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  1. eepjr24

    Jessica Jones on Netflix

    Have you seen both seasons plus Defenders? I think if she did not have any resistant defenses she would have been dead a couple times. Not going into detail, spoilers. - E
  2. eepjr24

    Jessica Jones on Netflix

    I don't think she forgot rPD, I just think she doesn't have a ton of it. I think she more likely has some Resistant Damage Reduction, Damage Negation or a combination of the two with a few points of rPD. And probably some resistant mental defense, now. Luke Cage on the other hand probably has a lot of rPD plus Resistant Damage Reduction. - E
  3. eepjr24

    Lovercraftian horrors line art.

    Sure. But at least one of Cthulhu's progeny was described as "only measurable in a scale of miles". I'm just saying that some are not explicitly given a size, some have a vague inference and some are quite specific. Plus it varies if you only believe certain authors should be canon. - E
  4. eepjr24

    Lovercraftian horrors line art.

    I don't think the fiction supports having a scale for all of them. Some of them are never compared to anything and thus very difficult to scale. I would imagine that Zoth-Ommog is quite large as it's description includes a comparison to dinosaurs, but no explicit size is given that I know of. - E
  5. eepjr24

    DBz punch... and punch again

    The hit / move / hit is just SFX. Mechanically, you have two hits and movement. The above does that.
  6. eepjr24

    DBz punch... and punch again

    Autofire HA (x2), linked Teleport, must succeed to hit roll by 2 or more, teleport limited to knockback distance. - E
  7. eepjr24

    Walking Autofire Attacks to the Target

    Spreading could work for some autofire attacks, but by default all firearms are built with Beam, which is specifically excluded from being able to use the Spread maneuver. - E
  8. eepjr24

    Walking Autofire Attacks to the Target

    There is also the Precise Autofire skill. 5 points in most genres, also listed as a basic firearm maneuver in MHIRPG. - E
  9. eepjr24

    The Jolrhos Field Guide

    Yes. Several products are already available in the Hero Store.
  10. eepjr24

    Building healing over time (6th ed.)

    I would use Damage Over Time as a basis in addition to the potion you already have as a template. I would not let the value go below 0, as healing is not a detriment even when it takes longer. So something like: 2d6 Simplified Healing, Delayed Effect (may have available a number of potions equal to character’s INT; +½), Heal Over Time (6 increments occurring every 6 hours, +0) 30 Active Points, (apply limitations here) You would always get 12 Body back, over something between 6 and 36 hours. You could apply another limitation that says the healing are always the minimum on the dice if you want it to take the longer value. You can also add limitations that the character not exert or be in bed, have appropriate food and drink, etc. - E
  11. eepjr24

    Representation Matters

    I think I vaguely remember the incident you are talking about. I think it happened either right as or right before I joined, 2003ish? Before I had a solid idea of what transgendered really meant, honestly. But we all live and hopefully learn.
  12. eepjr24

    Representation Matters

    Some people would probably say I resemble my avatar, but most would have to be taking some serious reality altering drugs. Glad you felt comfortable enough to come out here. Gamers are an odd mix, we are an average slice of the human race with all the good and bad that implies. Hopefully you mostly find the good here. - E
  13. eepjr24

    Agents of ...Primus?

    I would go with something like a 10d6 Blast versus PD, Reduced Penetration x2 (-1/2). On an average roll this will cause 2 Body to a normal with no armor (it is still a bullet, albeit a low velocity one) and knock them out (35 Stun). I am not able to find the rules for Reduced Penetration x2 anymore, I think it was in one of the old monthly publications like Adventurers Club. Basically, you divide the dice into 4 equal (or as close as possible) sets and apply each against the PD for Body, then sum the Stun. Most low end supers would not take any body and would take 20ish or less Stun. You can alter the dice to suit if you think that it too high. Or you can just go with a single reduced penetration for hand guns and double for shotguns. Plenty of different ways to skin this cat, depending on what you are looking for exactly. - E
  14. eepjr24

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    Obviously, you can do whatever you want, including deviating from the topic. I am well aware of skill based magic systems, I have designed several. But the topic at hand was getting rid of AP penalties for RSR. I outlined what RAW says. A GM can do whatever the heck they want in their game(s). I like to show the rules as a baseline, they have been played and tested for a number of years and the unbalanced combinations are well known quantities. In any case, I have said my piece, do as you will. ☮️ - E
  15. eepjr24

    Questions regarding running HERO Fantasy

    6e1, 391 So you could "fake it" by taking a 15- for -1/4 on each power and then have them required to buy a skill called "Magic" or whatever you like for how ever many points you like. Not exactly what you were talking about I don't think, but you can do it in RAW that way. You could even switch between the two, have them start out with Cantrips that are on the unmodified roll (because they have done it so many times it is rote) and other things have a -1 per 20 AP for familiar spells, -1 per 10 for less familiar, etc. They all could use the same number, just the limitation value would vary. - E