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  1. Roth


    @therealvector : What kind of costs did you apply to the SPECIAL Stats and did the characters all get 1 to start in all stats? Looks like an interesting adaptation.
  2. Roth

    LF GM for Online play

    No Problem. Sometimes takes time to get back to people.
  3. Roth

    LF GM for Online play

    What kind of online resource are you using for roleplay? Also I'm more of a 5th edition player/ GM not 6th. What genre?
  4. Roth

    Wanted: Players in Edmonton Alberta

    Thanks. I'll take a look there too.
  5. Roth

    Wanted: Players in Edmonton Alberta

    Thanks. I might have to start my own FLGS lol
  6. Roth

    Wanted: Players in Edmonton Alberta

    I just realized there really isn't. We have some places, but I'm not sure how many people still go to them. Might just have to go and see.
  7. Roth

    Wanted: Players in Edmonton Alberta

    I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for players. Or invent a teleporter.
  8. Wanted Players in Edmonton: I'm looking to put together a 2-3 person RPG group to play in 2-3 rotating campaigns. Whether you are new to the role playing scene or have been around since Chainmail evolved into D&D, I'm more than happy to consider you as a player. I want to put together a group to meet weekly, but would consider bi weekly, on the same day, at the same time, hopefully in the same place. This of course will be subject to change on account of holidays and family type stuff that pops up every now and then. The first 2 campaigns will be a Fantasy Campaign set in a home brew world that friends and I have been working on for almost 20 years (most likely using D&D 3.X as that is the system it was developed under) and a Superhero campaign using the 5th Edition Rules for Hero. The basis for the Superhero campaign will be chosen by the players from a set of 3 campaign ideas, which will be discussed when people start contacting me and I have an idea of how many people I actually have. The last campaign is an Urban Fantasy that will be GMed by a friend of mine, once his newborn is old enough that he can get out of the house again, which takes place in the 1980s in a small Canadian town. If you are interested answer in the topic or PM me here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Also if you have a small group that would like another GM drop me a PM and we can discuss that as well.
  9. Was looking for Edmonton based Hero System players. Went looking here after I hadn't been looking on the forums for a long, long time. Found this thread. Found out the number is connected to a garage door repair service. Anybody else try this number?
  10. Roth

    Rush-ing around

    Re: Rush-ing around Nice to see some Rush fans. though I find that there are alot of Rush fan`s out side of Canada... not to many in compared to how long they been around. I love that band, though most of my tapes went belly up and I have to replace them. And incidently I`m Envious... I`ve never seen them*G*
  11. Roth

    Birthdays for Monday August 6 2007

    Re: Birthdays for Monday August 6 2007 Thanks Guys... and Happy Birthday to patrick
  12. Roth

    So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown

    Re: So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown Well all of it... . No I'm kidding, cause I'm not a Christian. But one of the doctrines of the original Church seems to be that sex is bad. How do we know this, cause un baptised babies went to purgatory, because their birth was through sin. Married or not, sex (even for procreation) seemed to be a sin in the eyes of the guys who are responsible for the modern Catholic Church and every thing that has sprung from it. So if Jesus was married (as has been pointed out, it would be unusual for him not to be) and that marriage begot children ( as it should have), then Jesus has sinned and he is no longer a being with out sin. If Jesus is not sinnless then he couldn't take up the sins of others and purge them (the original sin eater as it applies to Christianity? ). If he can't do that one of the corner stones of Chrisitianity has fallen.
  13. Roth

    So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown

    Re: So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown Conspiacy is a fun genre... if you can call it a genre. Umberto Eco's "Foucults Pendulum" is a very fun read, in all three or four languages*l* took me a friggin year to read it.
  14. Roth

    So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown

    Re: So Dark, the Con of Dan Brown I found the book entertaining and readable, and will probably find the movie entertaining and watchable. However what gets me about the book isn't the puzzles in english( when the dead guy and the grand daughter are french, beacuse it was established in the book that they spoke english as much as possible for years), it's that the Grail hunters (and the Catholics and anybody else who sits on either side of the "Was Jesus mortal or a demigod" fence) assume that a divine being couldn't procreate with a mortal one. If Jesus and Mary were married and had kids, that wouldn't preclude him being the son of a god. Just because you come from, or are, a divine source, doesn't mean that you can't have sex with a mortal and beget progeny. Ask Zeus. He'll tell you.