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  1. The dog barks and his Pavlovian canine friends at Fox news salivate !
  2. st barbara

    Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    Houdini also appeared in a movie serial in which he featured many of his escapes.
  3. Why does Trump think that it is okay for him to run around imposing tariffs on other countries but , when they retaliate in kind, it is some sort of crime ? Surely he, or someone in his administration, must have expected pushback from those countries that he imposed tariffs upon ? Did they tell him what was likely to happen ? Did he just ignore advice ? or was no-one game enough to tell him ?
  4. If you are actually smelling the mustard gas you don't need to worry about anything else !
  5. st barbara

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Forty niners would seem to have a "mosquito fleet" of receivers this season. They better hope that they can get separation because I don't think that they will be winning too many jump balls in the endzone !
  6. Don't do it ! You know that it will rot your brain !
  7. Well they ARE just following their leader's example.
  8. Par for the course with Trump isn't it ?
  9. I'd say that Trump is VERY trying !
  10. Glad I could give you a laugh "Bolo". Of course some of them see themselves as "doing their jobs"; destroying public education, wrecking the EPA, etc.
  11. st barbara

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    Magazines too ! And existing news outlets such as :The National Enquirer: could have a field day with gossip about supers.
  12. st barbara

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    How would things be altered by someone with minor super powers ? Someone with eidetic memory and super speed reading could be VERY useful to the intelligence service for example, and most of the world would never know he existed.
  13. I haven't read them yet but "Powerless" and "Relentless" by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs looks as if they could be interesting.
  14. The Tepublicans ; and Trump on particular, need to get over their obsession with Hillary Clinton and get down to actually doing their jobs.
  15. Possibly that is because each of the original "X-Men" had only one obvious power "Cyclops'-Energy blast, "Angel"-Wings (flight), "Iceman" - Cold/ice ,"Beast"- Acrobatics (you might add prehensile feet to that)."Marvel Girl"- Telekinesis. They were also first introduced as a single team, unlike many super teams that are collections of heroes with existing back stories (e g JLA, Avengers etc).