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  1. jrclarkiii

    Holocaust first appearance

    ooh, I have those cardboard minis somewhere. I will have to go look for them now. The mystery deepens!
  2. jrclarkiii

    Holocaust first appearance

    Ran Champions for the first time in a year or so yesterday. Used Holocaust as the big bad for the session. Made me wonder when the first appearance was of his stats. I mean, I know he is the villain on the front cover of the original Champions book (and the cover of the original Enemies book) but unless I am mistaken, he was not named nor given a writeup until years later. I found a rumor online saying that his writeup was in an issue of Adventurer's Club. I have a lot of those magazines, but couldn't find him in there anywhere. Anyone have any leads on his real "first appearance?" Also for purposes of the Sunday game I changed his name to Vanguard. I concluded that Holocaust was a touch too insensitive for my taste.
  3. I am coming back to Hero Designer after many years away and just bought the v6 updated version. I am trying to set up a custom export template for a combat summary sheet for Heroic characters. I am having some problems that I hope you kind folks can help me with. 1) Under the "Attacks section" Hand-to-Hand damage does not seem to be adding to Str damage as either a Power or Equipment (see Fist Loads 1 & 2) in the attached character. I am using the <!--EQUIPMENT_DMG--> and <!--POWER_DMG--> tags. 2) Under the Attacks section, Str Min does not appear to be adding Str to attack damage as either a Power or Equipment. (see Clubs 1, 2, 3 and 4) Using the same tags as above. 3) Under the Combat Skill Levels section, the OCV levels bought under a Compound Power do not seem to be showing up when using the <!--COMBAT_LEVELS--> tags. It does appear when it is under a list. See Clubs 2 and 4. Do I need to do a query to open up Compound Powers there? 4) Why are Combat Skill Levels showing up as an Attack power/equipment in the Attacks section? 5) Is there any way to pull in the actual Combat Skill Level bonuses from a Compound power into the OCV/DCV columns under the Attacks sections? Thanks in advance. JC 5e Crossways Combat Sheet 20170912 RTF.hde 20170912 Magic Club guy.hdc
  4. Will there be any official Hero Games presence at Gen Con this year? I believe that in previous years Hero has been in the Indie Press Revolution booth. I was thinking of picking up some of the print-on-demand books, but was wondering if there will be any for sale at the show.
  5. jrclarkiii

    I'm in Indianapolis

    Hi Lucius, I am in the Indianapolis area and I'm thinking about running a Hero campaign soon. Send me an e-mail and we can chat if you are interested. crosswaysgm@sbcglobal.net aka John!