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  1. Grailknight

    securing a base

    .Give the base a triggered extra-dimensional movement UBO, that only affects things that enter using extra-dimensional movement. Or make it invisible or dark to senses with extra-dimensional.
  2. Grailknight

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    I actually made it to Season 3 before I had to drop LoT. I could take the cheese if it were consistent but it has a habit of killing off main characters that's too prevalent(IMO) in a lighthearted show and the level of stupid equals the Flash's bad episodes even in LoT's good ones. It's like a Scooby -doo mystery level of seriousness with adult interactions and actual deaths.
  3. Grailknight

    Adjustment Power Framework Thoughts

    Sveta give a very thorough and well reasoned answer to your question so I'll be short with my add-ons. Stretching would be the best way to add range. Doing it through Mind Link requires you to make it a Mental power. The positive adjustment powers (Aid, Succor, et al) are UOO by default so there is no difficulty your character using them to bolster others. But if I understand you, you want to move powers between characters who are not you' which will require UBO and then actions on the part of the other parties. Or it will require all things to go through you which will take two actions on your part , one for transfer and another for granting to a third party. Doable, but END intensive and necessitating a higher SPD to accomplish things. While Characteristics are easily done(most things have them), you cannot Adjust a power the target does not possess, So while you can modify a target STR or DEX (for example) you can't aid a Blast unless your the target already has the power or you grant it by UBO Transfer first. That's all that comes to mind right away. I'll add more if I think of something new.
  4. Grailknight

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    Yeah, Cano had a pretty good HOF case before this but that's probably gone now. It'll depend on whether he's believed about the the drug he took being all he took. Furosemide (lasik) is mainly used a a diuretic by heart patients. I take it twice per day to keep my fluids down but abusers use it for masking other drugs and weight loss. He says he had a legit prescription but he's not appealing and admitted the use. Kinda destroys the Mariners season but does save them 11.5 million in salary out of his 24+ million this year.
  5. Grailknight

    The Academics Thread

    She probably got all four in some families with a few stepgrams for good measure.
  6. Grailknight

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Just like the original comics.
  7. Grailknight

    Hacking Field & Powerful Radar

    Which anime are you referencing to? I'll try to help but I need more information and detail and if I've watched the show I can get a better feel for what you want.
  8. Grailknight

    Should anime hero be its own thing?

    Great idea and I'd buy it but that name is kinda taken and the rights might be kinda expensive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Hero_Academia
  9. The went up slightly. Biggest change was All Combat/Skills became 10 points while overall became 12 points.
  10. Never a debate for me. NCM is a Disadvantage/Complication in a Supers game after all.
  11. Grailknight

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    People don't really wear all polyesther clothes nowadays, this was in 1980. Cotton and wool blend will still fall apart from it but usually in the wash.
  12. Grailknight

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    It's not explosive on its own though but you can do bad things with the pure stuff. In addition to nail polish, it'll dissolve most plastics and polyesters. Had an incident in freshman chem lab where a young lady spilled it all over herself and melted her clothes and underwear in about 30 seconds. Our TA nobly sacrificed his lab coat so she could go to her dorm and change. Luckily it doesn't do skin that quickly and she was unhurt but except for the real life trauma of being naked in class.
  13. Grailknight

    Things not covered/addressed in Hero

    Not since 5th edition really. The return on the points invested isn't worth the concept and drawbacks.
  14. Grailknight

    Things not covered/addressed in Hero

    Fixing Growth and to a lesser extent the other Size powers. Currently, Growth is just a kludge of templates. It works in theory but no one takes it as a power IME.
  15. Grailknight

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Damage over Time: It's awesome for simulating the crushing damage of being buried and the best way to do poisons but it can really munchkin quickly. Advantage stacking: Plus 1 in advantages on a power is usually balanced, plus 4 or more is usually a monstrosity.