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  1. I don't know if my last reply posted correctly so I'll try to type it out again. Sorry if it posts twice! Magic is allowed, but low level. I'm thinking since she is a newly woken mummy she would really only have a speak with dead or something like that. This could all change as I finish up her history, but we will see. As for history I am writing that she is the forgotten daughter of Julius and Cleopatra. Her "life" spanned the death of her father, the courting of Mark Antony and her mother, and finally the downfall of Egypt to Rome by Octavian after the death/disappearance of her parents. As Octavian entered Egypt he found her and as the last person worthy enough to take the throne of Egypt, he had her killed and removed for history in the only way fit for the "last queen of Egypt".... wrapped and buried alive. With her gone and removed from history, Octavian and the Romans were free to completely take over Egypt. More to come but that's is the basics
  2. Hello ladies and gents, I could use some help. We are planning a "LoEG" type game and I was planning on playing an archeologist who is secretly a ancient mummy. It's actually the reason why she has been so successful as an archeologist, she remembers the tomb locations from when she was alive. After waking up into a new civialized world where all the ancient world she once knew is almost gone, she has dedicated herself to the finding and preservation of all historical artifacts she can. What I need help with is how to build her mummy powers in a way that aren't overpowered yet interesting. I'm already thinking: Strength Longevity Weekends to fire Damage reduction Possibly something to do with talking with the dead What kind of builds can you suggest for a mummy hero?