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  1. #3 Protagonist: Perfect Kars, the Ultimate Life Form Back from outer space thanks to a careless Imperial scout, Kars, the last of the Pillar Men, has decided to protect Earth from outside invasion...so that he might rule. The other "good guys" aren't fully trusting him....
  2. Second protagonist: Rohan Kishibe, whose Stand, "Heaven's Door" allows him to read people like a book. Literally. This invasion is getting in the way of him creating manga, so it's got to go.
  3. The Dragon: Paragon Joel Cochin has the ability to duplicate physical and mental abilities of those around him, at improved proficiency and power levels. This includes Stands. When not near a strategic genius, however, Paragon isn't that good a long-range planner; thus his second-banana position.
  4. Protagonist 1: Jotaro Kujo The Jojo of the "Stardust Crusaders" arc, and still in his prime. Jotaro is a formidable martial artist (even without Hamon training), a marine biologist, and possesses the Star Platinum Stand, which can among other things stop time. He (with help) defeated DIO, and hopes to stop the alternate universe Dio from accomplishing his own plans.
  5. I'm combining a General pick and an Option Pick. General: Dio Brando, Lord Joestar Option: This Dio comes from a timeline very similar to that of the JJBA manga. However, there was a small hiccup that changed everything. In this timeline, Dio found and destroyed the letter from his father Dario that tipped Jonathan Joestar off to the way Dio was poisoning George Joestar. Dio was then able to murder Jonathan and activate the Stone Mask, using his connections to make Jojo's death look accidental. Dio inherited the Joestar title and wealth. Without Jonathan or Speedwagon to help, Dio was able to dispose of Baron Zepelli and his fellow Hamon practitioners with relative ease. Then he moved forward with a plan to create a small army of vampire and ghoul minions. Lord Joestar took over the British Empire (ala Anno Dracula) and was working on the rest of the world when the Empress' forces arrived. Being a very fast learner, Dio soon surrendered his section of Earth to the invaders in exchange for being named as local governor. He has of course been scheming to supplant the Empress ever since. Recently, news came of the discovery of the JJBA earth, so similar to Dio's own. When he learned some (but not all) detail of his counterpart DIO's abilities, Dio knew that he needed his own The World Stand as part of his long range plan to rule the Empire. On Lord Joestar's Earth, the Stand Arrows are either hidden too well, destroyed or never existed; and there are only a handful of natural Stand users. So he will need to invade to get the power he needs. As a side note, Dio also learned of the Pillar Men. He had the entire buildings they were entombed in on his world shot into deep space. Not that he was afraid of them or anything, just a precaution, can't be too careful.
  6. You mean Saitama, whose official hero name is "Caped Baldy"?
  7. Well,. yes, she intends to get around to conquering everything, but there has to be some form of prioritization.
  8. First Option Pick: The reason the Empress wants this world--the Stand Arrows.
  9. World: The Earth of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure circa 2000 CE, shortly after the events of "Diamond is Unbreakable" but before "Golden Wind."
  10. SKJAM!

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Allegiant Rykka North has the ability to make people loyal to her temporarily. The bad news is that they otherwise retain their own free will and personalities, so tend to do what they think is best for Allegiant, rather than what she wants them to do. She's working on Disguise and Acting skills so that she can appear to be an authority figure as needed for the situation.
  11. SKJAM!

    Create a Hero Theme Team!

    Bleak This suit of armor radiates cold, able to freeze objects solid with a touch (including objects that touch it.) However, it can only be worn by someone of great generosity who uses it for good.
  12. SKJAM!

    L00tz Thread

    Sent mix CDs to my internet community; mostly what I got from them was tea. I will not need to buy tea again for months. (One person also sent some fancy homemade candy.) For the family celebration, we were supposed to give one present each--I and my brother drew each other. I gave him a pillowcase made to look like a library card, a copy of "The Law and Superheroes" (he's a law professor) and a gift card to a local restaurant I'd won. He gave me a Target gift card.
  13. SKJAM!

    WWE Snark-Free Zone

    Over at Crunchyroll, they're streaming a show titled "Tiger Mask W." It's set in a world where professional wrestling is 100% real and the evil Global Wrestling Monopoly is trying to take over the Japanese market. It guest stars real world wrestlers; the Bullet Club appeared in the episode "Don't Be a Softy!"
  14. Also, Arnie has actual political experience and has learned how government works.
  15. Perry Rhodan 10: The Ghosts of Gol Still very early in the series, well before he becomes immortal. Rhodan comes to a supergiant planet inhabited by energy beings from a higher dimension. http://www.skjam.com/2016/11/13/book-review-perry-rhodan-10-the-ghosts-of-gol/