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  1. starblaze

    Wild Wild West (TV Series)

    Scratch that looks like that accident took him out of acting. Pity.
  2. starblaze

    Wild Wild West (TV Series)

    I would love to see a team up comic maybe with Brisco and West. Actually Robert Conrad's age would work out fine since WWW was set in post Civil War and Brisco County is turn of the century.
  3. starblaze

    Who’s on the cover of Enemies 1?

    Yeah, he is basically Magneto without the whole anti hero thing going. He is a villain through and through.
  4. starblaze

    Lost genre's?

    Basic Action Games came out with Honor & Intrigue, a rather good swashbuckling game. It is based on the Barbarians of Lemuria game.
  5. I have just moved to the Two Rivers/Manitowoc area and would like to get a Champions gsme going on here. Either 4th or 5th edition, haven't quite decided on the setting.
  6. Why does every character have normal cha maxima?
  7. starblaze

    Random Television Quotes

    "It is not logical but it is often true"
  8. starblaze

    Blast From The Past! Ninja Hero (4th Edition) PDF

    Back in the day this was the must have book for Champions
  9. starblaze

    Two antagonist ideas.

    This reminds me of Demon Flux from the 4th edition version of Demon. They were the face group that looked like a magical VIPER but where really just a front.
  10. starblaze

    Sailor Senshi in Hudson City

    Street magic from Shadows of the City had magic in it, although it was dark evil ritualistic magic.
  11. starblaze

    Sailor Senshi in Hudson City

    So how does a team of magic girls handle the urban abyss?
  12. starblaze

    Guns Are Too Slow in Hero

    What is your initiative system? I would be interested.
  13. starblaze

    Champions Universe Timeline from 2010 - Present?

    Digital Hero has a Star Hero adventure called the Helmet of Dr. Destroyer. It deals with the ultimate fate of Dr. D.
  14. starblaze

    Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    Always liked the whining Oculan.
  15. starblaze

    Deadman's Heromachine Archive