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  1. You mean school is canceled for 3 days with the threat of a snowflake. Real snow and school is out for a week.
  2. here is an entangle version: 3d6 entangle, 3 PD/3 ED, takes no damage from linked attack (+1/4) (37 active points); plus 1d6 RKA, constant (+1/2), trigger (when entangle succeeds (+1/4), reduced endurance (0 END; +1/2), uncontrolled (remains in effect until captured victims are freed; +1/2), linked (-1/4), no knockback (-1/4) (41 active points, 27 real points) 64 points total, adjust as needed
  3. how about buying an organization type contact. Something like Contacts: friends from dimensions I've been to 11-, contact has useful skills or resources, contact has access ot major institutions, good relationship with contact, organization (5 base points, 15 real points)
  4. Unfortunately, I don't get the chance to game much these days. Some of his builds/ideas have been interesting and made me think. My suggestion is to buy one. Then you can see the basic principle of how he builds them.
  5. Duke, I have bought several of his products. They aren't bad builds, but what he has done is take the many of the popular items from D&D and done a conversion to Hero. If you want to know how to build a ring of protection or wand of lightning it can help.
  6. Don't forget someone kicking the back of your seat the entire time
  7. If he is willing to let a 40 STR character do a haymaker, perhaps you could ask him if you could add a 4d6 HA, only increase the distance knockback, not damage
  8. what might be the easiest, not the cheapest, but easiest is to buy both melee and ranged martial arts, and use which ever one is appropriate.
  9. how about a multipower with constant (+1/2) attached to the reserve, not each slot individually? That way you could make your attack roll, hit, and then change what damage you want to do each phase. On phase 1 you hit them with slot 1, a blast. When that doesn't work, on your second phase switch to slot 2, the RKA.
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