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  1. John Desmarais

    Good Pulp Movies to watch

    I love using the islands of the South Pacific for pulp games. Only Angles Have Wings is one of my favorites to crib flavor bits from.
  2. John Desmarais

    Fantasy Grounds

    Not being free doesn’t bother me, but the pricing structure is a bit off putting (as a GM I have no issues buying/paying for a hosting and mapping solution, but I dislike having to get my players to pay).
  3. John Desmarais

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    Hail to the King, baby!
  4. John Desmarais

    Fantasy Race book project...thinking out loud

    While I'm sure there is a market for 4th edition material (it remains many people's favorite version) my personal preference tends to always veer to "current release" as it tends to where the most likely customer base growth is (yes, Hero does still attract new players, and the current release is what they find the easiest to purchase). That said, for existing Hero players (the grodnards), specific version is pretty irrelevant as conversion between recent editions is pretty easy for anyone already familiar with the system. With regards to point base, I have almost always done Fantasy Hero at whatever point-base was "standard heroic" for the edition I was playing.
  5. John Desmarais

    Easiest system game

    This. Rules Light ≠ Easy, but so many people - particularly experienced gamers - think the two are the same. Rules Light games tend to rely heavily on tropes and concepts that are "understood" by experienced gamers but completely opaque to newbies.
  6. John Desmarais

    Question: What is your heroes area of operation?

    The last game I ran was primarily in London, although the heroes did occasionally venture out into other parts of Great Britain.
  7. John Desmarais

    Dealing with burnout

    I have a similar problem at times. I attribute it to age. While I’m sitting thinking up game situations I’m fine, but at the table I feel like I’ve gotten slower at improvising (which is a shame as the group I’m currently gaming with is pretty good at going off reservation).
  8. John Desmarais

    Floating Islands

    So I've recently started up a new Pulp Hero game - 1938 set in and among the South Pacific islands (think Tales of the Gold Monkey) and saw this headline Floating island the size of New Jersey discovered in South Pacific, which immediately grabbed my attention. Read through the article and was a bit disappointed, but it got me looking for more information on floating islands. Found lots of info on small floating islands in rivers and lakes that are basically small islands composed of vegetation growing on a buoyant mat of plant roots or other organic detritus - still not as cool as what I wanted. Finally came across this article - http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/floating-islands-seen-sea-myth-and-reality-part-2-001931 - which was closer to what I was hoping for (although the reality still didn't live up to my fantasy). Anyway, the end result was our heroes found themselves chasing an Army Air Corps colonel who had stolen a piece of new military tech to deliver into Nazi hands on a floating island covered in unrecognizable vegetation and giant crabs. The chase ended when the captain of the German sub caught sight of them on the coast and fired a torpedo at them. Our heroes managed to run away intake to escape the blast radius, but the torpedo sunk the island.
  9. John Desmarais

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    Alas, Winston to Hillsborough is quite a hike.
  10. John Desmarais

    LF Players/Group in Triangle/Triad areas, North Carolina

    “Raleigh/Greensboro” is a pretty big area. Are you closer to one or the other? (I’m in the Winston-Salem area)
  11. John Desmarais

    Amelia Earhart mystery

    Wrong mystery, but an excellent reminder (as I’m starting up a campaign set in 1938 in the South Pacific).
  12. John Desmarais

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    Is immune to aging really 25 points in GURPs? (I haven't played GURPs in many years, and never played it a lot even then)
  13. John Desmarais

    Congratulations Darren Watts!!

  14. John Desmarais

    House Rule idea

    I did a quick search to see if this had been discussed before, but didn't find anything (my search-fu may be weak today) I'm currently running a game with a table full of folks who have little or no Hero System experience, which has caused me to look at the rules a little bit different;y myself. I've been toying with an idea to flip the number for dice rolls as a way to possibly make things easier (for some reason, subtractions slows people down more than addition). What to change when creating a character After character creation, add 11 to DCV and MDCV. Subtract 11 from all Skill Rolls, Stat Rolls, PER Rolls, etc to get the new Skill Value. What's different in game play When making Skills checks and smilier actions, roll 3d6 and add skill value. 11 is the target for a base success (modify target up or down to reflect difficulty modifier) For combat rolls, roll 3d6 and OCV (or MOCV). If it exceeds the target's DCV or MDCV, you hit. Thoughts? Better for newbies? Worse? Potential problems?