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  1. marediv

    How to build Loki

    Some powers. Sorry did not reread before I posted.
  2. marediv

    How to build Loki

    Well mental and illusions are zone powers. Possible teleportation and dimension travel. A blast and his knives. I am thinking possibly a alternate Loki. Same basic powers he has but not really resentful of Thor and Odin.
  3. marediv

    How to build Loki

    Any one seen any builds online I could use as a reference?
  4. marediv

    How to build Loki

    I agree with all you said. This is my first time actually making a character so I am not sure exactly how to build him or his multiplayer and such.
  5. marediv

    How to build Loki

    I am trying to build Loki and would like suggestions unless someone has built him already. I will be playing him in a upcoming game. 400 point build so a younger Loki. Also not really bad somewhat more of a hero. Any help would be appreciated.