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  1. wcw43921

    Funny pics

  2. Have they said why they're not voting? Surely they have a reason. It may not be a good reason, but still. . .
  3. wcw43921

    A Thread For All Things Creepy And/Or Scary

    For maximum effect, put this on your big screen.
  4. wcw43921

    In other news...

    Could Gene Roddenberry Have Been Right About The Eugenics Wars?
  5. wcw43921

    Babylon 5 Spoilers

    The Comet TV network is adding Babylon 5 to its lineup of SF B-movies, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, and Johnny Sokko. In the words of the prophet--check your local listings for time and channel. I disagree about Tracy Scoggins. I found myself wishing that she and Claudia Christian could both be on the show. Then Ivanova and Lochley could have gotten together with Delenn and said to Sheridan, "You guys are handling this telepath thing all wrong. You should let us take over the matter."
  6. wcw43921

    In other news...

    Fireworks don't count as art? Because that involves blowing stuff up, and just about every fireworks display I've seen was thoroughly artistic.
  7. This was my idea--keep the process as it is now; the President selects a nominee for appointment, and the Senate either confirms or denies it. Should the appointment be confirmed, the Judge would serve a minimum of eight years, and in the next election cycle this proposition is placed on the ballot--"Should Judge (insert name here) Retain A Seat On The Supreme Court?" If the voters say "YES" the Judge gets to stay another eight years. If the voters say "NO" the Judge leaves the bench and the nominating process begins again. This would give the voters more of a say in who sits on the bench, without the polarizing effect of a judicial candidate having to campaign for the office as chief executives and legislators must campaign for theirs. Special interest groups could campaign for or against their retention, of course, but the Judges would at least have a chance to stand on their record, rather than running against an opponent in an election. Hope that helps.
  8. I would wager that some of those M&Ms are the peanut kind.
  9. wcw43921

    Random Television Quotes

    "Great Zeus!" "Olympia!" "Newton?" "That's me! That's me!"
  10. wcw43921

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for mankind”--Horace Mann
  11. wcw43921

    Funny pics

  12. wcw43921

    Guns and Ammo

    Both of you provided really great answers. Thank You.
  13. wcw43921

    Guns and Ammo

    Since this is the Guns and Ammo thread, I hope nobody minds if I interject a question-- Just what is the difference between .38 and .380 caliber? The way I learned it in school, thirty-eight hundredths and three-hundred-eighty thousandths were one and the same number. So what differentiates the two as ammunition?
  14. wcw43921

    The original Guardians from Champions I-III

    Was there ever an origin for him? I like knowing these things.