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    Novice GM who prefers roleplaying the super hero or moderen genre but can be partial to fantasy and horror. collect comics,is a anime otaku and likes video games in general.
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  1. PhantomGM2602

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Don't You Mean Citadel? sheesh get the name right! Don't forget Mass Reaction and Psi-Kin Plus the Braverman foundation. from ALLIES
  2. PhantomGM2602

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    How about: 1) My Hero Academia [Funimation] 2)Black Lightning [CW] 3)The Ray [CW] 4) Star Trek: Discovery (1st Season) [CBS All Access} 5)She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power [NETFLIX]
  3. PhantomGM2602

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Possibility: since Foxy has 6th ed stats ,why not create a spinoff from his motif? And how about the Arcadian Academy from the C:TNM Books?
  4. PhantomGM2602

    my characters

    Got It! and Thanx!
  5. PhantomGM2602

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    I almost forgot to add ROADKILL to the list, The Aryan ,Red Doom[Since the USSR fell with the Berlin Wall, They'll need new members] The Braverman Foundation,
  6. PhantomGM2602

    Question: What is your heroes area of operation?

    Bothe my teams TEAM ALPHA and The COURT OF DREAMS ,also the CAROLINA KNIGHTS Operate in the Carolina Triangle and the Southron US
  7. PhantomGM2602

    my characters

    Gonna Need Your CS again Mark because I can't find in in my email. Just post it here in the club.
  8. PhantomGM2602

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    OK I've getting my games set up on discord. so here the invite again CHU RPG link
  9. PhantomGM2602

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    Looks Like the topic is going way off topic. So to get back on track I'm thinking of putting some character bios here on this board. Which PC would U like to see here on this board? Feel Free to PM Me @ the club here at HERO or Post your replay here.
  10. First Off, an update on PRIMUS and the status of the Super-Soldier Program. Then a Revision of SAT [Special American Tactics] WITHOUT the Anti-Mutant Mentality, we've got enough of that from GENOCIDE. Speaking of which, it needs to be revised along with IMAGE it's pro mutant Counterpart. Then Add a Japanese version of PRIMUS as well as a Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese counterpart. Then bring back AXIS as a Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist org with tech advancements.
  11. That wouldn't be called Superheroes would it?
  12. PhantomGM2602

    Favorite legacy/sidekick character

    The Fifth Robin: Damian Wayne and Jon Kent ,Superboy. The SUPER SONS Of Course.
  13. PhantomGM2602

    [fiction, Champions/M&M) War of the Dimensions

    OMG!!! This is superheroing on a Cosmic Scale!!
  14. PhantomGM2602

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    Any One interested in creating the Pretty Cure[aka Glitter Force] in the Americas or leaving them in Japan?