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    The Hungry Hill.
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    What's in your hoard?

    "Next: The Beast of the Green Tower" The Green Tower overlooks the town of Glade. Every dawn a humanoid Beast comes out of the door shouts threatens against any who would trespass in the tower, hunt any animals nearby, domestic or not, and deposits a jeweled dagger on a hand sized flat rock near the entrance. On the rock is written "To be taken by those who wish to spend the night. Capable of killing the Beast.". The town elders offer huge rewards to those who kill the beast. The dagger dissolves at dawn the next day if the owner hasn't spent the night in the tower. Many have tried to kill the Beast but all have ended up dead the next morning. Don't try and take the dagger and sell it either, the locals are very wise to that trick. The dagger is valuable but is not actually better against the beast, the STONE is of course, causing massive damage and spending the beast flying with each blow. If the beast is killed the dagger doesn't dissolve the next day and it's worth a small fortune. If however someone knocks on the door and asks to spend the night the Beast asks why he should allow it. If the person makes a good case for hospitality or offers decent payment the Beast agrees. If the character either takes the rock or is entertaining the Beast will be a good host a box full of money equal to the value of the domestic beasts he has eaten who is owed how much money for them. If the guest pays the owners the money the paper turns into a character reference. Seeing this , even if the viewer can't read it, makes people more trusting of the bearer leading them to consider them for jobs, confide in them and be skeptical of accusations against them. In game terms consider it about a +4 reputation (people who've seen the paper).