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  1. kehrer1701

    Store is Broken

    Jason was able to fix mine..
  2. kehrer1701

    Store is Broken

    HI. Just not sure I understand. I did specify shipping options. In fact, there is nothing to specify that comes up. I've tried a couple of times, so I'm not sure what I'm missing.... dk UPDATE: I see what you are talking about, now.. Example: this has shipping, but the one I'm trying to purchase doesn't
  3. kehrer1701

    Store Problem: THRILLING HERO ADVENTURES Won't Ship to Me

    I got the same message tonight trying to ship to Indiana UPDATE I see what you are talking about now. the item I'm trying to buy has no characteristics in the shipping tab
  4. kehrer1701

    Store is Broken

    Just tried to place an order from Indiana and I get the message "cannot ship to your address" as well. Tried from multiple browser types too. I verified address correct as well. There is no option to chose any other shipping. I notice in shipping details for the item that there is no size listed, if that helps. Displayed address is correct.
  5. kehrer1701

    [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I have to say I am definetly in for this book. One of my first experiences with RPG's was the Champions BBB. Wouldn't it be cool if the cover for this one was based off of that 4th ed Champions book.. Also, I think this is a great way to get the basic rules back in print (6EV1) without having to reprint those books.