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  1. cptpatriot

    Sailor Senshi in Hudson City

    Maybe they adapt, start running around with thongs and micro-skirts and their powers kill people because of the hate in their hearts.
  2. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    I opt to Hold my Action until Steve rules at:
  3. cptpatriot

    Need some help building powers

    Assuming the Portal Gun from the Portal game you'll also need to limit the teleport to only allow movement from the 2 floating points and only against appropriate surfaces.
  4. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    I suppose the question is: Can 'opting to do nothing' be considered an action for the purposes of being able to abort? Technically, you have not acted yet because you planned to do a Recovery, but planning to do a Recovery is not the same as actually doing it. Because you planned to do a Recovery, your Dex hasn't come up for purposes of Initiative. Something similar occurs when you have a character with Lightning Reflexes. Character has the following: Dex 1 +9 Dex, Not if Recovering +10 Lightning Reflexes for Megablast, then when Dex 20 comes up on the Initiative order, the player opts to not act because he is not firing the Megablast. If at this point between his opting to not fire his Megablast and his action of Dex 10, he can abort that phase's action because he has not acted in that segment yet. When Dex 10 comes up, he can perform any legal action, if he opts to do so but let's say he chooses not to act, then at this point he can only perform a Recovery at Dex 1, but he has not acted yet this segment, he is limited to using his action to only recover when Dex 1 comes up, but if he needs to abort before declaring at Dex 1 that he's recovering then since he has not acted in this segment he can opt to abort to his defensive action on his NEXT phase as this segment is not available to use for initiating his defensive action. I hope that clarifies things.
  5. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    Unfortunately, some of those statements are in error. "I wait for Slope Hoke..." would be considered a Held Action and prevent you from taking a Recovery at Dex 1. "I wait for my teammate Way Fermi to act on DEX 3..." is also considered a Held Action. "Slope Hoke blocked me last phase..." is valid and you would have to wait until his action before you can do anything Citation: 6E2 20, 1st Column
  6. It's rare that I get into rules discussions like this @ https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97285-can-i-take-a-recovery/

  7. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    Let me explain my PoV. You have a character at Dex 1 with Dex +9, Not if taking a recovery. When Dex 10 comes up in the order, assuming you have not done anything before that point and haven't been stunned from an attack, you need to declare at that moment to your GM, "GM, I'm Dex 1 this phase and doing nothing," then you are committed to either a Recovery or an Abort action. After your declaration: If you abort between Dex 10 and Dex 1, you cannot use this phase's action to abort since you have chosen to do nothing and it cannot be considered a Held Phase. You would need to abort your next phase's action. If you are Stunned between Dex 10 and Dex 1, you are unable to recover from being Stunned since you can only take a Recovery at Dex 1 which is not the same as "recovering from being Stunned" citing the actions table on 6E2 23. You are forced into Recovering from being Stunned as your next phase action. Guys, please tell me if this interpretation of the rules is incorrect.
  8. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    It relates to what was said about buying back your Dex to 1 so you can potentially recover without being attacked and buying your Dex back up to a level to be used for all your other activities.
  9. cptpatriot

    Can I take a recovery?

    So, you are forced to take a Recovery or do nothing if the GM goes past your Dex in the order and someone can still Hold until you attempt a Recovery to ruin your day.
  10. cptpatriot

    Hero Retrogaming Chargen

    With the resurgence of retrogaming thanks to Champions Now, I'm curious if there are any resources for assisting in character generation with 1st - 3rd Edition Champions.
  11. cptpatriot

    Coastal City

    Atlas Unleashed is pre-4th Edition.
  12. cptpatriot

    Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    That's a pretty sweet ability, Deadman. (re: the VPP}
  13. cptpatriot

    How to build...

    You could have PS: Billiards to represent being a Pool Shark and bounce people around that way.
  14. cptpatriot

    This Week in MMOs

    It just makes me thankful I bought my lifetime when we got invited to their beta all those years ago. I got my money's worth.
  15. cptpatriot

    This Week in MMOs

    I've heard some griping. There was that much pushback about the change? Good for us.