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  1. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Elastro is nicknamed "The Bendable Bandit". Former petty criminal Doug Dimly became Elastro after falling into a vat of chemicals while robbing a soda plant. Having a "heart of gold", he disrupts robberies from crooks known to harm normals and do crimes against thoes who harm others.
  2. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The slasher of the group is Blender, a brick with short blades around the arms and legs. Blender does not talk about how he got so strong, or why short metal blades are on his arms and legs. All he says is that he is not a cyborg or mutant.
  3. steriaca

    Greetings, Programs!

    Check out Hero System Martial Arts book for range martial arts. That would be helpful for your game. Also, the new blocking rules.
  4. steriaca


    Found it.
  5. steriaca


    Paradox Timely's uniform is made of Nano-Weave. Basically it is "Instant Change" Transformation on an "Inobvious, Indestructible, and Untakable Pseudo-Focus" for -0 Limitation. (This means it can be destroyed in much the way as a indestructible focus, but it can't be taken away except by destruction). It's only power is the Transformation (it may be indestructible, but by itself it does not provide protection to the wearer). Note: Paradox Timely also has the Shape Changing powers. Wish I could find the original post with her writeup.
  6. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    That is the bair minimum, 4. Up to csyphrett if we continue to 8 or do a new team.
  7. steriaca

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    It's where the Sailor Senshi keep all there wands, costumes, ECT when they are in there normal idenity. Also, it is where Luna and Artemis keeps all the stuff they give the girls. Lunaspace is basically a renamed hammerspace.
  8. steriaca

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    Redundant, since they already have "Lunaspace".
  9. steriaca

    I’m Invulnerable (sort of)...

    A "trigger" attack would always hit the target who triggered it.
  10. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    The Gamble are a group of gambling teamed mercenaries/assassins/enforcers operating out of Las Vegas and having vauge ties to Card Shark and his group. Deathdealer and The One Armed Bandit are searching for new members (around 4 to 8 more, not counting themselves) to have some extra when the logical happens and someone gets captured or worse.
  11. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Fallen appears to be a dumb blond with short horns, he appears to be able to 'float' in the air, generates electricity, and has a taist for animal print cloths. G.O.A.T has refers to her as "Lum", and "Fallen Invader", but he clames not to know what he is talking about.
  12. steriaca

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    You know, "Champions of Sin City" would make for an interesting supplement...
  13. steriaca

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    The Gamble can easily work with/for Card Shark. There just has to have more than two members. So beyond Deathdealer and The One Arm Bandit there is... Blackjack: A mutant with the ability to solidify shadows. Lady Luck: A provocative female martial artist who may or may not have luck powers. Crapshoot: An assassin using 'explosive' dice (gas expelling die, exploding die, entangle die, ECT...). (Of course, your free to add or remove members, have them more or less attached to Card Shark, ECT...)
  14. steriaca

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Another idea dump... Elvis impersonators are rather common in Vegas. Vegas is protected by one of the greatest ones, Graceman. Graceman is a very religious man who uses his holy granted power to fight the forces of mortal sin in sin city. On the other side is Blue Swade Shoe, a criminal martial artist specializing in Savate. A greedy sob who can be murderous when TCOB, do not underestimate him.
  15. steriaca

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    I don't have a game, but I do have some ideas... Deathdealer is a professional assassin who operates from Las Vegas (at least part of the time, as he also calls Atlantic City, Hudson City, and the entire country of Monoco home). His trademark weapon are razor sharp metal blades disguised as playing cards. He is a member of a loose supervillain group named The Gamble, who are based on various gambling props, games, and whatnot. Another member of The Gamble is The One Arm Bandit, an enforcer for the local mafia there. His right arm is artificial, and contains various weapons of various effects, from lasers, to drills, to mace heads and whatnot.