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  1. Yes, I have. I should clarify when I find it appropriate. I will use the Usable As Flight advantage when the need to move over fluids is needed. If you only need to run up buildings and not run over fluids, you have the option to also choose Clinging to run up the wall.
  2. Yeah, you could place Must Touch Surface on the advantage to enforce how you must move with it.
  3. I would have bought it as Running with the Usable as Flight advantage. This way you use it as needed to run over water and up the side of a building.
  4. That's why when a person uses a Flying Dodge to attempt to move away from an attack, I decided that the person is subject to attack anywhere along the path of movement, even at the endpoints.
  5. I see no issue with using Flying Dodge in that way, but it also goes to show how abusive the Flying Dodge maneuver can be. It is a very cheap way to get extra DCVand still perform a full move.
  6. I'd be a Google server, taking advantage of their servers and bandwidth.
  7. Didn't a previous version of the UNTIL have an AI that perpetrated a similar global conspiracy and kept UNTIL and VIPER fighting?
  8. I think we're moving off point a little. Based on the SFX, we have an attack that manifests as a gaseous substance. This gaseous substance only works against a person that has a sense of smell. If a person can fight off its effect, they are immune to its effect for a day. An attack that works based on their ability to smell does not need for the subject to breathe normally, so having Life Support: Does Not Breathe is not protection from the attack unless the SFX of the protection affects how they smell; an example being a space suit or hazmat suit. While the nature of the monster he's converting isn't clear based on the OP, being in a vacuum does not protect you from the scent, but at the same time, most people don't try smelling in a vacuum either. Holding one's breath does not protect from noting a scent, just makes it a lot harder to smell since humans generally need to breathe to smell, although you could hold your nose to prevent smelling the substance. So, we have an Entangle with an Area of Effect of 4 meters. The inability to smell is rather rare so I don't feel IMO that warrants a Limitation for the power but if we want to represent the Save Throws mechanic in this power, that does warrant a Limitation. In a game like Starfinder, Pathfinder, and D&D, the character's ability to resist effects is based mainly on their experience level, but since the Hero System is a point based system we need to handle things differently. The easiest way to represent this would be to use the Requires a [Skill] Roll mechanic but this is inverted in that it a roll to see if the power fails as opposed to succeeding and the difficulty to resist the power is based on the Campaign needs. Being based on Constitution seems appropriate, but the target number is the issue now. Resists with a Constitution Roll We can start with the CON roll being worth a -1 limitation. I feel this is mechanically the same as using your 11- roll from Requires a Roll and the additional 1/2 limitation for the -1 to roll per 5 AP from the table on CC 114 or 6E1 389. If you want it to be easier or harder to resist, we can take use the table as a guide. Penalty to CON Roll Limitation -3 3/4 less limitation -2 1/2 less limitation -1 1/4 less limitation Bonus to CON Roll Limitation +1 1/4 more limitation +2 1/2 more limitation +3 3/4 more limitation +4(or more) 1 more limitation I'd love to hear your comments on this solution
  9. How do people feel about using your own points to make your own critical construct with extra dice that ties in with an 8- activation roll or To Hit roll whichever is lower?
  10. Well, you need to speak in campaign generalities because this sort of limitation is based on the campaign as a whole, not per character.
  11. Speaking of that reference, I was trying to see whether 'Works Against CON, Not STR' as a +1/4 Advantage as Steve suggested for superheroic games in DH#5 is still the case. I'm curious how others feel about this. Do characters tend to have more STR than CON in campaigns you play or run?
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