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  1. Btw, (since I’ve got your attention) any chance of adding in awareness for tablet-size displays? As nifty as it is on a phone, it would rock on my iPad with the ability to really take advantage of the extra real estate.
  2. I was attempting to load from iCloud (also had tried OneDrive). I moved the files to put them locally on the iPhone and tried to load from there - same error.
  3. Just installed the new version (actually, its the first time I've played with it). On my iPhone I get an error when trying to load a character: No such file "file:///private/va/mobile/Containers/Data/e*22B296-BD9E-47D0-8267-Ec383158FAAB/tmp/org.diceless.herogmtools-InBox/Spitfire.XML" Happens with any xml character file I try to load (just replace the name at the end with the name of the specific file). I also get a similar error when I try to open either of the file in the Library. TO make thing even more interest, loading the same character file into the app on my iPad works just fine. Any thoughts?
  4. In general, I don't have Combat Luck stack with Armor. (Actually, in most cases, I don't use Combat Luck in games where armor is a common thing).
  5. I like the setting that’s baked into Stars Without Number. Offers up an effective rationale for humanity to spread far, but still having travel distance matter and allowing for interesting isolated planetary cultures to form. It’s a mostly human-centric universe, but a GM who wants to introduce aliens races has room to.
  6. There’s really not much I’ve seen in Black Lightning that makes it explicitly NOT on the same world as either Supergirl or Arrow if the producers ever decided they wanted to roll it in. It would not be much of a stretch to simply assume that his fame has not really spread much beyond the city he operates in (and that the local news doesn’t say a whole lot about that looney with the bow in Star City).
  7. Since Abolish is in the D20 SRD, I assume they could simply use so long as the OGL rules are followed.
  8. There have been several Thieves World RPG / RPG settings published over the years - for several different game systems. All in all, they've generally all been pretty good, if somewhat skewed towards the strengths and traits of the target system. The Chaosium one was probably my favorite, even though I think it had the least amount of material published, as it treated the setting as a very low-magic (particularly from the PC perspective) world. For someone willing to do the work, Hero is actually a pretty good system to do it, as it gives the GM a lot of control over how magic works in your game - bringing no existing system into the mix.
  9. A little more regarding the draft. The age range for the draft during WWII changed a couple of times. The Selective Service Act of 1940 required males from 21 - 36 to register. After the Army made its position that 18 to 21 year-olds made the best soldiers, there was an Extension Act in 1941 that extended the age range to 18 - 38, and then in 1942 it was extended again to 18 - 45. Sometime during the war (I can't remember when, but after the age was lowered to 18) they stopped selected by draft, and starts by age - with the oldest being called first. So, depending on what year your game is set, age could keep the PCs out of the draft or make being drafted less likely. The jobs that were often exempted/deferred included medical, college students, educators, scientists, agriculture, and military industries (several of which are common secret-ID fodder).
  10. (Drifting off topic, but...). Have you,looked at Stars Without Number? It’s a pretty open (easily extensible) setting built around a lot of net ideas and a fairly simple set of mechanics (based on a D&D retro-clone). I thought it was a lot of fun.
  11. I feel ya.I run 6th these days (I always run the "current" version as its the one my players can easily go buy for themselves if inclined) but I'll gladly play whatever version someone want to run. (Although, I've been strongly contemplating doing a one-shot with some of my old gamer friends using 3rd edition, just for the nostalgia. The recent Bundle of Holding renewed my interest in 3rd.)
  12. I really enjoy this guy’s channel. I’ve wasted far too many hours watching him prepare 18th century recipes.
  13. I’d be interested after i’ve moved.
  14. You and me both (I do love me some Golden Age Champions).
  15. I’ve joined a couple Meetups in preparation. Exact move date isn’t set yet. It will be a gradual move culminating sometime this summer. (Btw, in addition to being a long time Hero junkie, I’ve also recently become enamored with Call of Cthulhu).
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