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  1. Tom Cowan

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    bad day for me today, was carjacked
  2. Tom Cowan

    Using Alternate Characteristics

    by type? it is likely that for: Bricks and melee heavy: STR is higher. thou CON is higher then other types of characters too Others: CON is equal or higher
  3. Tom Cowan

    In other news...

    yeah, may have been a pants check moment.
  4. Mental Paralysis linked to a drain (stun drain uncontrolled continuous ) with a long return rate?
  5. Tom Cowan

    In other news...

    So NC is going to get some more rain, just what they need.
  6. low cal ice cream? with the rest?
  7. Each slot is a power built 'Naked Advantage' set up a MP add the two limits to the MP add the two Naked Advantages as slots Are you trying to build a power outside of a MP?
  8. Tom Cowan

    Funny pics

    or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_Sherman
  9. Tom Cowan

    Best 4th Edition Supplements

    Yes, they can be a bit niche. The Ultimate Martial Artist is good for any hand to hand skill type (wish I still had that book) Both show how to tune powers for different settings from pulp to scifi and low power to high end
  10. Tom Cowan

    Best 4th Edition Supplements

    lets see, the is the Ultimate Mentalist -512 is 4th? All of the Ultimate series are useful.
  11. Tom Cowan

    Funny pics

    Fixed? What is wrong? I'm working quit well
  12. Tom Cowan

    Funny pics

    It is the tailgaters with they high beams that I wish to fix
  13. Tom Cowan

    Weapon Shattering Shield

    as you said -3/4 or -1/2 or at least link to the DS (no boom no shield)
  14. Tom Cowan

    Weapon Shattering Shield

    have you read AoE damage shield from the rule book? place a attack with limitation that only vs foci on a disspell/HtH KA or what ever damage shield linked to a Force Field I have 6th with me but 5th... hmm
  15. Not really foods for those that just don't care any more. https://magazine.wsu.edu/documents/2015/08/salsa-recipes.pdf/ Well, if you don't care about friends. Note the pepper math. Has anyone seen some green habaneros or scotch bonnet peppers? If it is green it must be mild, right? Last time I made some the green was almost as hot as a hot red from the store.