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  1. Tom Cowan

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    the wedding is better then hearing about the school shooting kids now days
  2. Tom Cowan

    Legendary Weapons Pool Help

    I would start by looking at the mult-power framework and compound powers. each weapon would be built as a compound power and each compound power would be a slot in the mult-power
  3. Tom Cowan

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    maybe do it like Champions in 3-D. One book but chapters on different genre.
  4. Tom Cowan

    Preventing a vehicle from moving

    Yes, suppress would work, or drain. hmm call the spell 'drain the horse power?'
  5. Tom Cowan

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Hey, good to hear for you Hyper-man. So can you count typing as some of your rehab?
  6. Tom Cowan

    Demo Adventure

    Nice, even if a bit long for most con games
  7. Tom Cowan

    Still Alive

    Good to hear
  8. Tom Cowan


    You are right about the use of multi power. hmm 51 Multipower, 90-point reserve, (90 APs); all slots OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 5f 1) Blast 18d6 (90 APs); OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 4f 2) Blast 12d6, Area Of Effect (32m Line; +½) (90 APs); No Range (-½), OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 4f 3) Blast 12d6, Area Of Effect (32m Cone; +¾), Thin Cone (-¼) (90 APs); No Range (-½), OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 4f 4) Blast 10d6, Area Of Effect (32m Cone; +¾) (87 APs); No Range (-½), OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 5f 5) Killing Attack - Ranged 6d6 (90 APs); OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼) 5f 6) Killing Attack - Ranged 4 ½d6, Armor Piercing (+¼) (87 APs); OIF (-½), Unified Power (-¼)
  9. Tom Cowan

    Champions Worldwide game

    How about a female ape? We are always seeing super silverback apes i.e. male apes
  10. Tom Cowan

    Variable Telekinetic Effect

    Combined Attack plus Doubling was my thought.
  11. Tom Cowan

    Variable Telekinetic Effect

    maybe use the 5 point adder to buy 2x the power
  12. Tom Cowan

    Funny pics

    fried rabbit and rabbit curry are also real good, yum.
  13. Tom Cowan

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    or raccoon dog? tanuki? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raccoon_dog
  14. http://www.gamestorm.org/ April 5-8, 2018