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  1. Houston Narcotics Officer Lies To Get "No-Knock Warrant"--Shootings And Deaths Result
  2. Okay, it's been a week, so I'm going to call it in favor of death tribble. Both entries were good, I just liked the name Stupendor Cat better. Thank You both. DT, the honor is yours.
  3. That's a possibility--although I was thinking more along the lines of Dr. Strangelove than I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. The whole world being haunted by the dead of all humanity would be the real threat to the PCs, one they cannot deal with by punching it into submission. And if an evil necromancer finds his way to that world, and if he could tap into all that necrotic spirit energy---he could rule supreme over a great number of worlds.
  4. World Of The Nightmare In this reality the Cold War erupted into a full-on nuclear exchange in 1964, culminating in the detonation by the Soviet Union of several 100-megaton cobalt-jacketed bombs that shrouded the world in deadly fallout. The only survivors are those who went deep underground beneath the Rocky Mountains into specially prepared shelters*, and that's where they've been for the past fifty-five years, cooling their heels and waiting for the radiation to diminish to safer levels. Quarters have gotten cramped over the decades, and tensions have gotten rather high as a result. But that's not the worst thing this world has to offer. The souls of all those billions of men, women and children who died by violence still walk this world, and their greatest desire is to inflict their eternal agony upon the living. While there are no flesh-eating walking corpses, the wailing of the spirits can be heard by anyone who ventures into the ruined world aboveground, and their cries slowly but surely drive anyone to madness. Recently the psychic force of all those tormented spirits has begun to weaken the barriers between dimensions, and soon those millions of souls could find themselves upon another world, ready and eager to inflict their eternal hatred upon the living. *There are also shelters deep underground in Australia, but the shelters in America have no contact with them--or indeed, know they exist.
  5. "If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely. . .A legend. . ."---Henri Ducard, Batman Begins
  6. The only thing missing from this video is the Blue Max theme--
  7. So I take it the Houyhnhnms are in majority, then?
  8. I seem to remember there were more than a few Kim Possible fans around here back in the day--heck, Michael Surbrook wrote her up in HERO on his site. So it should interest more than some around here that there is a live-action Kim Possible made-for-Disney movie coming this Saturday, and from what I see of the preview video-- it looks like a really good deal. There's a scene at about 0:55 where Shego uses her energy blast power for flight--something I don't remember from the cartoons, but it's a neat trick. The movie premieres this Saturday (2-16) at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT--time enough to plan a watch party, or set your Tivos/DVRs, or VHSs if you're really old school. Or you could hire a team of artists to create detailed flipbooks. That's the sitch, folks. See you Saturday.
  9. Could this be the story that finally turns Trump's supporters against him? Because this story ain't gonna do it, I'm sure. . .
  10. If anyone deserved a punch in the mouth. . .
  11. New Heinlein Manuscript To Be Published
  12. A dream come true, perhaps?
  13. The picture. The picture has a cat.
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