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  1. DreadDomain

    Champions Now Information

    Oh, I know why it's based on 3E. I still don't see how it makes good business sense. That it originates from 3E or 6E might be a moot point depending on how far it departs from the source material and if it becomes its own thing.
  2. DreadDomain

    Champions Now Information

    Personally I still struggle to understand why it makes good business sense to build Champions Now on 3E. Isn't 6E supposed to be the Ultimate Toolkit to build a game, your game, with the feel you want, with that "thing" you want? Wouldn't Champions Now have been a great opportunity to demonstrate just that? I am speaking a bit in a vacuum here since I haven't seen the Beta document. Any idea where I can access it?
  3. Ah, good thing it's not what it is at all then 😉
  4. I love GURPS, it's one of the best system out there... but this comment is quite funny nonetheless 😀
  5. DreadDomain

    Personal Omnibus Editions

    Fantastic covers! Personally I would get rid of the black frame for Cyber HERO but your cover for Horror HERO is brilliant. Shame that I do not have access to either Horror HERO, Western HERO (nor GURPS Old West). I have hardcopies in boxes in Canada but do not have PDF (I believe they do not exist yet).
  6. It is actually a much easier question for me. I much, much, much prefer HERO 4E 5E, 5Er or 6E over 1E, 2E or 3E.
  7. DreadDomain

    Champions : Question about Layouts for Character Write-Ups

    That's good because based on the latest Kickstarter comment, it'x the one we will get in the book!
  8. DreadDomain

    Golden Age

    In your opinion bro and your totally entitled to it. I personally much much prefer the latest edition of Golden Age over the former editions. The cover is okay-ish and I was bummed we didn't get to the full colour stretch goal but I thought the writing was excellent and engaging and really gave me a sense that I wanted to play in Golden Age game again. Now did it have the same level of information on WWII compared to GURPS WWII? Of course not but they have a totally different focus. Sure they share a time period and a significant historical event but as their titles suggest, one focuses on describing the historical event itself and the other covers superheroes in the 30s and 40s. Both are great but for totally different reasons. That being said, it prompts me to reopen the previous edition of Golden Age just for fun.
  9. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    You are correct. I am not saying the 6E way is wrong. I just prefer the aesthetic of the previous build. I prefer: Transfer: Transfer END 4d6 (60 Active Points) Real Cost: 60 CP over Transfer: Drain END 4d6 (40 Active Points); Unified Power (-.) (total cost: 32 CP) plus Aid END 4d6 (standard effect: same roll as Drain dice), Trigger (when character uses Drain, activating Trigger takes no time, Trigger immediately automatically resets; +1) (48 Active Points); Only Aid Self (-1), Linked (-.), Unified Power (-.). Real Cost: 51 CP and Instant Change: Switch one set of clothes for another. Real Cost: 3 CP over Instant Change: Cosmetic Transform 1d6 (standard effect: switch one set of clothes for another), Trigger (changing clothing is a Zero Phase Action, Trigger automatically resets; +.) (5 Active Points); Limited Target (the character’s current clothing; -.). Real Cost: 3 CP
  10. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Ok, hopefully I didn't mess thing up too much. I have attempted to recreate Spider-Man using 3E. I have based him on the 6E version that I have instead of starting from scratch. Just a few observations: 1) In practice 6E secondary attributes are easier/more flexible but I still very much like the idea of figured characteristics. 2) I absolutely do not miss the movement in Hexes/Inches. Meters make so much more sense and I hope against hope that Champions Now would use them (but I know it won't) 3) I generally find the Power construction system much better in 6E (or 5E/5ER) but I still regret some of the decisions made. I would have kept Gliding, Transfer, Instant Change, etc instead of incorporating them with other powers. 4) I much prefer the skills in later editions All in all, Champions 3E is an impressive game (especially for its time) but I would not go back to it (well, never really was with it since I started with 4E) as I do not feel it is as flexible or coherent as later editions. To be fair, my ideal edition of Champions would be somewhere 5ER and 6E with a good dash of 4E with the production value of Champions 6E in a format akin to Champions 4E or Champions Complete.
  11. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Fair enough. I myself only just discovered (a few posts above) there was a beta document. I suppose if I knew where to find that document, it would answer some of my questions.
  12. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Ok, I am obviously not paying attention to CNow. Was there a link sent for a Beta version?
  13. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    Even if I have supported the KS, I haven't followed the development progress. Can you elaborate on the 3 points above?
  14. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    I would agree. Although there are clear changes from 1E to 6E, the game is fundamentally the same. In a sense, aside from the few additions here and there (which are perhaps more obvious in the modifiers) later editions, rebalanced, codified and gave more guidance and examples. A potential drawback of the evolution is that it gave some people the impression that characters had to be more complex and have more stuff on the sheet.
  15. DreadDomain

    Third Edition Renaissance

    I would also suggest that the "complexity" of later editions is provided for gamers to use... or ignore. While we often hear about HERO's complexity, the fact is that characters can be built in a very convoluted way or in a very simple fashion and most of the time the system, though character points, will self balance. It is no more difficult to build a very simple character in HERO 6E than it is in earlier editions but later editions also provide for complex solutions. The power to make these design decisions rests with the players themselves and they choose the level of complexity their character will have. In any case these are cool characters Pariah. Keep them coming!