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    I like chocolate, handbags and purses, neat little fanny packs, cats and nice, comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirts.
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  1. SatinKitty

    I challenge you!

    Didn't listen to the Lyrics. They were not My Taste from Their Beginning. Everyone's different, so this is not criticism. Ditto Lincoln Park.
  2. Well. A Show called "Supernatural" is Real Cool as I know Every. Single. Seventies. Media. Reference. All the Others also. Trek. Stephen King. Kansas. (The Band) . "Sam and Dean" mean Jan and Dean. ( Real Cool Fifties Duo ! ) . Teaser: Listen For Everyone's Fave Quote from "The Princess Bride". It's a Long Wait. Look for Demon Dean. It's a D&D on Alternate Earth Show, Live. Need Light ? Give it a MISS ! BIG TIME !!
  3. And Hey, I'm Back in Black ! Hit the Sack..... (Or whatever it is.) . Is Anyone Alive Out there ???? Did You Miss Me ? Did You Miss Me ? Did You Miss Me ? Did You Miss Me Yet ? ( Quoting Jim Moriarity) If Staff Sees This, Who is Dan Simon's New Get Fresh Crew ? Sound off, Now, Please, if Convenient. If Not Convenient, Sound off anyway. Is There Anybody Else Out There , Come On ????
  4. Hey Guys, Remember, the Luke Cage show Crashed NETFLIX !! So everyone knows You don't give no Lip to Luke Cage.
  5. SatinKitty

    Complicate the Person Above

    Why ? Free adverts and all...
  6. SatinKitty's Back in Town ! Where in the World is Zornwil ? Seriously, if You know, please tell Me how he is doing, also his Wife, Job and Everything.
  7. Welcome back! We missed you.

  8. SatinKitty

    The Last Word

    What is ?
  9. SatinKitty

    I Can Feel You Through The Web

    I hope Spidey 88 doesn't hear about this !
  10. SatinKitty

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    Thanks, Guys ! To not be forgotten and to be welcomed back with pleasure is the greatest joy one can know. Hermit, I sure hope to see you post more on this thread. When we last talked, you pretty much had to stick with the Cranky Thread. Still kicking myself in the butt repeatedly for missing you on your one Gen Con Day all those years ago. I have been on a two-year hiatus w/ OddHat, but I have my eyes on next year already !
  11. SatinKitty

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    I love seeing all your smiling faces again. Missed you guys.
  12. SatinKitty

    A Thread for Random Musings

    You guys are funny ! It has been Indian Summer here till yesterday. Yesterday required a Sweat Shirt.
  13. SatinKitty

    A Thread for Random Musings

    I ran around in a tank top today.
  14. SatinKitty

    The cranky thread

    My body has collapsed. Due to a stomach condition and medications and the fact that I have not been able to eat a meal since Friday, I cannot function or go to rehab for my hip or drive. I also have Tardive Dyskinesia and have had it for almost a week so my mouth smacks non-stop. I read that Melotonin helps, so I took three last night and one this morning. I hope they work because my overworked jaw is sore and it's driving me crazy. I stopped the medication that caused it last week, but the paper said it may not go away when you stop. God, I hope I don't have this for the rest of my life. Errands need to be done and I can't. I'm supposed to be driven to see my Parents on Saturday and go to a barbecue on Monday but I nearly passed out just getting my nails done. This is really bad. I can't live my life.
  15. SatinKitty

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    I looked everywhere for my favorite bracelet two days ago. Last night I replaced it. Today I found it in the washer.