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  1. wcw43921

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."---Winston Churchill
  2. wcw43921

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    "Heroes are selfless people who perform extraordinary acts. The mark of heroes is not necessarily the result of their action, but what they are willing to do for others and for their chosen cause. Even if they fail, their determination lives on for others to follow. The glory lies not in the achievement, but in the sacrifice."― Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
  3. wcw43921

    Creepy Pics.

    Depends on how patient the kid can be. I'm always amazed at the child actors who play aliens or zombies--that sort of makeup can take hours to apply, and one has to be completely still through the whole process.
  4. wcw43921

    Random Television Quotes

    "Still going. Nothing outlasts The Energizer. It keeps going and going and going and going. . ."
  5. wcw43921

    Supers Image game

    Smoke Almost nothing is known about the true identity of this woman, capable of transforming into living smoke to evade capture or penetrate any but the most secure buildings or enclosures. She was, at one time, an assassin, with a reputation for reaching targets very few others could touch. Then--for reasons as mysterious as her origin--she changed her modus operandi completely, going from killer-for-hire to just plain killer. No one knows how she chooses her targets, except they appear to be predominantly in law enforcement--local and state police, federal agents, PRIMUS and UNTIL agents--and superheroes. A favorite tactic of hers is to stalk her target until they come in conflict with a criminal or supervillain, then kill the target's opponent as the battle ensues, thereby "saving" the target. She will then confront the target days or even weeks later and say this-- "You owe me your life. I'm here to collect the debt." No one knows when she will stop--or even if she can be stopped. All law enforcement can do is wait for her next strike.
  6. wcw43921

    Random Television Quotes

    "Perhaps you would be happier in another job."
  7. Michael Brown's Mother Running For Office In Ferguson
  8. wcw43921

    Star Trek 4

    Well, I like the new movies and Chris Pine's performance as Kirk--and while I don't think we needed to see Kirk's father again, I do think the next movie would suffer without Kirk's presence. I hope they can come to terms.
  9. wcw43921

    Treating A Centaur Heart Attack

    And of course, the EPs gained from the kill would have nothing to do with it. . .
  10. wcw43921

    In other news...

    Wish I had heard about that story! Oh, wait---
  11. Okay--have any of YOU put this much thought into a centaur's anatomy?
  12. Female Veterans Running For Congress
  13. wcw43921

    Random Television Quotes

    "That will be the day!"
  14. wcw43921

    Random Television Quotes

  15. wcw43921

    In other news...

    Small comfort to him, I'm sure.