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  1. Oriental Adventures. No reason NOT to take a martial art. Half Orc Halfpint vs Half Ogre Halfling Lucius Alexander the palindromedary sometimes likes to do things by halves
  2. Imagine stacking up dominoes to make a stack say, 12 dominoes high. Imagine flicking your finger at it and knocking off the top 4 dominoes. Now imagine it again but instead of a stack of dominoes imagine a mountain, and instead of a finger flick imagine a superpowered punch. Lucius Alexander Now imagine a palindromedary
  3. What do you want them to be worth? Here are minimum or close to minimum values in my opinion: Hunted: Opposing Intelligence Agencies Infrequently (Less Pow; NCI; Limited Geographical Area; Harshly Punish) -5 Hunted: Own and Allied Agencies Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching) -10 Social Complication: Subject to Orders/Regulations Frequently, Major -15 These could easily be adjusted depending on what the player wants for the character. Lucius Alexander What is a palindromedary worth?
  4. Touch of Chaos: (Total: 57 Active Cost, 57 Real Cost) Deadly Blow: +3d6 ([broad circumstances]) (Real Cost: 57) Lucius Alexander Touch of a palindromedary
  5. As long as we're quoting Snopes: "In an email sent to Snopes.com, Brandon Kendhammer, associate professor of political science at Ohio University and an expert in Nigerian politics, said the religious dynamics of the conflict were further complicated by the fact that Fulani herders had also been attacking farmers in Zamfara State, “where nearly all the farmers and victims are also Muslim.” He added, “Here, the conflict very clearly appears to be rooted in the impunity of criminal gangs.” " I think the real reason the Nigerian atrocities are getting less play than the New Zealand massacre has to do with the fact that one is in Africa, and the other is in a first-world Western nation we don't expect to be plagued with such violence. In Nigeria, violence is expected, thus, not "news." Lucius Alexander In a Lucius Alexander post, a palindromedary tagline is to be expected.
  6. With a capacity to detect the invisible Lucius Alexander The palindromedary asks if it can eat the invisible?
  7. ......I may want to rethink my position... Lucius Alexander Counting limbs on a palindromedary
  8. So because some Centaur, somewhere, might possibly study Tai Chi, all Centaurs have to pay for Extra Limbs? Lucius Alexander Paying for an extra palindromedary
  9. Q: Where are the Kuiper suspenders? A: Circling Uranus Lucius Alexander The palindromedary wonders if the Kuiper belt holds up the Kuiper pants
  10. The shotgun’s damage is “reduced by range”, which is a string that we just literally couldn’t find in the rulebooks, You'll find it under "Limitations." Which rulebook are you consulting? and the pulse rifle utilizes “autofire” which we couldn’t find a core definition for You'll find that under "Advantages" (everything we found was an explanation of how “autofire” works for specific Powers and how it affects the strength requirements of melee weapons, it wasn’t listed at all underneath “Firearms”). And in this case the specific Power in question is Ranged Killing Attack. If Autofire is in play, it is always as an Advantage on a specific Power. In Hero, "Fire arms" are the Power Ranged Killing Attack, with Limitations like Focus (power is in an object that can be taken away) and Charges (the ammunition.) Most of the terms we searched could be found in either books' glossary, but those definitions were often too abbreviated and none of them directed us to a page that would give us the full scoop. In addition to this, when we tried to use our best judgement about how these rules should be applied, we couldn't find a way to produce a result that seemed sensible. What I mean is, we couldn't figure out how these Antlions were supposed to penetrate the seemingly very strong body armor of the Combine Overwatch. Assault has one possible answer: "The armour write-up includes this: Requires A Roll (12- roll; covers Hit Locations 9-14; -1/4) The armour isn't full coverage. The antlion does Body to the Overwatch soldier by attacking the parts of the body that aren't covered." There are a few ways to implement that. You can just randomly roll 3d6 for every bite and if it's 12 or less, the armor applies. Or you can roll for Hit Location every time. Or you can allow the Ant Lions to make called shots, taking a penalty to target specific body parts (I suggest the head) that aren't armored. Another option is for the Ant Lions (who are swarm creatures apparently and apt to outnumber their opponents) to use Tactics and Teamwork. For example, several try to Grab (look up under Combat Maneuvers) a soldier (preferably from behind) and when they have him Grabbed, 1 or 2 who were holdng phases waiting for the opportunity attempt a Haymaker (look up under Combat Maneuvers) with their bite attack. This is just an example of the problems we have been facing. So what we want to know is: What are we doing wrong? I think you had a good idea, you just may have picked the wrong two characters to try with. But let us consider what you can learn from this. You know to check the write up of a Power, like the armor in this case, and notice things like the Activation Roll Limitation. You know that if you want to have a feel for what will happen when two characters or creatures clash, comparing how the biggest or main attack's damage on each side stacks up to the other sides defenses is important. If the armor hadn't been partial coverage, the ant lions could still hurt the soldiers but it would be a lot harder. Conversely if you take these soldiers up against something with a 3d6 Killing Attack, they are much more likely to get hurt. Lucius Alexander This message reviewed and edited by a palindromedary
  11. Well, if the spell DID work as it is repeatedly described as working, one or more of those characters would in fact have been killed by it. The fact that they were not in fact killed by it proves that the spell does NOT in fact work as it is described as working. It really is that simple. Lucius Alexander If I repeatedly describe palindromedaries as having three heads and you only ever see palindromedaries that have only two heads, then no matter how many times I repeatedly describe them as having three, it remains the case that a palindromedary in fact has two heads.
  12. I wasn't expecting you to want to host it on your website; if you wish to I have no objection, although credit might be nice. Lucius Alexander The disappointed palindromedary finds no mini-onions
  13. Minion: (Total: 35 Active Cost, -22 Real Cost) Takes No STUN (60 Active Points); Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (BOD score halved; -2), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (Attacks that succeed by 4 pts ignore defenses; -2), Always On (-1/2) (Real Cost: 11) plus No Hit Locations (10 Active Points); Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (BOD score halved; -2), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (Attacks that succeed by 4 pts ignore defenses; -2) (Real Cost: 2) plus Susceptibility: Any attack succeeding by 3 or more 3d6 damage Instant, An attack succceeding by 2 does 2d6, 1 does 1d6, Standard Effect: 1 BOD per die (-25 Active Points) (Real Cost: -25) plus Accidental Change: Hors de combat: incapacitating attack rolled at -8 (-10 Active Points) (Real Cost: -10) Applying this power to a character means: Immunities: Character takes no STUN damage, cannot be stunned or knocked out, nor impaired or disabled, nor is the Hit Location chart used to modify damage. Defense: Cut to 1/3 BOD: Cut to 1/2, also considered dead at 0 BOD When attacked: Any to hit roll that succeeds by 1 pt: does 1 extra BOD damage (even if did not penetrate defenses) 2 pt: does 2 BOD damage over and above the damage done by the attack if any 3 pt: does 3 "bonus" BOD damage as above > 3 pt: as above but ignore defenses If someone actually wants to take a minion alive: an attack with a -8 penalty and appropriate description (targetting the head for a knockout, the legs to immobilize, etc) will leave a minion out of the fight but still alive. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary is nosing around for the mini-onions it keeps hearing about
  14. No Conscious Control? Lucius Alexander Side Effect: Palindromedary
  15. We must not look at goblin-men We must not taste their fruits Who knows upon what soil they fed Their hungry-thirsty roots? Lucius Alexander The palindromedary identifies the quote as from the poem "Goblin Market" but doesn't think the art is an allusion to that....
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