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  1. Ah...I remember rep on the board. Man, I'm getting old.
  2. I'm sure Paradox Timely would be into it, as long as she can give the cash to charity...
  3. Humm...i deal a compulsion to buy a pdf of something...
  4. Duke here is right. The people who write the games have family to support, food to put on the table, clothing to wear, a nice warm place to live, etc. And the publishers have all of those things also, AND a business to run AND KEEP ALIVE. Sure, I have a few bootleg files myself. But mostly, if I can afford something from Hero, and I want it, I try to purchase it. Unless your out to kill this business for some reason, don't bootleg...purchase. Imagine a world where nobody publishes anything, cause of bootlegers...no more books of any stripe at all.
  5. Perhaps after this one... Black Mamba... Dreadnought... White Flame (with a slightly modified past, making him a failed Eurostar recruit)... Beamline
  6. Hey Tiger, I just bought all four current Forgotten Enemies PDFs. I'm looking forward to the next one, and the one after that, etc...
  7. I would start them off against Foxbat myself. Foxbat and his crew (5th edition stats for his crew in Foxbat For President). The Ultimates should be the second group they face.
  8. Devil In A Blue Oyster Cult A Golden Wind Called Aminsia Hello My Nebiour Dhamer
  9. Try Classic Enimies for 4ed. The full at that time version of Terror Incorporated and The Ultimates are there. As for the current 6ed version, official Ultimates in Champions Villain Volume 2: Teams, while the new, unofficial Terror Incorporated, well someone already put a link to the store with the product already, right?
  10. That works. Just remember to give Spectra the same martial art. She might be lothed to use it, but she can if she must. Spectra hates physical combat, and wouldn't engage in it if at all possible.
  11. Stronghammer Someone's Dungeons & Dragons character. He is a dwarf. So...he has tons of magical items. So he is a brick with items. I have no other comment on him, except by now much of his stuff should of been lost/stolen. He should still have his warhammer. Weapons Combat on page 72 of Hero System Martial Arts should be Stronghammer's martial art of choice. He should be able to use it with his Warhammer(club) by default, and should also be usable with blades, and axes/makes/picks, mostly because he would encounter such items at home. Finally, he has a fantasy roleplayer characters view on property. Slay the "monsters" and take there loot. He sees no difference between VIPER, DEMON, UNTIL, ECT...this should make Stronghammer prehaps the most hunted of villains by other villains. He does not think it is wrong at all. And maybe a bigot. What's a human bank compared to a dwarf bank. Money should be all in a dwarf bank, right?
  12. The Buffalo Perhaps the most easy of characters. He is a brick. But of low defenses, and strong regeneration. Also...horns and a charge attack. Or he should have a charge attack and be able to use his horns in it. Give him various environmental life support stuff, and he should be fine.
  13. Spectra Basically, her powers are self explanatory. She has six different attack light powers(special effect, temporary drain that color from the area and shoot it). She has an EGO Attack and a Mind Control attack, which should be rewritten as Based On Con, and should be NND (sight based Flash Defense). Her bracelets should be either an Endurance Battery or 1/2 END on a focus. Note that if going on the END Battery rout, her attack powers need to be bought with being able to be used with her personal endurance also. Martial Arts wise, Dirty Infighting, or whatever Jabberok is using. I forgotten, Jabberok is a martial arts instructor. So Jabberok should have the PS: Martial Arts Instructor and Paramedic. Again...her bracelets allows her to drop an area of darkness (allowing her to drain all the color out of an area). And her green vapors, which she can only use when Berserk. And it hurts her (side effect) to attack that way.
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