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  1. Chris Goodwin

    Fantasy Race book project...thinking out loud

    Jason Walters, whose board username is @Jason S.Walters, would be the one to ask.
  2. Chris Goodwin

    Random encounters / events lead to interesting situations

    I was thinking something like magical radiation, with short or long term side effects. Whatever those side effects are, they aren't necessarily helpful or even benign. What was the falling star? "Just" a meteorite, or some kind of entity? (Or some kind of entity was inside it, either for its own protection, or as a prison of some kind, protecting the world from whatever it is.) Does the blue magic attract something? More of whatever potential entity may have been inside the falling star. Or more falling stars of the same (or a similar, or an opposite) type.
  3. Chris Goodwin

    Random encounters / events lead to interesting situations

    It doesn't just turn them blue. Turning blue is a side effect of whatever else the stones do...
  4. Dispel, Suppress, or Drain against any of the Powers that are built through those Foci.
  5. Chris Goodwin

    Cargo Capacity For Vehicles

    The limiting factor for spaceships is mass, not volume. I mean, you can strap all kinds of things to the outside of a ship, as long as it doesn't require air.
  6. Chris Goodwin

    Still Confused By UBO

    Seems to me that requiring the gadgeteer to return to the lab to switch points around would be better. You can make whatever gadgets you want, hand them out to whoever you want; but they're stuck until you return to the lab. I'd even rule in that case that "switching the points" doesn't necessarily automatically depower the gadgets previously handed out. But they would then fall into the category of "items the character has but has not paid points for," and those essentially fall under GM's whim. I'd also rule that whenever the session ends, or at whatever point a set of Charges would ordinarily return, those gadgets (grenades or whatever) would go away. (If the other character insists on holding onto them, the GM is well within their rights to insist that the character spend points on them.) Edited to add: Thinking on it more... I think that essentially a limited, "free" form of UBO, for no extra cost, combined with those same points having a no-point requirement that to replenish the points requires either getting the gadgets back or returning to the lab. So you can make the grenades and hand them out, but that part of the pool is locked in until you either get the grenades back or return to the lab to stock up. I would so rule in my games, at least.
  7. Chris Goodwin

    Speed chart app or program?

    HD does just that, with the Combat Record Export feature and the template that @bluesguy pointed you to. You can load all of the characters you're planning to be in the combat, use the Combat Record Export, tell it in what order you want to display them (it defaults to DEX, high to low, I'm pretty sure -- don't have it in front of me), choose the template, and then it puts all the characters in order with their Phases on a nice chart just like always. But, yeah, HD is 5th or 6th edition only, so it won't do you a lot of good with 4th unless you customize a lot.
  8. It's my understanding that that's supposed to be changing. The previous file had the colored text in the index converted to black and white incorrectly, so that the index entries weren't visible in the finished product. I think that's being worked on, but I couldn't tell you when it's supposed to be finished.
  9. Chris Goodwin

    Hero Retrogaming Chargen

    I have the problem that even with a calculator I can add up the same column of numbers twice and get three different results.
  10. Chris Goodwin

    Hero Retrogaming Chargen

    Not as far as I'm aware. I've worked on both a Google spreadsheet and a Hero Designer template, but they're both partial, and neither of them are really usable.
  11. Chris Goodwin

    Chronicles of Amber, anyone?

    I have written up bits of Amber-related material here and there. You can find some of what I wrote here: http://web.archive.org/web/20050212234011/http://www.herogames.com:80/oldForum/OtherGenres/000115.html Note that that was all for fourth edition, so it's pretty out of date. There's also a bit here, including reference to the thread above: http://web.archive.org/web/20050412064451/http://herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15810 The biggest thing I can recommend is to decide whether you're running an "Amber Hero" campaign, or a "superheroes with Amberites" campaign. The latter would tend to be as generic as possible, while the former would mean you'd be essentially building an entire Fantasy Hero type "magic system" for the Amber cosmology. For example: instead of writing up, say, the Amberites' favorite Tarot cards, as a set of Powers, figure out how you want them to work in your vision of Amber, then tweak the basic game rules to follow. (For instance: contact via card might count as touch for purposes of No Range abilities, even across Shadow, and that lets you write up a whole bunch of abilities as No Range.) More threads: (Oh hey, that's pretty neat. I had no idea the links would come up like that!)
  12. Chris Goodwin

