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  1. The 8 Active Points are the difference between the power as purchased with x3 END (50 / 3 = 17 points) and without it (50 / 2 = 25 points). A "Naked Limitation" if you will...
  2. rravenwood

    In Need of Some Examples and Recommendations

    Package Deals with Package Bonuses go all the way back to Espionage! (2E era) and were present at least all the way up through Hero System's 4th edition.
  3. rravenwood

    Need More HERO

    The biggest difference between the 1st and 2nd edition covers is that the rear cover of 1st edition is a continuation of the scene on the front, with Gargoyle, Flare, and armor-suit-guy (sorry, don't know his name...), whereas the rear cover of 2nd edition has the Speed Chart and the Combat Modifier table. Of course, 1st edition was in color, while many 2nd edition covers were gray scale - although I believe that some color versions of 2nd were also printed. A more subtle tell-tale is that, since the 1st edition rear cover art was removed with 2nd edition, the fingers of armor-suit-guy which can be seen wrapping around from the left side of the 1st edition front cover are missing on the 2nd edition cover. There are also (that I've seen) two different 1st edition cover versions. What I presume is the older, original version lacks the authors' names, and in the lower right corner simply shows "A HERO GAME" instead of the "HERO GAMES" logo with the Mark Williams, uh... Hero Games Dude between those two words (which is the same company logo found on the later 1st edition as well as the 2nd edition covers). Of the two copies I have of 1st edition, one has no character sheets, and the other has only 4 out of the original 8... so if anyone scans 300-dpi versions of the original 8 character silhouettes, I'd join my voice to the choir of welcoming, appreciative cries ;-)
  4. rravenwood

    HERO System Mobile

    Interesting! I'm certainly not challenging your personal experience, but just out of curiosity and wanting to make sure I'm understanding correctly, are you saying that the original Heroes didn't follow the RAW 1d6-1 stun multiplier?
  5. Great, thank you for clearing that up! (I had heard some suggestions that the rulebook in the box set may have been saddle-stitched...)
  6. Thanks for sharing those - it's pretty neat to see such a relatively rare edition. If you wouldn't mind, I have two questions about the actual Danger International book within the box: Is it perfect-bound or saddle-stitched? What printing number and date are shown on the title page? Thanks in advance 🙂
  7. rravenwood

    HERO System Mobile

    A quick check shows that 1st edition is mum on whether the minimum STUN multiplier is 0 or 1, while 2nd ed. specifies that the minimum is 1.
  8. rravenwood

    Negative END and charges

    My historical interest was piqued enough to go back and check 1e, 2e & 3e, and they appear to all be essentially identical: END is expended when using a Power, STR, or moving; Movement is 1 END per base 5" moved (noncombat doesn't increase END expended); Powers and STR cost 1 END per 5 points of Power/STR used. Nothing is said about maneuvers costing 1 END regardless of STR used. Martial Arts are a gray area, since on the one hand it is stated that "All Skills and some Powers do not cost END to use" but it could be understood as the Skill itself - granting access to use the Martial maneuvers - costing no END, while use of the underlying STR used still does. Just in case anyone else was curious... :-)
  9. rravenwood

    Need More HERO

    Good to know, GM Joe! According to http://towerofzenopus.blogspot.com/2012/08/old-school-champions-1st-edition-2nd.html, a similar situation exists for Adventure 1: The Island of Dr. Destroyer. There also seem to have been multiple versions of 1e Champions itself (see this older thread that I started: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/88322-different-printings-of-champions-1st-edition/).
  10. Version 2017-05-25


    A compilation of errata for the 4th edition Hero System Rules, applicable to all versions: original Champions hardcover Champions softcover Hero System Rulesbook softcover Champions Deluxe hardcover
  11. rravenwood

    Need More HERO

    I don't own one and I've never personally seen one myself, but the PDF at this link is a scan of a 1985 Hero Games holiday mailer, and it references a limited box set of Danger International which included the regular softcover book, the older Border Crossing adventure, the classic double-sided Hero Games street map with hex grids (the same one from the Champions box sets), a poster, three dice, and a free sample copy of Adventurers Club magazine. It doesn't seem like this "Deluxe" set of DI was ever made available through normal retail channels. Note that the order form on the next to last page of the PDF is identical to the one found in the DI book itself, except it has been further marked up to reflect what is being offered in the mailer.