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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Well, everyone who celebrates Christmas. Of course, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still be Merry. But you don't have to. No one is forcing you or anything, and we will not judge you if you aren't Merry. Actually it is totally up to you if you are Merry or not, on Christmas or any other day. So, I guess . . . As you were. (Political Correctness makes these things really complicated.) KA.
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    WWE Snark-Free Zone

    Arise and walk the earth again, oh Zombie thread! Actually I was thinking of starting a thread on Daniel Bryan, and when I remembered this one, I thought it might be the better place for the post. For those who have not been keeping up, Daniel Bryan has been having a feud with the Wyatt Family. I can't say that I watch every week, so I may have missed the really great stuff that this group has done, but I just don't get it. Are they Vince's idea of cashing in on Duck Dynasty or Swamp People or what? You have a couple of big hillbillies, and one fat hillbilly with greasy hair and a hat, that sits in a rocking chair and occasionally says something that makes no sense. I think we are supposed to see them as some kind of weird redneck cult or something, but I just don't get any "heat" from it. They are just annoying. I know they keep beating up Daniel Bryan, which is okay, getting beaten up is in his job description, but now they appear to be going with the "You can't win" angle. Not the "Get beaten up and finally beat the heel group by overcoming the overwhelming odds." angle, but the completely hopeless "No, you really can't win no matter what you do." angle. As I have stated previously in my posts on "realistic" comics, I don't really like entertainment that is so "realistic" as to be depressing. Everyone struggles against things that cannot be overcome. The death of loved ones, our own mortality, illness, accidents, these things affect even the most wealthy and privileged. The vast majority of us face many more struggles: financial worries, job loss, abusive bosses, relationships with the wrong people all of these things can put us in situations that can seem "no win" at the time we are going through them. I, for one, turn to entertainment for some respite from the things in my life that are getting me down. So watching fictional scenarios where the hero really cannot win, does nothing for me. So now, Daniel Bryan has joined the Wyatt family, based on the idea that if you keep beating someone down they will bow to the inevitable and become your slave. I am not denying that this can happen. Sadly, human history is full of this story, from battered women who won't leave their abuser, to entire nations that have been subjugated by an overwhelming force. I just don't find it entertaining. And I can't imagine it will be good for Daniel Bryan's career. The group he is joining is boring, and I don't think he will be enough to lift them up. Instead I think they will drag him down. KA.
  3. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Frozen - a pretty good suspense/horror movie about three people trapped on a ski-lift throught a combination of bad luck and their own stupidity. Yes, there are some plot holes. Yes, we as gamers could have figured out 10 solutions to their problem before we started to get cold. Still, not at all bad and a nice alternative to the slasher/torture porn films that seem to comprise nearly all recent horror. KA.
  4. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Paranormal Activity - Blair Witch Lite Pineapple Express - Surprisingly funny stoner comedy / action movie. KA.
  5. KA.

    Food Glorious Food

    Re: Food Glorious Food I recently bought my wife some Green Giant Rainbow Slaw. For those who haven't seen it, Rainbow Slaw is a finely shredded mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red cabbage. My question is, aside from eating it with Rasberry Balsamic Dressing (her current favorite) what else could be done with this stuff? I was thinking of trying to come up with some type of low-fat creamy soup (she is watching what she eats). It is already shredded so it should not need to cook too long. As far as going into soup: Broccoli - check Cauliflower - check Carrots - check Red Cabbage - ? Never really heard of Red Cabbage soup, but I don't think it would hurt anything. Any ideas for making a soup, or something else tasty, out of this combination of stuff? The only flaw it seems to have is that it doesn't keep very long (I don't think it is loaded with preservatives, so that may be a good thing) but it also means that there are times when we have some on hand that needs to be used. Thanks in advance, KA.
  6. Re: Best Anti-Virus for Windows 2000. Please Help! Thanks so much to both of you, Rep is on the way. That was exactly the information I needed. KA.
  7. Help! I am currently in a very uncomfortable situation. I have been using AVG Free Anti-Virus for the last several years, under Windows 2000 SP 4. The problem is, they have stopped support for the version of AVG I was using, and the new version, 8.5, will not install on my machine. The problem I have (avgupd.exe keeps crashing) appears to be a known issue with no known fix under Windows 2000. Anyway, in order to try to install AVG version 8.5, I had to completely uninstall the previous version. Which means right now I have version 8.5 halfway installed and not working correctly. So basically I have no anti-virus at all. Because of this, I am hesitant to go searching through the internet trying to find information on another anti-virus program, because I may very well end up on some hacked site and get a virus in the process! So, if anyone would care to recommend an anti-virus program I would really appreciate it. The parameters are: 1) Must run under Windows 2000 2) Does a good job at protecting the PC 3) Is not a resource hog Free would be great, but I don't mind paying if I have to, I just want something that works well under Windows 2000 and won't bring my system to a screeching halt. Thanks in advance, KA.
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    The Cookery Advice Thread

    Re: The Cookery Advice Thread
  9. KA.

