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  1. st barbara

    RIP Jacqueline Pearce

    If Servilan had married Blackie Du Quesne how much trouble would the universe be in right now ?
  2. That mood seems to be prevalent in many other places as well.
  3. Well if Trump "isn't compromising at all with Canada" I hope that Trudeau takes the same "No compromise" position, then does deals with the U K, China and everybody else !
  4. Oops my bad. I obviously need a copy of "The Observers Book Of Trump Sychophants" to keep track of who is doing what.
  5. Was it Sessions who wanted to buy a used mattress from a Trump hotel ?
  6. st barbara

    What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Just finishing a "Doc Savage" novel "The Ghost Legion" (aka "The Spook Legion"). Doc with only Monk and Ham to assist him, vs invisible thieves !
  7. Shouldn't we ask Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougall about this ?
  8. I always wished there had been more Jirel stories.
  9. Very Orwellian isn't it !
  10. Whether Japan would have invaded Australia is debatable (and has been debated). I also can't see them invading the coast of the U S A, they simply didn't have the manpower to take the country. What IS more possible is that they would have turned West with India as the glittering prize. Possibly the U S A could have been forced to negotiate with the Axis powers had Germany got the bomb first and Japan could have kept its Asian possessions while Germany controlled Europe and Africa, leading to a cold war between a Germanic Europe and a Japanese dominated Asia, with the Americas as a neutral (and Neutered) "third power" and trading partner for the two great powers.
  11. st barbara

    Poll: Superhero Day Jobs

    "Saint Barbara " was an erotic model and then worked for UNICEF before gaining super powers.
  12. It is a conundrum. But then again, if Trump IS that thick, how much thicker are the people who believe his lies ?
  13. I thought that she would have made a good protaganist as well, but look at the mess they made of the solo "Catwoman" movie.
  14. The NRA running out of money ? That is the National Rifle Association that is being talked about, right ? How many members does it have ? I would guess in the millions. So how much money does it get from its members and what does it do with that money ? Seems bizarre to me. Maybe we should check the bank accounts of the NRA's executives .
  15. I think that Trump's affairs have all been with Americans, but his wife is foreign born.