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  1. Sounds like UBO on a multipower to me. - E
  2. I generally use Dispel for these types of powers, but it does depend on how you define them. I require paralyzation spells (and most other lingering effects) to take the "Can Be Dispelled" limitation unless they are very special or cast by beings of god like power. That helps with the conundrum on lingering instant powers. Same with transform on most transform spells, dispel must be one of the conditions that allow it to be reversed (now you may not have a Dispel with enough dice, but that is a different problem). So this would be some sort of dispel with expanded effects (Blast, RKA, Flash, Transform, Entangle) for +1 1/4 would be 6.75 AP per die. You might have to switch out Drain for Entangle if you define paralysis that way. So basically it is going to be some flavor of that. If you want something that is absolute, take the campaign AP max for attack powers and divide by 3, make the dispel Standard Effect and give it that number of dice (so 100 AP would be 33 d6). Or if you go the "Transform to person without negative conditions", just use the max Body allowed. Either of these is going to be expensive, which is a problem that I often run into converting D&D spells to FH in a level appropriate point range. - E
  3. I like this better than my original alternatives. Like so: 3d6 Stun Drain (30 AP) Plus Naked Expanded Effect (+1/2) on 2d6 to add Body (10 AP), 40 AP total. Again, I would hand wave the minor differences in the way they work (technically this would always do 1 Body minimum unlike the original request which would do 3 stun and 0 body if you roll three ones). - E
  4. 3d6 Blast AVAD (Power Defense)? Alternatively you could add a -1/2 limitation that the Body portion is all or nothing if the taking Body part is supposed to work that way for this power. Or if you are specifically looking to use the return mechanics of Drain, then do a Stun Drain with a linked Body Drain. As a GM I would probably tell you to buy it at 2d6 Body for every 3d6 of Stun drain and then just count the Body dice of the Stun Drain (math is not exact but it is close enough for me for the utility). Or link a AVAD Blast, Body Only (-1/2) for the same dice as the Drain. I think the price works out close to the 3/2 scheme above. - E
  5. <shrug> I think you are quibbling over word usage a little bit here. The actual power is: So, it is based on luck explicitly in the power. It does not work if you are not aware (asleep, surprised, etc.), purposefully accepting taking damage (not taking an action that would prevent harm, taking an action that will be reasonably likely to cause harm, move by, move through), etc. The players that take it in my experience (mostly in dark champions type settings) are the ones who can't or don't wear complete armor for other reasons. Sometimes it is movement related, sometimes it does not fit the characters theme, etc. I don't find it to be abused, although I do let players know if they get into areas I consider invulnerable that this will mean that others on their team could be in danger from collateral damage as bigger guns are brought to try to stop you... But if the name bothers you that much, just call it something else. Combat Fortune or Fate Armor or Chance Bulwark. - E
  6. I like him. But he seems so unaffected by the ghouls and such that I would have either bought him a higher PRE or some presence defense. - E
  7. Buying CSL's with maneuvers is allowed, buying them with Multiple Attack is not. That does not seem difficult to me. I think the reasoning here is to prevent both what you mention (supers with tons of powers) and people buying generic levels with multiple attack and then using them to boost everything they do in a round (shoot a couple people with a pistol, toss a grenade at a hardened position, grab a convenient bystander for a hostage and kick through the door they are standing next to so they can duck in next phase). Remember, CSL's at the 3 point level can do OCV, DCV or Damage. Personally, I think the limitation is fine, there is an easy way to achieve the results you seem to be craving, you just have to pay more points for the versatility. YMMV, and you can always house rule whatever you like in your games. - E
  8. I was not trying to say that you we could not figure out how to do it. I meant that the original poster had said OCV with guns has a hard limit, I assumed that limit applied to CSL's that raise OCV as well, otherwise he would just buy those. Especially since he specifically called out the campaign guidance that bullets traveled at a set speed and thus could not exceed the cap. - E
  9. Duke: I agree with just about everything you said in the two posts above. The minor exceptions are that I have met more than one of the min-maxers in my 30+ years of Hero play (maybe 4?) and I have met more than one person who actually enjoys the math (sometimes, that's even me). I don't waste play time figuring stuff out, though, I just am not always able to play or even have a campaign to design for, so I do numbers exercises. Usually not KA versus blast kind of stuff, though, more "how many doublings of range would it take me to hit the moon" or "just exactly how fast is a SR-71 Blackbird in Hero terms" or "let me solve whatever math dilemma has been posted on the boards". 😃 - E
  10. I think levels are in the same boat as other OCV increasing things, correct? Unless you meant PSL's, which can't be use for maneuvers (of which multiple attack is one). 6e1, 84:
  11. I was going to bring up the point that the setting has a good bit to do with how "off the shelf" weaponry matters or does not. For example, in Killer Shrikes Here There Be Monsters setting, pretty much anyone can buy standard handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Truly special weapons require a special pool that costs more than an standard equipment pool. So if you want a Desert Eagle, you can certainly get one whether you are a Faith healer, an ex-Seal or a ex-junkie who sees ghosts. If you want something fully automatic that is going to cost points since it is military grade. It levels the playing field somewhat without taking away the "punch" from the mercenary who has an under-mount grenade launcher. Another example for me is that mages can often use the "free" foci of others to damage or otherwise hinder them. An entangle spell who SFX is melding the metal joints of armor. NND fire spells based on heating metal weapons and armor. You can also get more nuanced in the real powers of some things like armor. Plate Armor is very good PD, but honestly not that great for preventing energy transfers of the non-kinetic variety. Leather is better, but still not so good against all. I think you just need to decide how things are going to work in your setting and then design it to work that way. If wizards are of equal power, figure out why that is. If supers carry guns or don't figure out why that is. Laws? Past events? (guns have been taken from supers and used against normals?) Or just that they are too variable in outcome, if someone has proper defenses they do little to nothing but if they don't, it kills them. (bad result in some campaigns) - E
  12. In the forum topic below, someone is wondering if there is a list of specific effects you can force with an ability roll affecting power. I don't believe there is (I looked in 6e 1 and 2 and APG 1 and 2 but easily could have missed something). The ones I came up with were pretty common and basic. https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97881-shooting-with-intent-to-miss/?tab=comments#comment-2697009 So if there is a more comprehensive list, where might we find it? And if not, this might be something to add to your growing list of things you can cover in the ever elusive APG 3. =P - E
  13. There is not a comprehensive list that I know of. APG 1 has some interesting effects, but only related to ability rolls for EGO, otherwise they are not related to ability rolls specifically. I'll post something in the Rules forum, Steve might be interested in adding this type of examples to his ongoing list of things to write about if there ever is an APG 3. - E
  14. I am not going to offer a specific way to handle this, other than saying it is probably a +0 or -1/4 limitation. But the way I would work into the value is to more carefully define what you mean when you say "a chance to burn out but pretty rare". Is this a equal probability no matter what? Or is it more likely if the caster uses it 2 or more times in a day? Or if all three moons are in the sky? Or if they are lower on mana? Are there other factors that can reduce the chance of burnout (take an extra phase to cast, use rarer ingredients, expend 2x end, voluntarily take a side effect, location, ceremonial dress, fasting, etc.). As you work through the various ins and outs you will get a feel for how to model it and cost it, in my experience. - E
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