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    Iuz the Old, Lord of Pain, stretches his bony hand across the Flanaess. Since the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, his empire of tyranny and suffering is secure - at least for a time. None of the lands of good and hope are strong enough to harm him
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  1. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Another close call this week. Hard to have an offense this good, and a defense this bad. Cardiac test every week. And this was Oklahoma State, which nearly always comes down to the wire (and nearly always ends up with the Pokes being disappointed), but that 2 point conversion at the end was the right call by Gundy. If the QB makes the pass they win the game. Next week is Kansas, so that's something of a break anyway.
  2. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    "Acceptance" as in Kubler Ross stages of grief? No, I don't think so. I've got a sense of humor about it, but I find nothing about this defense acceptable. This is not our standard, I'm ready to fire a second DC at the end of this season. Hire someone who can hold opposing teams to an average of 28 points or fewer. That will pretty much do it.
  3. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    I see what you did there, but as an OU fan this year I see no need to be defensive.
  4. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Well, it's increasingly clear I won't be worrying about them again this year...
  5. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Sure, when mama Iggwilv gave me my unholy life and daddy Grazzt felt the cold touch of fear knowing that I would inevitably rise up and supplant him. Good times.
  6. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    The OU-TXTECH game today... My Sooner defense is not good. Damn. Next week in Stillwater should be another one. Play West Virginia on my birthday. C'mon, now. Really?
  7. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Dude. You are Maryland, not Alabama. What are you doing?
  8. That would be absolutely fantastic. A battle of champions/contest between those two would be hysterical.
  9. Iuz the Evil

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Off season camping trip, middle child (15 year old son). Humboldt State Park.
  10. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    Why would a decent human being even say such a thing? You kiss your mother with that mouth? Sheesh.
  11. Iuz the Evil

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    That average running back had great hands, and was better utilized earlier in his career than later. Get him the ball in space and he was a terror for defenses. Unfortunately for him, mostly that was not the case. He did the best he could with the hand he was dealt. I find that what team you end up with, the coaching philosophy/GM, and luck tend to be the best determinant for NFL careers.
  12. Iuz the Evil

    College Football 2018-19

    OU soundly defeated TCU. No margin for error now. If they win out there is a likely rematch for the Big XII title (aka. "Bob Stoops Invitational"). Would love to see OU beat Texas in the conference championship. Would be delicious.
  13. Iuz the Evil

    Superhero power archetypes

    Ultra Human. I want me some Superman archetype.
  14. Iuz the Evil

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Sums it up pretty well.
  15. Iuz the Evil

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Probably already posted, but I really like it so...