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  1. Might have to add them to the list for a future issue. Though I plan on groups being added to my SIDs product line. Might have to do a few special Forgotten Enemies SIDs Reports 😀
  2. Work / Rock. What's the difference 😁
  3. Buffalo, Jabberwork, Stronghammer The Dwarf will be in the next issue I think. Haven't figured out the fourth character yet.
  4. Haven't really looked through all the possibilities in EE
  5. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Forgotten Enemies 4 - Valentine Special is finished are now ready for sale. It's now available at RPGnow and soon the Hero Games Webstore.
  6. Next up, Valentine's special, Thunder & Lightning, Panda & Raccoon
  7. Its been sent to Jason to add to the Hero Games Website its also up for sale on RPGNow as well
  8. Putting finishing touches on it now. Planning to release it this weekend. 😁
  9. Next issue in the works Rainbow Archer, Frizbe, Mongoose & Dragon Master
  10. Depends on Jason's work load as far as the Hero Games store, it's on RPGNow, well, now 😀
  11. Forgotten Enemies #2 is now available at RPGNow and soon here at the Webstore
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