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  1. Logan.1179

    A Thread for Random Musings

    Great, that's exactly how I wanted to spend my morning. Thanks.
  2. Logan.1179

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    To levitate a frog, 16 T is required.
  3. Logan.1179

    Parts for a Time Machine

    I submit the retro encabulator.
  4. Logan.1179

    The Academics Thread

  5. Logan.1179

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Fake news
  6. Logan.1179

    The Academics Thread

  7. Logan.1179

    Funny pics

  8. Logan.1179

    Funny pics

  9. Logan.1179

    Worst action movie clichés

    Here's a relatively recent one. Why does every action movie now have to have a scene in a night club? Every villainous creep just loves to hang out in night clubs even if they are actively being hunted.
  10. Logan.1179

    June '18 Superdraft: A War for the Ages

    I don't mind the delay myself because I have no freaking idea who to pick next or how to tie this up. Should I pick Samurai Ted, or maybe Memory Chip Ted? No, I need to explain why there are so many teds in the first place. The Search for Ted Continues... Bill S. Preston, Esq. was feeling bodacious. "Ted must be dead, dudes," he whined. "Ted Theodore Logan is no longer among the living..." said a voice with an odd accent. Bill looked up, hardly surprised to see the personification of Death. "I totally knew it!" said Bill. "Aww, dude, so bogus..." Death continued. "Neither is he in the land of the dead." (His accent made it sound like he said "lend ov the dayed.") "Explain," said SmokingTed. "Ted has been taken out of time, as of right now he never existed." ("Az ov ryte noow he never exizted") "Whoa," said several Teds. "But I know he existed," protested Bill. "I've got pictures, look at--whoa!" He grabbed a picture of Wyld Stallyns, but Bill was the only one in it. SmokingTed asked, "Dracula did this? When did he get that kind of power?" Then added, without meaning to, "Dude." "You'd be surprised," said Death. "Especially where time travel is concerned." ("...dravel iz gonzerned") "Can we find him?" "You already have. Each of you contains a splinter of the real Ted," explained Death. "If you want the real Ted back, you will have to remove those splinters." "Meaning we all die?" asked WickTed. "Correct," said Death. "Good to see you again, John. It's been a while." That situation had reached new proportions of heinousness. "Whoa." *** Final hero, from the era of Infinity the beginning of time, DEATH!
  11. Logan.1179

    Worst action movie clichés

    I've never been a fan, but I think the nail in the proverbial coffin was Ronin.
  12. Logan.1179

    Worst action movie clichés

    Have not seen it. Or any of the Fast and Flurrious movies. Doubt I ever will.
  13. Logan.1179

    Worst action movie clichés

    The car chase. I tune out every time one starts. Gods, I hate car chases.
  14. Logan.1179

    Musings on Random Musings

    Only one?
  15. Logan.1179

    June '18 Superdraft: A War for the Ages

    The Search for Ted continues... "Let me get this straight, we're dealing with--not one, but--two vampires, including Dracula himself?" WickTed had to admit, this was outside of his league. "Dude..." "Bogus..." "Whoa..." "And we still have to find Ted, dudes!" reminded Bill. "Operator babe, the situation is most heinous at the moment. Can you find our guy or not?" The operator babe said, "Be excellent to each other," and they all crammed into the phone booth. The newly found Ted didn't seem surprised by the weirdness of what was going on. He lit a cigarette and said, "Vampires... yeah, I can help you with that." Bill played an air riff, and the other Teds, all of whom had been there too long, joined in. *** San Dimas selects from America(?) early 2000s, John Constantine!