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  1. I'd say it was like a hybrid of X-Men, Doom Patrol, X-files and maybe some of the weirder modern stuff like Planetary. Very strange, very cool. Lots of style, good sound track (great use of music), and complicated characters. The use of superpowers was really well done in my opinion, including the public celebrity status (and the public's lack of attention span even for the truly extraordinary). I liked it, but the more I noodle on it the better I think they did.
  2. The ending was really interesting. And I loved the use of music. Final credit song made me laugh out loud.
  3. Anyone watch this yet? I really liked it.
  4. Arya is awesome. I can relate to that character.
  5. The 3rd season of Young Justice is really fun. Like the Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen as well. The DCAU > DCEU. Some things remain true.
  6. That's offensive and seems a clear Constitutional violation. Not a good look for the Court.
  7. Hey, Blackheart the Death Eater or whatever your World of Warcraft name is. Suck on this!
  8. I thought this quantifying of 800k people only in terms of economic impact was really telling. He cited them in relation to GDP as a percentage that "doesn't matter". Yikes. That's going to get heavy rotation (and it should).
  9. 7 time rookie of the week, finalist for rookie of the year, bringing hope to the downtrodden of Cleveland. Yes, he's the best. Not sure about by default.
  10. I don't really think it's their job to do so at this point. The position they've taken is we will pass a budget but won't fund your wall. If the other party wants to add something to the budget, they need to offer something to get them to the table.
  11. If they offered a citizenship for current DACA registrants, they might have a starting point for discussion. By itself, that's almost certainly not enough. The wall has become a symbolic issue for both parties, it will take major concessions before they move on that issue. And so far, there's nothing on the table at all. A temporary, administrative 3 year stay of deportation. Maybe. That's not even worth considering.
  12. So if the demo stake out a position that is anathema to the GOP (something akin to the Wall, say Universal Health Care). Any bill that doesn't address that isn't moving toward workable compromise? I don't see the Democrats moving on the wall. This could last a while. It's a non starter for their base. Border security is a maybe, depending on what's offered up. A wall? Nope. The constituency will lose their mind. Be like the tea party agreeing to modest tax increases. Impossible. And frankly, they didn't own this. The face of the GOP did. So make a meaningful concession or we keep going along as a nation with shut down government, that's how it works. And the public opinion appears to preliminarily support the strategy.
  13. So the big offer today was temporary protected status for DACA?
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