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  1. JohnTaber

    Need Adventure Recommendations

    I have all the Fear Itself stuff but a great recommendation. Centered in New Orleans. Exactly like the Supernatural TV show. Independent group of monster hunters who keep everything under wraps because...you know...regular people can't handle it. Globetrotting will definitely NOT work! Nearly anything where the adventure is set in a focused environment...city or outdoors...will work great. The PC are a mix of redneck hunter to corporate security expert...
  2. Hi Hero Geeks: Hope this is ok to post. Noble Knight Games is having like an 80% off sale on some products. There is a BUNCH of great Hero stuff for sale! https://www.nobleknight.com/ClearanceItems?CategoryId=1&ManufacturerId=39 Check it out!
  3. JohnTaber

    Need Adventure Recommendations

    Thanks! Yes...I had seen that site.
  4. JohnTaber

    Need Adventure Recommendations

    Where do I find The Crossroads Blues?
  5. JohnTaber

    Need Adventure Recommendations

    Great suggestions! [ John updates his list. ] GAME ON!
  6. Hi Hero Gang! I am currently using Hero to run a campaign similar to the TV show Supernatural but maybe a bit more serious... Can folks recommend some products from ANY system that I could buy that I could lovingly convert to Hero? Yeah...not MHI specific but I thought it best fit this forum... *GAME ON!*
  7. JohnTaber

    Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    I second the want of weapons and vehicles. It would be great to be able to use this as a resource for WWII Heroic level games as well.
  8. JohnTaber

    Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    Hey Darren! My biggest fear was that you would not be writing big chunks of it...but it sounds like I won't have to worry. This sucker is squarely in your wheelhouse. Some thoughts that come to mind...in random list order cause that is how I think...in random lists. My opinions only... + PDF and softcover/PDF options are a must. + I personally could care less about custom hardcovers or limited editions and such but I do like signed copies. + I think it would be cool to have GM screen inserts in landscape and portrait modes as stretch goals. + More artwork as a stretch goal might be fun. + Would love to see artwork from Chris Cloutier but I have no idea if he is even alive anymore. + Would love to see discussions about various power levels in the book. + Stretch goal for Hero Designer support? Forget what they are called but a sheet plus the background rules mod files. I could probably do them but pay and have someone do them right. + Icon and M&M support? That would certain expand the audience quite a bit. Anything to have more chance of getting this sucker into my grubby mitts... + Jess Nevins...he somehow needs to do something for it. Higher tier and you get his book too? Thinkin' out loud... + Cool Golden Age Of Champions WWII style recruiting poster for my gaming cottage. <- Ok that last one is a pipe dream. There ya go... John T>
  9. JohnTaber

    New Product! Realm Of The White Worm PDF

    How many pages is it?
  10. JohnTaber

    New Product: The Lost Castle PDF

    How many pages is this product? It does not say or I cannot find it in the store listing.
  11. JohnTaber

    Blackwyrm Update: Larger Than Life In Layout

    Really looking forward to this book. I am thinking about an American folklore based horror campaign similar to something like Supernatural and I want to use Hero.
  12. JohnTaber

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I recently read the 19XX strips.
  13. JohnTaber

    [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Thinking this will be the new cover...
  14. JohnTaber

    [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I agree. Hec, I wrote an adventure in Digital Hero #9 called Infectious Enthusiasm that is intended to be used to introduce Hero. It includes all of the PC and villains and the artwork for them is stellar!
  15. JohnTaber

    [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I'm not 100% sure I agree because there might be some subtle name changes and such that I would want to see in HD...eh...no biggie...as long as there is HD support that would be good.