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  1. tombrown803

    Build: Varying Damage Continous Attack

    how about a multipower with constant (+1/2) attached to the reserve, not each slot individually? That way you could make your attack roll, hit, and then change what damage you want to do each phase. On phase 1 you hit them with slot 1, a blast. When that doesn't work, on your second phase switch to slot 2, the RKA.
  2. tombrown803

    securing a base

    I like the transdimensional approach. It seems simple, clean, and cost efficient. Thanks for the help people.
  3. tombrown803

    securing a base

    I am building a vault in a base. I want to make it harder to get into, so I am increasing its PD, ED, & BODY. I'll also buy hardened, impenetrable, affects desolidfication, and can't be escaped by teleportation, but I'm trying to prevent people from getting in by extra-dimensional movement. Does anybody have any suggestions of an economical way of doing this. I can build a large drain or dispel against that power to garenty that extra-dimensional movement does not work, but that would be very expensive. Does any body have any other suggestions?
  4. tombrown803

    RIP: Margot Kidder

  5. tombrown803

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    Well, that will free up 24 hour of my life to do something else.
  6. tombrown803

    Hyperman in the hospital

  7. tombrown803

    We lost a good one.....

  8. tombrown803

    Preventing a vehicle from moving

    flight 1m, usable as attack the vehicle is then off the ground and therefore ground movement won't work
  9. tombrown803

    School is out: RIP Bob Dorough

  10. tombrown803

    The dietary habits of HERO Forum members.

    You must not live in the Southern part of the US. Ice tea is very popular down there
  11. the plug that will drain the political sewer of Washington
  12. tombrown803

    Hyperman in the hospital

    best wishes
  13. No. What I was trying to say was that you can define the environment of an dimension for free. If there is a game effect that would have to be paid for. For example, you could say your dimension is always subzero temperature on the inside, but if always wanted those inside to take damage might have to pay points for it. Otherwise its just an environment condition and what effects are happening at a time would be up to the GM. Does the lack of time inside the extra-dimensional space have any combat effects or advantages that the characters or normally going to be able to take advantage of? Is there a significant effect that the ice cream doesn't melt? How long does it take an iron bar to rust enough to have an major changes to it? Is the puzzle going to be put together fast enough or close enough to put a time bomb in it? If yes, and used regularly than some point cost should be appointed, if its only a one time thing (like something that could be covered by the POWER skill), then it should be free (or perhaps cover it with a Power skill roll)
  14. If the objects are in another dimension, just say that the normal rules of physics, science, magic, etc. of that realm do not include time. Unless some special abilities were to be granted no extra cost should be needed.