    The Cookery Advice Thread

    Re: The Cookery Advice Thread A couple of things: 1) Watch Alton Brown if at all possible. His show is funny, and informative. The main thing he offers is the very important WHY of various cooking techniques. Which means that every show you watch will head off hundreds of possible cooking nightmares in the future. A little bit of understanding concerning what is going on in the food can keep you from doing a lot of things that seem to make sense and lead to disaster. Why don't you cut into a roast as soon as you take it out of the oven? The same reason you open a bottle of wine by removing the cork instead of smashing the bottom of the bottle. There is good stuff in there (meat juices) that will come pouring out all over the place if you "open" the meat too soon. 2) If you are cooking any sort of meat, get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Taylor-Digital-Cooking-Thermometer-Timer/dp/B00004XSC5 It is a digital thermometer with a probe. Meat is really easy to cook in an oven. You basically just put the meat in there and let it absorb heat. The problem is getting it done. Not cooked enough = possible food poisoning, yucky texture, bad flavor in some cases Overcooked = dry, hard to digest, loss of servings due to shrinkage There is only one way, especially for an amateur cook, to tell when meat is done. Internal temperature. People will say "poke it with your finger" and "wiggle the chicken leg and see if the joint feels loose" and all kinds of other stuff, and that may work for them if they have a lot of experience. The problem is, if I am wiggling the chicken leg now, is it possible that it would have wiggled properly 15 minutes ago? If so, then I have overcooked my chicken slightly. Also, do I really want to jump up from the couch every five minutes, open the oven, let most of the heat out, get a face full of steam, and wiggle that chicken leg? What if I wiggle it so many times I can't really tell what I am supposed to be feeling and I just guess that it is done? The probe on the thermometer above gets stuck in the thickest meaty part of the chicken. The part that looks like a digital clock sits on top of the oven. You set it for the type of meat, and in the case of beef how done you want it, and you set the alarm switch. The alarm goes off when the meat reaches the proper internal temperature. And if you want to check the progress from time to time, all you have to do is look at the little screen. If your target temperature is 170 degrees F, and the meat is at 120 degrees F, you have a ways to go. If you are at 165 degrees F, it may be time to start steaming the vegetables. When my wife and I bought one of these it changed our cooking life! I cooked my first turkey breast the next day and it was perfect! It was cooked through, it was still juicy, it was everything a turkey breast should be. 3) Spices. Use them. Take a look online and see if there are any specialty food shops in your neighborhood. I would recommend funky rather that snooty. There is a place near my old neighborhood where the make their own pasta and sell a variety of imported foods. They are not a snooty boutique, they sell food to real people for dinner that night. One thing they sell is a fair variety of spices in clear plastic cups like you would get slaw in. These are way cheaper and way fresher than spices in a grocery store. Example: I can get the equivalent to a really good jar of dried oregano for around $1. In the grocery it may be twice that much. The main thing about spices is to go easy and let your nose be your guide. Buy a small variety (any cookbook should have the basics and what they are used for) and try them to see which ones you like. Then, when you are cooking something and are wondering about adding something, do this simple test: Smell the food you are cooking. Smell the spice. You will be able to tell if that spice will go with that food. Really. Try it. Start with a small amount and taste it so you don't overdo it and you will rarely go wrong. 4) Salt. Use it. Unless you are on a special diet, add salt to food when you cook it. That may sound like silly advice, but many people who don't cook are used to packaged/prepared foods that are already salted when you get them. "Raw" foods are not. A chicken needs salt. Ground beef needs salt. Vegetables need salt. Go easy, because you can always add more later, but if you ever taste something you are cooking and it seems bland and flavorless, try adding salt to it. Early in my cooking career I made a pot of chili. I thought I had everything in there. Browned ground beef, onions, green peppers, beans, chili powder, garlic, etc. etc. etc. I tasted it and it had almost no flavor at all. I kept adding ground red pepper, black pepper, chili powder, and nothing helped. Finally I realized there was not enough salt. Wow! Not only did it bring out the flavor of everything else, for some reason it brought out the flavor of all the pepper I had been adding. I had almost made it too hot to eat, but I couldn't tell until I added the salt that it desperately needed. Anyway, that will get you started, if you have any specific questions feel free to ask, there are a lot of people here who know a lot about food. Good luck, KA.
  10. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...
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    Political Discussions

    Re: Political Discussions
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    So much for Wellness.

    Re: So much for Wellness. I haven't been closely following wrestling for a while now, so could someone please explain the Kurt Angle situation? (Vicious rumors and wild speculation are quite welcome. ) KA.
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    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Re: Longest Running Thread EVER
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    Bunny-Squirrel Truce Declared

    Re: Bunny-Squirrel Truce Declared Glad to see that the truce is holding, considering Super Squirrel's comments about your "lack of endowment" tail-wise. KA.