a new base is created used, dropped and so on.. How do I represent this in the game? Is it necessary to pay for a base as it is derived and used? Can the points spent by the character be for A base, even if it is rebuild elsewhere?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Description of a new martial arts for with Hero Designer Files as well. Created by tiger, Greg Elkins, and steriaca from Hero Games Forums