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  1. MagePro

    Change Environment Area

    AWESOME! That's just want I needed. Your timing is perfect gents.
  2. MagePro

    Change Environment Area

    OK, so page 91 of NON-Revised Edition. The Revised Ed moved things around quite a bit. Any idea where it is in the Revised Ed?
  3. MagePro

    Change Environment Area

    Astromath, is this documented someplace in FRed?
  4. MagePro

    Change Environment Area

    How is the line calculated, count the number of hexes the radius covers and put that into a straight line? What about if taken with Mega-scale? Monstrous!
  5. Sweet! Good choice of forum software! Now everyone can continue their political bashing while I attend to more computer stuff! LoL!
  6. Not bad. Wonder if there is a future option for the detailed suspension coming later. I was looking over the Invision features and didn't see a 'coming soon' section. I'd love to see that someday. How do you set the timed interval of suspension? Is it calendar based or a drop down list like week, month, 3 months, etc?
  7. Strange that it should have a place in gaming, but for the sake of testing... Also, does the Admin rights allow banning from a discussion group or topic or is it for the whole forum? That type of granularity would be amazing!
  8. Simon, You are amazing!! I think we had PM'ed about this some time ago. I check back to look to see if someone had done a 5th ed version of Plasmoid in HD and I find this. It's almost 11 at night and I am so happy and now I can't sleep. I can finally use HD on my biz wiz laptop with the insane rez.