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  1. Grailknight

    In other news...

    I think it more that the bunnies are doing that other thing that bunnies are famous for . The cigarette is just piling on.
  2. Grailknight

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I'll second this. I just watched 2 more of his videos and they both were as balanced and informative as this one.
  3. The OP wants a method to do a little extra damage on an Ice SFX to a target that has been hit by their Water SFX earlier. Well let's go into detail on the methods then. First let's make one minor change to the condition here. Let's not use target struck by my Water SFX, let's use target that is wet. This way the OP's original conditions still apply and it covers cases where the target is wet from other sources. Now this gives us +Xd6 blast vs wet targets only (-1/4 ) This way all targets are equally affected by the attacker who paid for the power but not by the other members of Ice SFX Union 1038. We can use Drain by linking it to the OP's Water SFX and specifying that it causes reduced defenses vs ICE SFX. This will be costly but is probably the best way to have the target take extra damage from not only the power's possessor but also all the ICE SFX wielding buddies. It also must target either PD or ED or become even more expensive. We can use Transform but we run into costing problems. Minor transforms can't change the nature of the target which is what has to be done to give extra damage. This means it will be a Major or Severe Transform and will cost more than the Drain( This would probably be true even if you used a Minor.) It does let all the Ice SFX buddies have a shot though and avoids the PD/ED problem. Now lets apply that increased effect. Hmm, the only rules for this would be Vulnerability which would be 1.5x(Major IMO) or 2x(Severe) Damage which is probably more than the OP intended. You could say it does +Xd6 but there's that paragraph on CC, page 93 that says not to use Transform to add dice, use the original power. Of course if you feel it's necessary, you can use GM fiat. There may be other methods but these are the three that spring to my mind. Use whichever makes most sense to you as a GM for your campaign.
  4. Archer and Norm have the best way I can think of already. It's simple and straightforward extra damage with a condition. Don't make your life harder than it is.
  5. Grailknight

    In other news...

    Yeah, this could do a lot of bad things to the Florida Panhandle and SE Alabama. North and South Carolina are also going to be hit with more rain in areas that may not be fully drained from Florence. I'm not seeing a big increase in traffic on I10 as I expected for an evacuation. Thankfully this one has missed us here. It not even raining and the sun is peeking out of the overcast.
  6. Grailknight

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    The extra game was to decide the division winners. losers got to be wildcards.
  7. Grailknight

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I imagine Trump could withdraw his support if he thinks that'll get him the best PR and the Repubs would just vote not to confirm. Kavanaugh would just fade from the public eye having used his 15 minutes of fame. He's not on trial for a crime, he's just interviewing for a job.
  8. Grailknight

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Saw My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes. It takes place between seasons 2 and 3 . Deku and the rest of Class 1-A go to the I-Island Science and Powers Expo where they encounter friends from All Might's past and foil an attack by terrorists.
  9. Grailknight

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    So win your division outright and avoid all this.
  10. Grailknight

    College Football 2018-19

    That's going too far.
  11. Grailknight

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    You have to report and play at least part of the season or your contract rolls over to the next year. He was hoping to show he was at the top of his game so he could be traded.
  12. Grailknight


    Too many changes for the sake of angst.
  13. It's a slightly slanted repeat of the Wonder Woman casting. Gadot wasn't considered "hot" enough by a portion of the fanbase. Larson faces the same problematic opinions as there are more tall blonde actresses that look the part .
  14. Grailknight

    College Football 2018-19

    That's all traditions of the Corp of Cadets. The guys in white are "yell leaders" and Yell practice is just a pep rally held a midnight on the day before games( I suspect it was started to keep the student body on campus on Friday nights and out of Bryan/College Station) All these started back when it was an all male military school. Other fun facts, the school admitted blacks before it admitted women.(again military) It's still the country's largest military school even though the Corp is only 5% of the student body. All the food consumed on campus is grown by the school except for soft drinks
  15. Grailknight

    College Football 2018-19

    That's natural. Why you hate Aggies tho?