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  1. I can't comment on this movie without risking falling to the Dark Side.
  2. Free equipment is far more unbalancing in a Fantasy setting than a Modern one. Buying spells and powers while others get weapons for free is a character tax on combat effectiveness and I've seen very few games where a character can afford to be useless in combat rather than outside of it.
  3. I think Sansa ends up with the man she was originally married to.
  4. Very missed point. That Martial DC adds to all martial maneuvers except Block and Dodge. How much would you pay for an Aid to STR, NND, Flash and KB(for target falls)? Conversely, that +5 STR is not what it used to be. It no longer gives REC, Stun or Leaping. I agree with you reasoning but not with your limitation values. You are pricing in a vacuum. Characters who have these constructs are using them as their main powers with no disadvantage to them that is not shared by constructs that lack them.
  5. Martial DC's are also under priced. They should be somewhere between 6 and 8 points.
  6. I pretty much agree with all of these but I make an exception for Deadly Blow. As written, with the official rulings I've seen on how it works, it is the most broken construct in the game IMO. It is less expensive than the power it supplements, it adds to the base damage of KA but is not subject to all of the relevant advantages. By adding to the base damage, it enables bypassing the doubling rule (if you play with that option) and it is a talent and thus cannot be drained, suppressed, restrained or even detected without making a custom power. If the cost was raised and it was subject to doubling, I would consider it balanced. As it is, it is just the power the mechanic invented by the game designer to make his favorite type of character.
  7. I have to agree with Doc Democracy here. This is effectively a Multiple Power Attack and can easily become too useful and abusive. In fact the rules of 5th and 6th specifically forbid using a Multipower in this way. For example, adding area affect let's you heal all allies and damage all enemies on a battlefield with one action. The "randomness" being built in makes the Selective Advantage unnecessary and functions as a Detect after the effect.
  8. It's the simplest way of doing common speedster tricks like running up the side of buildings or across a body of water. With Flight as opposed to Running you don't fall or sink.
  9. Hmmm, you've ruled out three of the most common tropes here but these two still come to mind. Revenge - Somebody, be they government, corporate or individual has got to pay! Revolution - Things have got to change! It could be destroying the world, culling the population/technology to save the environment or converting everyone into programs in a VR environment but society will be different or else!
  10. Shang-Chi was at its best in the Gulacy storylines where he was an MI-6 agent.
  11. Wilt Chamberlain"s corpse spins in its grave when you say thing like that.
  12. It's the difference between building with Heroic or Superheroic campaign assumptions. Heroic is more complicated (as concerns weapons) because more conditions are placed on the powers/builds to emulate realism.
  13. QB success is hit or miss. The point in his favor is that he has 5 QB's that are currently in the NFL. I wouldn't have hired him(above QB coach) but the NFL is looking for the hot young offensive minds right now.
  14. Minor correction because it concerns my School. Kingsbury was at TAMU but it was as OC under Sumlin with Manziel as QB. He took the HC job at Tech and while he had a losing record, he does have a decent rep as a QB whisperer as he worked with case Keenum(UH), Manziel(TAMU) and Davis Webb,Baker Mayfield and Mahomes at TT.
  15. With some qualifications on usage, it's generally not necessary to buy a separate power to make a weapon or shield. You buy the power , the weapon is just a special effect.You would use Advantages and Disadvantages to further customize the power. Base power- Only you can use it. If you can hand it to a buddy then UBO. If it can be taken then Focus. If it can be disarmed or broken but not truly kept away from you then Physical Manifestation.
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