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  1. Chris Goodwin

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    It's up today. All of the 1st-3rd edition works in two different bundles: Early Champions and Early Hero System.
  2. Chris Goodwin

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    Check it out now!
  3. Chris Goodwin

    Make Others Copycat

    Those look fine to me. I myself am not 100% satisfied with the way Transform, Shapeshift, and Multiform are different, but I've never been able to come up with anything better.
  4. Chris Goodwin

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    I understand that Hero is working on making the earlier titles available.
  5. Chris Goodwin

    Differences in ambient mana

    GURPS uses it pretty extensively. Most areas are normal mana and everything works as listed. In low mana areas spellcasting is harder; in high mana areas it's easier; in very high mana areas anyone can learn and cast spells. If I were going to use it in a Fantasy Hero game I wouldn't just spring it on the players; anyone playing spellcasters would know before play starts that there are areas of lower and higher mana in the world, and what their generally known effects are.
  6. Chris Goodwin

    LFG in Portland, Oregon - FH or any genre, any edition [Offline]

    "Hard magic systems" are those where the rules are well defined. Most Fantasy Hero magic systems are hard magic systems. Brandon Sanderson talks about them here. I guess that beggars can't be choosers, but the kinds of settings I'm looking for are a little more grounded and realistic. I prefer fantasy worlds that exist on spherical planets orbiting stars in a solar system. If there's space travel I don't want to see Spelljammer or steampunk style wooden ships in aetherspace; I'd rather it be mages with force fields and air spells. I quite enjoy Lawrence Watt-Evans' Ethshar stories; Glen Cook's Garrett, PI; Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series. I would very much enjoy playing in campaigns that resemble those as well. Less questing to find the plot coupons to save the princess. Does this make sense?
  7. Back in the 3rd edition days, my group was pretty heavily into all of the Hero games. We clicked with Danger International, and used it for a lot of very different games. I think it worked extremely well as a teaching game, partly because of the lower general power level of characters, partly because it was modern day and thus more familiar, but also partly because there were no Powers. We could focus on getting the game started quickly, and there's a lot less math almost all of which is addition and subtraction.
  8. I never picked up VA nor TA, partly because of the "Hero Universe" thing (which left me cold), partly because every review I ever read said that while TA was extremely well done it was also extremely generic, and partly because for all of that there weren't any sample adventures. We were looking at an $80+ outlay between the 5th edition rules, Fantasy Hero, and the setting book, and I still couldn't sit down and run the game. I mean, I know adventures don't sell, but they do help GMs run games, and without GMs there are no players. For settings, I'd like to have seen something a little different. We don't need more generic, rewarmed D&D; I don't mean any offense to Steve, but I wasn't all that interested in D&D-type fantasy, and if I'd wanted to do D&D-type fantasy in Fantasy Hero I could have used any of the other generic, D&D-type fantasy worlds that were out there. I harped on this for years, and we finally got Fantasy Hero Complete. Which is something; while I mean no offense to Mike Surbrook, it was pretty generic as well. But at least I could sit down with the provided materials and run a game.
  9. Chris Goodwin

    LFG in Portland, Oregon - FH or any genre, any edition [Offline]

    What are some fantasy settings you like, and what are some you don't? Or, rather, I guess what are some settings that you see as generic-Tolkienist, and some that you don't? Like, D&D is strongly in that camp for me. I'm pretty firmly in favor of "hard magic" systems and settings that include them. D&D's magic system would fit into that pretty well, but I'm honestly not the least bit interested in exploring any of the iterations of D&D's magic system, and if I were, I would play D&D. In fact, I'm pretty strongly opposed to using Fantasy Hero to recreate anything to do with D&D; D&D forces your fantasy gaming into so many pigeonholes; why use Fantasy Hero to pigeonhole yourself?
  10. I voted settings book and adventure modules. Things that GMs can use to get more players playing with less work.
  11. Chris Goodwin

    Differences in ambient mana

    Exactly the kinds of things I'm looking for. This implies that casters have an END Reserve for mana (or Mana and MREC Characteristics).
  12. Chris Goodwin

    Differences in ambient mana

    Right... I'm thinking of the CE as a Side Effect. But someone's going to at some point think of using the spinning disc from Larry Niven's The Magic Goes Away...
  13. Chris Goodwin

    Differences in ambient mana

    I seem to recall a suggestion from the boards using Change Environment as a penalty on Magic Skill rolls to represent reducing the ambient mana in an area. (I know I didn't come up with that, as I distinctly remember complimenting the original poster on a neat idea, but a Google search brings up me asking a rules question using that as an example. I can't find the original post, though.) That leads me to the idea of making mana level into an environmental condition like temperature, and Change Environment to increase or decrease that. Which implies that there are creatures from differing mana levels, which implies racial/species/cultural templates. Beyond that it's a matter of reasoning from effect. What does ambient mana do? I can that work out for a particular world. I'm still interested in hearing how other people have done it, though!
  14. Chris Goodwin

    Differences in ambient mana

    If translation was what I was after, I could do it myself; my original document was more or less a translation of GURPS mana levels into Fantasy Hero. I'm wondering if there are people playing in or running Fantasy Hero games where they're using varying mana levels, and if so how they're representing it.