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  1. First off, assuming you are using 6e. I would go with a Mental Blast of sufficient strength to render the victim unconscious. You can base this on CON if it fits (i.e. it is more a physical interruption of the synapses). Then link a smaller mental blast with Constant and Uncontrolled to it to keep them unconscious for the desired period (typically a minute or more for a gran mal). Then link a small amount of TK (3 STR maybe?) with constant and uncontrolled on it. All of it needs to be all or nothing I suspect for the effect to work properly? There are other ways to do it, that's just what I would start with. - E
  2. eepjr24

    Philosophy of Complications: Secret Identity

    As a GM I play it as not being a benefit to have a Secret ID or a Public ID with a Hunted. Given that you have a Secret ID and a Hunted, you have greatly limited the times when the Hunted can come into play (IE when you are in costume) or set yourself up for your secret to be exposed but the hunter. Either way it is more detrimental than just having no complication except the Hunted where they could show up off screen sometimes or not be able to blackmail you with your identity. I personally played a few characters with Secret ID but almost never with Public ID. I personally tend to prefer supporting roles and thus play toward that unless I am consciously trying to break that mold for some reason. - E
  3. eepjr24

    Philosophy of Complications: Code vs Killing

    I will continue to add it to characters that it is appropriate for, although it will be one of the ones that is likely a 0 point complication. Your point about it being the norm in some campaigns is valid, and in those I just set it as a baseline unless you choose consciously to not take it (zero points either way). But you could then take Bloodthirsty or Vengeful or perhaps even Berserk when those would not be very appropriate with a CvK. - E
  4. eepjr24

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    I meant to answer this in my first post and forgot. I vaguely recall that they are not on the map at all, they would be south of the river I think? You might ask Mark Arsenault? http://marktarsenault.com/
  5. eepjr24

    Is there a higher quality map of San Angelo?

    The book PDF is here: Wouldn't that have the maps you need in it?
  6. I generally go with a Psychological Complication combined with a small to medium (-1/4 to -1/2) limitation on the powers in question. It depends somewhat on the player and what I see as the likelyhood that the situation will come up (a limitation that never comes up is worth no points). This is a combination of the players thoughts and my own, since as a GM you can force the issue with various Catch 22 situations, but that can feel contrived or leave the player feeling manipulated if you don't talk it out beforehand. Note that generally I apply Unified Power to these types of powers as well, since in my current setting drains would target the powers "source" by blocking the connection. Just something to think about. You can control this by placing limitations on drains that do not act this way (single target power only: -1/2 or the like). - E
  7. eepjr24

    Star Hero F/S

    On FB, not my thread but posting here in case anyone is searching for it. Group is "Role Playing Games & Miniatures (Sales & Trades )". $9 - E
  8. eepjr24

    Limitations: There should be only one!

    Like a lot of these discussions lately (not meaning specifically about limitations, just those that seem to generate a lot of heat and people taking strong sides) I don't really understand what all the fuss is about. If you prefer narrative descriptions and the GM assigning a single value for the sum of the limitations, play it that way. If you prefer exact math and each limitation spelled out, play it that way. Neither is intrinsically "better" for all cases and all people, the game is not going to get a new version in a few months that will disallow one or the other. It makes more sense for people to speak to the situations where they see one or the other as advantageous and list things others can gain from one style of play or the other. Personally, I like the narrative descriptions because it encourages variety. But in the background I like having the rules there to help me arrive at what would be the best value, using my own judgement when needed to override those general guiding principles. - E
  9. eepjr24

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    So all this lim is doing is removing the primary purpose of the attack: to directly cause damage. For me, that would be at least a Very Common (character is limited about half the time) (-1). You still have some chance at damage through either contact with a surface during the KB or falling off something tall, but those are much rarer situations. You lose most chance of: CON Stun, inflicting BODY, and knocking out. Would also greatly limit use of the power in PRE attacks. - E
  10. eepjr24

    A Knockdown/Knock Prone Adder?

    I always guide players toward Change Environment for builds that look to force a characteristic check or result in some action. Dex check for falling is one of the common ones for frictionless fields, icy spells, oil slicks, etc. Then they can also control how difficult it is to resist and others can buy specific defenses in many cases (sure footing on ice, unaffacted by oil based lubricants, etc) as environmental movements.
  11. eepjr24

    Dealing with MultiPower in game

    Second to the above. Complex MP's (generally those with more than one flex slot) I use the same rules as suggested above, you get some time to decide and then I move on. This is the same rules that i use for VPP's that can be changed in combat. If it is a consistent problem with a player who refuses to pre-calculate oft used combinations, I use something like https://e.ggtimer.com/ and give them 30 seconds or a minute. At first it seems harsh, but most people get the point pretty quickly, figure out their common scenarios and I drop the timer. If the player has trouble with the math, I have zero problems building it out for them or giving them an Excel sheet that allows them to do it themselves pretty easily (yes, it's custom per MP, but not that hard to do). I do find that some people just don't like the math aspects and that's fine since I have been doing this long enough that it's trivial now. - E
  12. eepjr24

    Fighting Styles Based on Location

    The only real issue I see is that for an equivalent point cost someone who bought martial maneuvers is going to be at an advantage given access to the same gear and no other restrictions. If you can work with that, I think it will be fine. - E
  13. eepjr24

    Denisty Increase Pricing (6e)

    I think it is probably possible to do.... but I don't see the gain. I am not sure there is a large population of people who would want to play in that genre? - E
  14. I'll just agree to disagree here, it really comes down to your game and what you do. When people don't pay points for things they are subject to GM fiat. If you want a retention holster to do everything that you say, you pay points for it in my games. Maybe that doesn't work for you or your players would find that onerous or whatnot, but it works out fine for me and my players. I also subject my villains and NPC's to the same rules (and figure those points into balancing scenarios), if I didn't pay points for it I give the player the benefit of the doubt and if that causes trouble for me I deal with that. - E
  15. You now have bought down the OAF to IAF through an additional foci. Or if you didn't I would say that the buckle of the holster belt could break or waist hook could experience metal fatigue and break or ... - E