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  1. steriaca

    Brick tricks

    Ah...forgot Double Knockback. Question, can I take "Beam" on STR/HA?
  2. steriaca

    Brick tricks

    Sometimes it is easier to just buy Blast, No Range, and whatever advantages you wish in a multipower to represent some brick tricks. Another option is to buy Variable Advantage for your Strength. Common advantages to simulate with this advantage are Reduced Endurance (nothing more than Half Endurance Cost), Armor Piercing, Penetrating, Indirect, and Autofire.
  3. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Let's find a place for The Great Beast and Malachite by looking through the Champions Villain Volume 1 and see what genetics villains are there... Doctor Destroyer (pages 15-43, including agents, supers associated with him, and robots) Works: He is more likely to use his genetics knowledge to fix the flaws in the powers of other supervillains, but with a twist. He would either make sure such improvements could be turned off in case of betrayal, or add something in (much like the neural bomb inside Thoughtcrime to make sure yet another mentalist will not betray him). He rarely creates clones, viruses, or mutations himself. Kinematik (pages 71-79) Works: Again, like Doctor Destroyer, he is not known for his genetics. He can't create mutants and such. He does know Eugenicist, the ancient ancestor of Genetics, which works as a better humanity via selective breeding. This, given time and a loyal group of followers, he can raise an army of more 'perfect' mutants within two generations or so. King Cobra (pages 80-97) Works: Primarily 'snake people'. King Corba's obsession with creating a horde of loyal serpent men is legendary. And making them out of humans, even more so. Mechanon (pages 99-117) Works: Another villain nobody would associate with geneticist. But he has used it in the past to create life ending organic destruction viruses which he threatens to unleash from time to time (and somehow has never released for one reason or another). His failer might be mostly because he despises organic lifeforms, it pains him to use an organic lifeforms to destroy one. Doctor Phillippe Moreau (pages 122-125) Works: "Manimals", uplifted animals with almost human body placement. Idolizes his grandfather. Surpassed his grandfather. Kinda works for VIPER, yet maintains his independence at the same time. Joseph Otanga (pages 138-141) Works: While the source is magic, he is skilled in changing humans into animals. Also, he is skilled in giving himself animal powers via the same magic. Teleios (pages 221-225) Works: Clones. He is well known for the love of himself, and this most of the clones he creates are similar to himself genetically (why work with inferior subjects, when everyone knows he is perfect). While not in any book yet, I must say something about... Doctor Lirby Koo Works: Various branches of genetics. He probably was once forced to work for the Tiger Squad, so he is more than knowledgeable about superpowers and how to 'improve' them, suppress them, modify them, ect... Now, to the subjects at hand. The Great Beast Works: Modified animals using some strange organic material he has discovered. The catch is that the substance can easily be given to the subject without causing pain, and results in superpowers without a loss of loyalty a pet would give to a master. And to The Great Beast, that is exactly what they are to him, his pets. He, in fact, prefers them to human company. Malachite Works: Devolution Gun. Litterly, he has zapped people, plants, and animals back to there prehistoric counterparts using the gun. As part of the devolution, they are artificially conditioned to obey all commands he issues, if they understand it or not. He is working on a way to devolve birds into dinosaurs (he tried doing that once with reptilians, but only gotten dri gators).
  4. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Malachite had an island. Tells also. And Doctor Munroe also had an island. Sure, it was his grandfather's island, which they wrote about, but an island none the less. And he had a mountain. And get has labs on Monster Island. Go figure.
  5. steriaca

    Look Out! A Bus!

    1) Just because a power looks like a Focus doesn't mean it IS a Focus. Try Physical Manifestation for some of that (since it can't be easily taken away). 2) Depends on the edition your working with. If you're working with 6th edition, then you don't need "Can Be Deflected/Reflected", since everyone can now grab a object and use that for deflection without a power. I seen a 4th edition character take about a -1/2 limitation to represent that fact (or was that a 5th edition character?).
  6. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Jim Dandy can grow to amazing heights. Alas, while his hight grows, he keeps the same width. This has given him the crime name of Slim Jim, to his dismay.
  7. steriaca

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    It is a master plan. It changes each adventure. Sometimes it changes during the adventure.
  8. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    So, there might be room for one more genetics mad scientist. But pore Malachite, getting replaced by Telos like that...
  9. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    True. He rents out his beasts to others. He seems to generally love his creations. No, not in that way...time to get my mind out of the gutter. He can easily move to human experimentation. And, his creations are different than anyone else.
  10. steriaca

    Welcome to the PsiGames

    Shutter. Foxbat. King of the comic book universe.
  11. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    He is yet another genetics mad scientist. So far, he is content with animal experimentation.
  12. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    The Great Beast is in Creaturs of the Night - Horror Enemies, and as far as I know, only there.
  13. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Malachite: If we are going to move him over, we need to make sure he is NOT a pore man's Telos (considering Telos is an advanced Malachite...). He would need a new origin (perhaps Telos created him as a clone of himself to experiment on to see what the most advantage mutations he could give himself, and couldn't bring himself to destroy such a beautiful experiment). Malachite has false memories in his skull, and a chip on his shoulder. He believes he is the master of genetics and deserves to rule the world, and is surprised that everything he has done, Telos has done first.
  14. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    The Great Beast: Interesting idea of a biological-based master criminal, but in 4th edition, we only had him, King Cobra, and Malachite. In 5th and 6th edition, we have Telos (a renamed Malachite), King Cobra, Doctor Murou (forgive my misspellings, the guy who is the grandson of a certain doctor who performs experiments on animals to make them humanoid), among others (I'm not mentioning those who genetics are merely an option, like Doc D). So, can the world survive with The Great Beast? An option would be to have him experiment on himself also. What are a man but intelligent beasts themselves?
  15. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    They still haven't brought back Uncle Ben back. Right?