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  1. ooh, I have those cardboard minis somewhere. I will have to go look for them now. The mystery deepens!
  2. Ran Champions for the first time in a year or so yesterday. Used Holocaust as the big bad for the session. Made me wonder when the first appearance was of his stats. I mean, I know he is the villain on the front cover of the original Champions book (and the cover of the original Enemies book) but unless I am mistaken, he was not named nor given a writeup until years later. I found a rumor online saying that his writeup was in an issue of Adventurer's Club. I have a lot of those magazines, but couldn't find him in there anywhere. Anyone have any leads on his real "first appearance?" Also for purposes of the Sunday game I changed his name to Vanguard. I concluded that Holocaust was a touch too insensitive for my taste.
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