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  1. John Desmarais

    Amelia Earhart mystery

    Wrong mystery, but an excellent reminder (as I’m starting up a campaign set in 1938 in the South Pacific).
  2. John Desmarais

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    Is immune to aging really 25 points in GURPs? (I haven't played GURPs in many years, and never played it a lot even then)
  3. John Desmarais

    Congratulations Darren Watts!!

  4. John Desmarais

    House Rule idea

    I did a quick search to see if this had been discussed before, but didn't find anything (my search-fu may be weak today) I'm currently running a game with a table full of folks who have little or no Hero System experience, which has caused me to look at the rules a little bit different;y myself. I've been toying with an idea to flip the number for dice rolls as a way to possibly make things easier (for some reason, subtractions slows people down more than addition). What to change when creating a character After character creation, add 11 to DCV and MDCV. Subtract 11 from all Skill Rolls, Stat Rolls, PER Rolls, etc to get the new Skill Value. What's different in game play When making Skills checks and smilier actions, roll 3d6 and add skill value. 11 is the target for a base success (modify target up or down to reflect difficulty modifier) For combat rolls, roll 3d6 and OCV (or MOCV). If it exceeds the target's DCV or MDCV, you hit. Thoughts? Better for newbies? Worse? Potential problems?
  5. John Desmarais

    Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

    The 1987 S1-4 book left out several of the illustrations that had been in the original Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.
  6. John Desmarais

    Need Adventure Recommendations

    I tend to automatically look over at Pelgrane Press - particularly the Essoterrorists and Night's Black Agents lines - for these types of adventures.
  7. John Desmarais


    But Kree are blue, Coluans are (or should be) green - very green.
  8. John Desmarais


    Well, pretty much Brainiac 5's "everything". (Hair, color, costume, forehead buttons, spastic behavior - I was left with the impression that whoever developed the character for the show had never looked at a LSH comic and based everything on the 2006 cartoon). Alas, another LSH opportunity lost.
  9. So, anyone planning on being there? (http://www.marscon.net)
  10. John Desmarais

    Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Took exactly one week. (I wonder what's done with it during that week?)
  11. John Desmarais

    Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Anyone know how long it takes rpg.net to post a submitted review? (Assuming an actual person curates the reviews, I'm sure the the holidays slow things down)
  12. John Desmarais

    Space Opera setting - Orion's Spear

    Cool stuff.
  13. John Desmarais

    D6 Star Wars to be Republished!

    Some change it, some don't. There are retro-clones out there that are very much using the core system to build a "new" game, and other that just present the original rules in a different manner. Games like Lamentations of the Flame Princess are basically a whole new game built on top of a very familiar base, but Labyrinth Lord is a pretty faithful re-presentation of B/X in a single concise book. (The last time I had an urge to run D&D I used LL instead as I knew that all of my players would be able to easily get a copy of the core rules. This was before they started showing up on http://www.dmsguild.com/). Different strokes...different folks...
  14. John Desmarais

    D6 Star Wars to be Republished!

    The one big feature some of the retro-clones have is presenting the rules in a (to me at least) better organized manner than the original published books.
  15. John Desmarais

    Gamma World Hero?

    The last time I ran a similar game, I pulled a lot of ideas from here: http://savageearth.net (Keith Curtis's Savage Earth setting)