    3rd edition Missile deflection

    14- is the character's roll to deflect; it's a straight DEX Roll in 3rd. The categories and costs are the same as in 4th and 5th. "All" means any ranged attacks that can be deflected, which typically doesn't include Mental Blast, area, explosions, and other exotic Powers, unless special effects indicate otherwise.
  13. Chris Goodwin

    Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    If I may... the Skill list from 3rd edition Champions consists of Acrobatics, Climbing, Computer Programming, Detective Work, Disguise, Find Weakness, Luck, Martial Arts, Security Systems, Skill Levels, Stealth, and Swinging. 3rd edition also included this note: I don't know of anyone who ever used this; I and everyone I knew had at least the Champions II supplement, if not Danger International, each of which expanded the skill list greatly. If all you were using was the 3rd edition core book, the game assumed that whatever you wrote down as your profession in your secret identity, was something you could do. It was sort of handwaved; like, if you were a scientist in your secret identity, it was assumed you had access to a lab, could do science, and so on, but that was usually off-screen. The skills that were present were, as I think were mentioned elsewhere on this thread, more like powers; they were things the character could do as part of their superhero identity, that would happen "on screen" or on a comic page. I'm honestly not sure many more are needed for a full on Champions game; I suggested to Ron Edwards that he might want to add a Super Science skill, which he enthusiastically agreed with, and I might also add Gadgeteering and maybe a Super Sorcery skill, possibly Paramedic. Power Skill, if the characters want to buy it. I would probably assume that if you had a profession in secret identity that wasn't covered by one of these skills, that you could just do it, like the background skills that 6th edition suggests you don't have to pay for. I'll note that it's very seldom that the comics focus on Clark Kent's journalistic abilities, Bruce Wayne's finances, or Matt Murdock's legal and courtroom knowledge. That having been said, I can see Champions campaigns where the GM might want to have characters do things in their secret identities; their journalism and law and hobnobbing with rich people. If so, great! In general, the GM ought to be up front with the players about what Skills are likely to be most useful, and about whether the game is going to cover the characters doing things in their off time. The GM might also let characters have, say, 50 free points worth of "off time", background/profession/secret identity/off time skills. (I know I've built superheroes with 25-50 points worth, and been frustrated when other characters come in with their 5 points, if that, and the game never touches on the off time. Frustrating.) For "low heroic" level games, in which Skills are front and center, the full Skill list would definitely be useful and necessary, and the available Powers might be reduced as above. I've played in many games where powers were nonexistent, and Skills, Perks, and Talents were front and center. These are more focused on investigation, exploration, and interpersonal interaction. I will end by saying this: the importance of Skills in the game should set by the GM, who should notify the players up front of their expectations on the matter; how likely off-time/background Skills are likely to come into play.
  14. Chris Goodwin

    Champions Now Information

    I do hope exactly that. At the very least, I hope it helps me find more people to play the earlier versions with. I too can respect their concerns, but Jason also has more interest -- by which I mean financial -- in success or failure of the Hero System, and more knowledge about how to do that, than I do. Also a lot of people -- myself included -- have put forth armchair solutions to The Problem, but very few -- and I am likewise not one of those few -- have taken any initiative to write the kinds of products we'd like to see. If any of us had put our keyboards and time where our mouths are, maybe this would be one of our projects we'd be discussing here instead.
  15. Chris Goodwin

    Champions Now Information

    I would observe that the reason it was done with 3rd edition is that Ron is the one writing it, and that 3rd edition was the one that generated the play experiences he was looking to replicate. I don't see any reason the techniques, and even some of the rules, wouldn't work with the edition of your choice. (For the general "you" of course.)