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  1. Sounds like Accidental Change with a Multiform bought No Conscious Control. Could be Accidental Change with Shape Shift (Instant Change) and powers that are bought No Conscious Control as well, probably with an Enraged or Berserk complication added in for good measure. I am sure others will provide additional fodder, I watch very little anime. Have you checked Surbrooks stuff for examples? - E
  2. I have seen several people in the "0 End should not be part of Charges" camp. I am curious, do you think the price of charges would need to be adjust accordingly? If so, it's really not that difficult of a change to make, you just move the limitation an additional -1/2 and folks who want 0 END add the advantage back? If you don't change the limitation value it would change the math considerably and I would probably tend more back toward END Reserves that were heavily limited and defined to only recover at the base or when I had access to whatever "ammunition" they required. Multiple gadgets gets more complex, but you could go with a large partially limited End Reserve that only powered individual powers. - E
  3. Luckily, that turns out to be exactly what I gave him after I figured the compound power. 😃 - E
  4. Has anyone purchased this? If so, could you let me know thoughts? I have found some pretty serious number problems in the 6e Equipment Guide and I am hoping they were fixed in the HeroDesigner version. If they were, I am willing to shell out the bucks, but given the review of the beastiary that says it only has 1/3 of the monsters, I am hesitant without some input. Otherwise, I guess I will just keep building things from scratch as I need them.Thanks in advance. - E
  5. Was one ever published? If so, anyone have a link? My reason for asking is scopes: Telescopic Sight x2 12/4 — +2 +2 vs. RMod for Sight Group, +1 PER vs. darkness, OBS x3 22/8 — +4 +4 vs. RMod for Sight Group, +1 PER vs. darkness, OBS x4 32/11 — +6 +6 vs. RMod for Sight Group, +1 PER vs. darkness, OBS So here, it looks like each RMod here costs 5 AP, which is clearly not correct (there are no PSL's that cost 5 points). Compare to the small laser site: Laser Sight, Standard, Small 26/10 +2 OCV +8 RMod, LR (125m), Not In Adverse Conditions To me, it looks like these are inconsistent at the least? Even the Laser Sight seems high to me, based on the text in the guide, it should be 12/5 (using same limitation values, not trying to mess with those till I figure out the correct AP). Thoughts? - E
  6. I don't care for END Batteries in 6e at all, to the point that I have never even used one. =P But I do allow them, for the most part with the same House Rules that Killer Shrike uses (a quick poke around his site will get them for you). With Fuel Charges and Boostable Charges plus compound powers and partially limited powers I almost always get what I want in the power without having to use END Batteries. There are some cases where I would use them because it fit a concept better, but otherwise I haven't found much I like them for. - E
  7. eepjr24

    Marvel Character Write Ups

    And here is one interpretation of Ghost Rider (not mine). http://www.newmuse.com/hero_rpg/comics_ghostrider.htm
  8. eepjr24

    Marvel Character Write Ups

    I'd check out Surbrooks Stuff, he has a huge archive of converted characters, included comic book. http://surbrook.devermore.com/adaptationscomic/comicchar.html - E
  9. As a note, if they wanted to start adding other things, like each additional level has higher Increased Endurance lims or adds a skill roll or whatever, I would just work it up as a compound power (see above). You only have to do it once and the whole thing took me less than 5 minutes. - E
  10. So the correct way would be just build a compound power, but you sound like you don't like that idea. Here it is for demonstration purposes: Healing 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Full Phase (-1/2), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Extra Phase (-3/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 1 Turn (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus a phase (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), Turn plus 2 phases (-1 1/4), Real: 4 plus 1d6 Healing, Body and Stun (+1/2) [15 AP], Standard Lims (-2), 2 Turns (-1 1/4), Real: 4 At no point would you be getting into the 1 minute time frame where the next break comes (unless you got to something like 18 dice). Personally, I would probably call it a -1 and not worry about it, with a minimum of 3 dice to start. - E
  11. eepjr24

    VPP questions....

    Or if you want the basic feel without the full complexity, go with a multipower and either all variable or a mix of fixed and variable powers. Just make sure they map out the configurations before the game and number them (most players can much more easily handle just picking a combination, even if there are a dozen or more, than the infinite possibilities of a VPP). Then have them pick a default configuration and that is what it is set to unless they change at their dex on their phase or abort to switch it to defensive powers. - E
  12. eepjr24

    How would you build this?

    I was reading books looking for the delayed reuse limitation and found it in the APG. I also noticed the next limitation might be perfect for what you are doing here, giving you another option. It is called Deterioration and it is applied to Barriers, Entangles and the like. At creation you choose whether the power loses 1 PD and 1 ED or one body every time increment. At the GM's option you can alternate them. You can take the limitation twice to lose both each increment. Losing per turn is -1/4, per phase is -1/2, per segment is -1. Anything slower is a -0, which might apply for some of your stuff, dunno. Seems closer to right limitation wise, although personally I would land somewhere between the two I think. - E
  13. eepjr24

    HERO System Mobile

    Even in 6e this is explicitly allowed in the rules. 6e1, pg 398 "A character could buy a Power such as Multiform or Summon through a Power Framework and define the alternate form(s) or Summonee(s) as having Power Frameworks of their own without violating the above rules, unless the GM rules otherwise." I allow it on a case by case basis for extremely complex mechanics as long as it is not abused. And I have had a character who used it who was actually rather underpowered for the campaign but managed to get by because of the versatility. If it ever came to knock down drag outs, they were always the first one stunned out, though. EDIT: I'll also say that I have been very lucky that the few munchkins I have had as players were not advanced enough in Hero Fu to even attempt this kind of thing. They tend more toward the VPP's and weird AVAD ("Was born on a full moon in Ireland") kind of things. Those who get the system enough usually have also understood balance as well. - E
  14. eepjr24

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    I played in an "Ultimate" gladiator type contest where we would show up with 750 point characters and battle it out. You basically had to have some defense against anything you could think of, so multiple hardened flash defenses were pretty much a given (sometimes even on unusual senses). This was in 4e I believe, so no Damage Negation yet, but DR was common as were a large variety of NND's. They generally either ended up over within a turn or just decided that it would take hours to play and called it a tie. Low power attacks with +3-5 in advantages were common (x4 AP, x6 Penetrating, etc). - E
  15. eepjr24

    How would you build this?

    It's a 6e addition, one that I think was referenced in bits and pieces somewhere in the 5e world (maybe Fantasy Hero?). I like it a lot, mostly for use as an Advantage rather than a limitation (it can be both). Given that as a limitation it applies to a relatively narrow set of powers (which either have residual effects like Barrier and Entangle or are 0 END Persistent) and cannot apply to attack powers generally it is useful for modelling effects that are otherwise left to a Limited Power or really stretching some existing rules. It also notes that if the character can easily recreate the effect (I.E. not on limited charges, extra time to create, activation or RAR, etc) the amount of the limitation should be lowered. Without further background on the power above I don't know if I would go with the full value or not. I will say that in some settings (like FH and lower powered games) it is great to implement magic spells fading in power over time. Also nice for items that you summon and only stay in existence for a limited time ("This carriage will disappear at the stroke of midnight"). - E