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    Firing Into Melee, a rules quandary

    Re: Firing Into Melee, a rules quandary Hmmm... Generally, I would think that firing into a melee, the person is only aiming at the one target. Generally secondary targets are going to be rather random especially since the targets are moving. What I would do for a player that wants to avoid hitting a wrong secondary target is hold OCV levels back for purposes of the secondary target. Basically they are lowering their focus on the primary target to insure that if they miss they won't hit the wrong thing or character. These held back OCV levels can be used to add or subtract (players choice) from their ability to hit secondary target. PSL could probably be bought to represent skill at this. These can also be used to prevent the Sucker Attacks (from the Champions book) This method allows skilled characters to be able to prevent themselves from hitting incorrect targets without giving them a free bonus from their earlier to-hit roll AND it allows them to a chance to hit a secondary target if they wish - just save a few OCV for the chance of hitting later.