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  1. JmOz


    Was thinking about this...I have a group of 6th edition heroes on my website called the Generics, they might help you out... http://jawedel01.wixsite.com/kountry-gaming/copy-of-hero-games
  2. JmOz

    Where is Penny Dreadful

  3. What book did she character sheet appear in?
  4. JmOz

    Supers Image game

    Look again Archer...She has at least one holster under her arm, probably a second on the other side
  5. JmOz

    Random Television Quotes

    Delenn: This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw ! Or be destroyed. EA Captain: Negative. We have authority here. Do not force us to engage your ship. Delenn: Why not ? Only one human captain has survived a battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me, you are in front of me. If you value your lives be somewhere else.
  6. JmOz

    Supers Image game

    Obviously bolo gets the baton
  7. JmOz

    Summoning Weapons

    Because some people like to be as precise as possible. Or there are mechanics involved that do not "fit" as is.
  8. JmOz

    Champions fight club

    6e but I can convert Cages in the sewer
  9. JmOz

    Summoning Weapons

    Yes, at that level you are right But gets more complicated if you add other limitations...
  10. JmOz

    Grenade Pool

    I like the MP idea. However I would make it all OIF, plus a -1/4 lim to represent a single grenade can be disarmed but you can pull another from a bag
  11. JmOz

    Champions fight club

    It shares some DNA...if you think of it as a scale with Darkest dark Champions as a 0 and silver age 4 color champions as 100, this would sit at 65. Spider Man would be very comfortable here, Punisher would not.
  12. JmOz

    Summoning Weapons

    I will admit I forgot about time limit. And I agree that it is inappropriately priced for this ability (arguably ok if it allowed a power to work outside a framework). I would say a -0 with a "Costs endurance to maintain" clause would be about right for the versitility of the ability...
  13. JmOz

    Champions fight club

    For an upcoming adventure my heroes are going to be exploring a super power fight club. I need stats for a bunch of "gladiators". Ground rules, no magic, mentalist should be of the physical nature (ie telekinesis not telepaths). The characters should not have easy escape powers (Teleportation, desolid, etc...). The heroes are ~330 points
  14. JmOz

    Summoning Weapons

    The problem is that that is not the default. The Default on an instant power is that you have to do it each and every time. The power does not stick around So FireSword has the power to summon a blade of fire, he needs to call on the power of an ancient Jinn to do so (evoking it's name, incantations). RAW he needs to say the name every-time he uses the sword's power. However the way the player wants it to work is he says it once and the sword remains until he dismisses it.. This option is not available.
  15. JmOz

    Summoning Weapons

    My problem with summoned weapons has always been the summoning itself...I OFTEN feel that there should be some kind of "continuous but not continuous" modifier (So I summon sword, the sword is now constant, so I need to pay end for it, or if I had a few lims on summons, like gestures and incantations I don't have to continually do them every round) but does not give the main advantage of continuous (repeated damage in this case). Probably somewhere between a -1/4 to a +1/4