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    Iuz the Old, Lord of Pain, stretches his bony hand across the Flanaess. Since the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, his empire of tyranny and suffering is secure - at least for a time. None of the lands of good and hope are strong enough to harm him
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  1. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    So Temple beat Maryland who beat Texas who is beating U$C?
  2. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Well, when you put it that way it makes perfect sense.
  3. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Agreed, except for the implied criticism of student athletes in other institutions. There are individual examples, but that was not my experience. Was surprised at the level of academic commitment and clarity that virtually all of them (at Oklahoma mind you) were not going on to the NFL. Maybe a handful on a squad of 80 scholarships go pro, the rest were getting their school paid for and playing football.
  4. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Yeah, but I wouldn't characterize it as terribly successful. Not really "back".
  5. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Yeah, OU loves the run-pass option these days. It works, occasional ineligible lineman down field penalty or not, and you can achieve gaudy offensive stats with it and score a lot of points. Been waiting for the cycle of offense and defense strategy to return us to the Wishbone, but nothing so far.
  6. Iuz the Evil

    What If New York City Were Suddenly Gone?

    Your primitive society is authority driven.
  7. Iuz the Evil

    What If New York City Were Suddenly Gone?

    In much the same way Heaven and other spiritual positive afterlife locations are not considered part of the planet. I assume the fear that primitive cultures often exhibit when encountering more advanced civilizations explains much of the hostility. "Why do you resist us. We only wish to improve quality of life"
  8. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Damn. 49-21 vs. UCLA. Defense looking better, OU isn't terrible this year. 2-0, survive and advance (lol) Next week is Iowa State. Conference play begins
  9. Iuz the Evil

    What If New York City Were Suddenly Gone?

    Probably that, but the loss of NY would absolutely devastate the US economy. Could realistically depose the United States from it's currently uncontested role as the only international mega-power (there are other superpowers, but they all "compete" with the United States presently... in my opinion when all comparisons are "well, x nation is almost as influential in y category" that's pretty telling). Impact would go far further than NYC. Might destabilize the aforementioned political/economic/cultural hubs as well. Where influence would consolidate would be hard to say. And candidly, I'm not sure NYC is the epicenter of the country. There are at least three epicenters, likely due to the scale and diversity of the nation. Pacific region is definitely Los Angeles, east coast is NYC. Middle seems more diffuse/distributed. Chicago? Maybe. Dallas? Somewhere else? I think it's more complicated than that.
  10. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    That went okay. I am satisfied with the Oklahoma performance. And the Texas-Maryland game went well also. A fine game
  11. Iuz the Evil

    Anyone else looking forward to Battletech

    Squeeee! Hatchetman sighting. Yes!!
  12. Iuz the Evil

    Senator John McCain Has Died

    Showed very impressive integrity. As noted earlier in this thread he rejected taking the low road during his 2008 candidacy when it would have been easier and possibly more strategic. But it was wrong, so he didn't. While I disagreed with him on many policy issues, I have no question about him as a human being. Rest in peace, Senator McCain. As a nation we are poorer for your absence.
  13. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Just to be clear: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_FIFA_corruption_case Bribery, money laundering and racketeering (as an organization -not individual members) And the IOC? HBO actually did a documentary on their corruption. There's no comparison. Calling out individual institutions among the 120+ members isn't the same. College football has always had historical corruption. And fines, sanctions, penalties for corruption. And the NCAA definitively benefits from that corruption, but I'm not going to clutch my pearls about it. And comparing it to FIFA or the IOC strikes me as ludicrous.
  14. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Dramatic statement. Really? Than the IOC? FIFA? Wow.
  15. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    I'm ready. Let's do this!