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  1. First Off, an update on PRIMUS and the status of the Super-Soldier Program. Then a Revision of SAT [Special American Tactics] WITHOUT the Anti-Mutant Mentality, we've got enough of that from GENOCIDE. Speaking of which, it needs to be revised along with IMAGE it's pro mutant Counterpart. Then Add a Japanese version of PRIMUS as well as a Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese counterpart. Then bring back AXIS as a Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist org with tech advancements.
  2. That wouldn't be called Superheroes would it?
  3. PhantomGM2602

    Favorite legacy/sidekick character

    The Fifth Robin: Damian Wayne and Jon Kent ,Superboy. The SUPER SONS Of Course.
  4. Hey Guys and gals, Just recently I've been watching the PreCure Series and was wondering one thing: in a world full of superheroes and heroines would there be an Magical Girl team co existing in the Champions UNiverse? If so how would they react to the magic war raging around them and how would the magic girls react to supervillians and vigilantes? Well Friends and neighbors, Here's the Phantom's Challenge to all you Champions GMs out there: Create a Magic Girl or Mystic teen in training for your Champions Campaign and intro them into the CU history timeline or better yet design one to compete or work with the Court Of Dreams campaign. Send in a Pic along with a background and origin story to my email @ yahoo,Or G-mail . The emails are right here: reggie2602@yahoo.com Rolds2605@gmail.com or post it to this thread. Remember: create a Magic Girl [or Knight]PC for your Campaign or mine campaign[your choice] and play that character in your game. for inspiration go to http://www.animeplus.tv and scroll down to the following shows Pretty Cure PC Max Heart PC Splash Star Yes Pretty Cure 5 YPC5 GoGo! Fresh PreCure Heartcatch PreCure Suite PreCure Smile PreCure Doki Doki Precure Happiness Charge PreCure GO! Princess PreCure Pretty Rythym Aurora Dream Puella Magi Madoka Magica Or, if You're a old school Shoujo Otaku the Following; Magic Knights Rayearth Pretear[shojo reinmagining of Snow White] Cardcaptor Sakura[Known in the US as CARDCAPTORS] Sailor Moon[original anime seasons from SMR to SMSStars or PGSM live action ] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[Live action] Pretty Guardian SailorMoon Crystal [More Faithful to the manga than to the Original anime] The Winx Club[Currently shown on NICK] Ojamajo Doremi[Magical Doremi in the US] Tokyo Mew Mew[Mew Mew Power in the US] and make sure that their stats are in either 5th or 6th ed HERO. Good Luck Gurus :cool: :cool: :king: :king:
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    [fiction, Champions/M&M) War of the Dimensions

    OMG!!! This is superheroing on a Cosmic Scale!!
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    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    Any One interested in creating the Pretty Cure[aka Glitter Force] in the Americas or leaving them in Japan?
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    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    YE GODS!!! Talk about a Major league Rouges Gallery , think you can bring up a Team to combat them?
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    Policy for Fan Fiction

    Just go to the following Fanfiction sites to get some ideas http://www.fanfiction.net http://authornation.com Truthfully if you created your PCs in your campaign then they're yours just make sure that you copyrighted them or they'll be snatched by someone else. There are other fanfiction sites that feature Champions Stories that may or may not be based on established Marvel Characters from the comics. Just Google " Spectrum Comics" and You'll find the site. good luck.
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    WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Here's Mine: TOYBOX: Young woman who uses toys and novelties to commit crimes or battle crime[depends on which side you put her on] King SLINKY: Body's a human slinky,uses any part of his body to ko anyone who gets in his way .Uses Stoodgitsu to comedic effect with his limbs. SWEETOOTH: Uses explosive candy to commit crimes or KO criminals [Again a switchable Character]. Lady ROUNDUP: Uses Rodeo tricks and cowboy gear to trip up criminals[Out and Out Hero not suited to the shinanigans of CLOWN]
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    WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    If memory serves me right since I had a copy of CLASSIC ORGANIZATIONS the muscular dude with the "T" is called TAG on the basis that when you touch a victim and say "Tag! You're It!" He comes over and pounds the dude to jello. literally.
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    WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Hope You include Their HQ and Vehicle.
  12. PhantomGM2602

    Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    Hope you included the original Three CLOWNS or Newer Versions of them.
  13. Here is the place where all players in this club intro themselves and their PCs for the TEAM Alpha Campaign game . If you all created your PCs please intro yourselves as you PC or the Characters selected in the main topic. HERE are the Characters you can choose for the campaign: Prince SAGA The Tomorrow Teen: The son of the Tomorrow Man who was kidnapped by the CIA in attempt to control SUPREMOR but was rescued by PRIMUS and SAGA and inducted into TA's Beta program. Powers: Flight[with Super Speed], Super Strength[lifts 90,0000 mega-kilotons,from a Tank to a cruise Liner] , Vision Powers[ X-ray, Telescope, Microscope, Heat Ray, Chrono Vision or Tomorrow Vision] Breath Powers [Wind storm & ice] Invulnerability[ Diamond Hard Skin] Weakness: Dark Matter,Magic, Anti-Matter radiation LIBERTY The American Girl Once an abused child, being beaten daily by a homicidal step- father, was given the body and powers of the American Girl via a wishing globe gifted to her by DreamStar. Powers: Flight[w supersonic Speed] Super Strength[690000 Kilotons, the weight of a battleship] Invulnerability Weakness: Magic Hunted: Stepfather[less POW] Tempest Son Of The Storm Grandson of The Original Maelstrom of the Protectors He was recommended by the Protectors when his powers manifested during a battle with VIPER. Presently on tryout status on TEAM ALPHA Powers Weather manipulation Lightning bolt[EB] Thunderbolt [EB w/PNT] Rain/Ice Generation [Change enviroment: Climate] Flight[W/wind generation] Vul[Adverse Climate change]
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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Watched Marvel's Runaways on HULU plus, also The Inhumans, The Gifted and Agents of Shield, also by Marvel.
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    Retro Styled Campaign

    Methinks He was talking about SUPERFRIENDS than Happy Days,Laverne & Shirley or the Waltons.
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    Thanks for the info guys. BTW I've created a PBP campaign club here ,feel free to join in.
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    Hero System 5th Edition

    I prefer the 5th when i'm doing PBP or PBEM on the forums.
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    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    It's Already in Theaters right now!
  19. PhantomGM2602

    The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    NO duh !Looks like the big cheeses are now a house of cards with all the scandals goin' on.
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    Hero System 5th Edition

    Homie I'm using the 5th ed in my online PBP campaigns here and in RPonline.
  21. Team Alpha is a teen Champions RPG that will be played PBP or PBEM [Play By EMail] whichever is your preference. There are a few rules to adhere to when playing this campaign: [A] Dramatic rp: This is a Comic book RPG so please keep your opinions OOC when playing your PC In other words post as your PC would speak in the imagined comic series. Player Insight: Don't just play along with the game ,offer your own opinions to the adventure and also, add a few ideas to the game or input them to the GM. [C] IC Dialogue: When the GM speaks in the voices of the villian or NPC please respond, but DON'T Use profanity in this PBP game. This is a PG-13 rated campaign and I want to keep it that way,anyone who violates this rule will be removed from membership and his PC demoted to NPC by the GM. If however anyone have a suggestion please post in the OC column. [D] Above all, HAVE FUN!! We're supposed to simulate the comics so make sure that you enjoy yourselves as your PCs. Above all input your ideas to the GM for every adventure that you play in this campaign. any idea that you input will be inserted into the campaign.
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    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    I've just set up a rpg here on the clubs section I'll put in the COD campaign with background and all the bells and whistles,
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    Iron Man Mark 06 (836pts)

  24. PhantomGM2602

    Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    If You guys are going for the Silver age I would humbly suggest modelin' your champs PCs on the Swingin' 60's. Check out the book HERO A GO-GO! at Two morrows publishing .com http:www.twomorrows.com It might give you some ideas for a swingin' Champions Campiagn.