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  1. wcw43921

    Supers Image game

    Zenith X In an underground cavern on a small island just off the Mediterranean coast of France, Armand Clermont---millionaire playboy, sportsman, Tour De France contender, occasional TV actor and the star of his own reality show (Armand, Veuillez être le mien or Armand, Please Be Mine, where eight beautiful women competed for the honor of being his girlfriend) found an ancient wooden chest inscribed with Greek letters and the image of a lute carved into the lid--the best known symbol of the Olympian god Apollo. Inside the chest was a magnificent bow made of some strange material he couldn't recognize. The moment he took up the bow a drawstring appeared, which looked to made of pure sunlight, and an arrow which looked to be made of gold materialized in the bow, nocked and ready to draw. No stranger to the bow and arrow, Clermont took aim at a remote point in the cavern and let fly. The arrow impacted exactly where Clermont meant it to go, and exploded in a bright burst of sunlight that briefly turned the dark cavern to brightest day---and then the arrow materialized in the bow once more. Clermont took the bow home and experimented with its use. He discovered that just by thinking about it he could make the arrow strike with concussive force, light enough to knock a man down or strong enough to knock down a stone wall or knock over a tank. Or he could make the arrow hot as the sun itself, able to cut through the strongest steel like the proverbial warm knife through butter. Or he could make the arrow explode in a blinding flash, able to incapacitate one or more adversaries simultaneously. But the most important aspect of the bow that he discovered was that no matter how distant or minuscule the target, the arrow would always find its mark. Clermont had heard of costumed adventurers who turned out to be millionaire playboys in their civilian lives, so he decided to carry on that particular tradition. Calling himself Zenith X--a name that was distinctive, unmistakable, and most important, trademarkable---he had a costume made up and started chasing muggers and street thugs, then worked his way up to bank robbers, terrorists, and other lawbreakers with even greater potential for danger. With contact lenses to change the color of his eyes and a ponytailed wig to cover his dark hair, he has managed to conceal his true identity from prying eyes and inquisitive minds---so far. Clermont could not get very far as Zenith X without some rather significant help from two important people. The first is Genevieve Janvier, a former girlfriend who is now a senior detective with the Police Nationale. She provides him with leads and access to information and resources, and in return she gets the credit for the arrests precipitated by his actions. The other person who helps him is Frederico "Rico" Bartoletti, an old school friend who Clermont rescued from a situation involving a gorgeous yet angry debutante, her equally gorgeous aunt, their light duty maid, and the maid's husband. ("As the Americans like to say--It's Complicated.") Unable to return to his native Italy, Rico now chauffeurs Zenith X around France in their custom sports car--Le Corsaire--and provides backup when the situation gets especially dangerous--although given a choice, he would rather be far away from the danger, not rushing towards it. As Zenith X, Clermont has proved himself to be an effective crimefighter and a brave and able hero. He has received several offers from European superteams to join with them, and is strongly considering the offer from the French team Les Defenseurs. Whatever happens, Zenith X promises to be a relentless and stalwart ally in the war against evil for a long time to come.
  2. wcw43921

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    You have to remember--that came from a time when kids actually played with their toys.
  3. wcw43921

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    "When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death - that is heroism."--Robert Green Ingersoll
  4. wcw43921

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    The British didn't abolish the monarchy after the signing of the Magna Carta, and they didn't abolish the monarchy after the English Civil War. Heck, they actually brought back the monarchy after Cromwell. And they didn't abolish the monarchy after the death of Diana, and the institution was taken down half a dozen notches for not being "caring enough." What makes you think they're going to abolish the monarchy now?
  5. wcw43921

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Honestly, I think they should have recast Jane Foster like they did Bruce Banner and James Rhodes. Not only was she important to Thor's character development, she seemed to have an intuitive understanding of the intersection between science and magic-- Jane Foster: That's a quantum field generator isn't it? Eir: It's a soul forge. Jane Foster: Does a soul forge transfer molecular energy from one place to another? Eir: [surprised] Yes. Jane Foster: [to Thor, quietly pleased] Quantum field generator. That proved useful in Thor: The Dark World (from which the above is taken) and it could have proved useful in Infinity War. Perhaps she could appear in Avengers 4 with an idea as to how to put the universe back together.
  6. wcw43921

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    “The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.” –Martian Manhunter
  7. wcw43921


    For some reason? Like maybe seeing the Black Panther movie more than once?
  8. Meanwhile--in Georgia--this is happening.
  9. wcw43921

    In other news...

    This sounds like the premise of a Futurama episode-- "Good News, Everyone! I've discovered the oldest oxygen in the universe, in a galaxy far, far away! Thirteen billion light-years to be exact. How's about you expendable idi--I mean essential crew members pop over there and bring it home for me?" "Old oxygen? Wouldn't that smell all dank and musty--like the Professor's slippers?" "Actually, the vintage oxygen market is quite lucrative. Collectors and air connoisseurs pay millions for the really old stuff--the older the better!" "Millions, you say ? This bending unit has definitely got to get some of that action!" "I thought robots didn't use oxygen. It promotes rust!" "Rust ain't a problem for me since I got my new rustproofing upgrade. The next time I tell you to bite my shiny metal ass, you can be assured that it's rust free!" "Good to know!"
  10. Could It Work? SHOULD It Work???
  11. wcw43921

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    Nope. The Hoff as Nick Fury was an actual thing. It did have some fairly nifty moments in it though--I liked their designs for the Helicarrier and the HYDRA agents. Some of them were in these German-style uniforms with peaked kepis and masks that covered everything, even the eyes, while some were MIB types in suits with grey skin and dark glasses. But then, you had The Hoff as Fury. Bruce Willis would have been a better choice, but I doubt they could afford him at that point. Still, it was better than I expected it would be.
  12. wcw43921

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    And people complain about Wonder Woman's costume.
  13. wcw43921

    Happy Star Wars Month!

    In the continuing celebration of Star Wars Month, I ask that you all note that today (May 14th) is George Lucas' 74th Birthday. In addition to viewing any of the Star Wars movies, it is also nifty to view THX-1138 or American Graffiti as a way to celebrate the filmmaker who changed just about everything--even if it was pretty much by accident. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way. And if I had the chance to say it to his face, I would say--"Thank You Always, Sir." I hope you all would say the same.
  14. wcw43921

    RIP: Margot Kidder

    With apologies to Kate Bosworth, Erica Durance, Amy Adams, and (at the risk of committing fandom heresy) Noel Neill--RIP to the Best Lois Lane Ever.
  15. wcw43921

    Lost genre's?

    Comedy seems to be a lost genre with regards to RPGs. As mentioned earlier in the thread, Paranoia is making a comeback, but TOON? Ghostbusters? Teenagers From Outer Space? Nobody seems interested in thoroughly unserious roleplaying.