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  1. steriaca

    Wings of Valkyrie

    Captain Cronos: Keep his stats handy. Golden Age Champions: A 6th edition book. You can retro-edition all Nazi villains to 5th edition. Choose all Nazi villains who could be active during the late 1930's. I don't remember if the main villain was a super, let alone have a supername. Never had a copy, since it was pre-4ed, and the cost of a physical copy was astronomical.
  2. steriaca

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    I would love to see a profile of Lady Heart, the "6th ranger" of the group. But then again, I am bias.
  3. steriaca

    WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Here is CLOWN's agent pool. The CLOWN Kollage. The Kollage are all fans of CLOWN. They are basically normals who pop out of the woodwork whenever Merry Andrew needs extra bodies to pull a prank. Dressed in a graduate gown, moterbord (graduate hat with tassel), and usually various masks (ranging from clown masks, Groucho glasses, and/or greasepaint), they are sworn to be non-violent and helpful. They only appear to help in pranks (and not hists). Kollage members are equipped with a force field generator, an anti-fall deceleration unit (flight, only to glide, trigger: when falling), and expands-arms (streching, arms only). They carry no weapons at all and are instructed to get out of the way of a fight. Kollage members are NOT consider a member of CLOWN. They are Volunteers. They are expected to default to CLOWN members in all matters ("they know wurst, so we should obay, unless we can't cut the muster..."). While on the job, they will not kill (and if they ever do kill, must turn in there cap and gown).
  4. steriaca

    WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Been thinking about advancements to CLOWN members. Merry Andrew: While regeneration is mentioned in his background, it is not on the sheet. It wouldn't be to out of character to give him the bare minimum of Regeneration (1 Body each 24 hours) without saying he is a mutant or anything (the blessings of good genetics, much like his intelligence). A 50 point VVP seems to low for a mad genius as him. 75 to 150 points would be better. Don't change the other cost. This will give him up to three 50 point gadgets (as oppose to one 150 point gadget). I do know that Merry Andrew has basically an unlimited point value VVP to create pranks, so the original VVP should not represent that. The Fox (of Crime): A mass teleportation ability to move the group is much more valuable than TeeHee, and Fox is just the mutant to develop it. Fox should find more room in his ring for more pies (and more charges). Fox, being a master burglar, should have a minor VVP of his own. This represents minor gadgets helpful in a robbery job, and could be helpful in pulling pranks also. Many of these gadgets are things one can buy in the underworld which any other robber could buy. Considering that Fox is a fan of old cartoons, he should have a Knowledge Skill in cartoons and Comedy Crime Media (The Pink Panther series, Ocean's 11 series, The Italian Job, ECT...). He should also be a fan of Lupin the 3rd. April Foolmaker: Telekinesis, stronger with her puppet than without. Beyond that...I got nothing. Balloon-A-Tic: Water balloons (Cosmetic Transformation: dry person to wet person, Dispel vs Fire powers). Marbles: Ever seen the anime Bakagon? Bakagon is basically origami marbles. Give her a summon basically a giant living marble or two. Skate Kate: The only thing which comes in mind is more charges. Perhaps a small VVP representing gadgets Merry Andrew gives her to use. Spotlight: "Solid Light" attacks (blast which does knockback). Tag: More advantages to STR, only vs thoes who are "It" (Double Knockback, Penatration, ECT...). It might make more sense to give Tag Variable Advantages to STR. Increse Defenses, only vs thoes who are It. TeeHee: TeeHee us perfect as he is.
  5. steriaca

    Supers Image game

    She is Malviolanta, a dark, extra dimensional, magical presences who's goals are nothing more than the destruction of any dimensions which she is not currently living in. She sets herself as the great magical queen, but cares not for her servants and citizens. Power wise, her body is full of magical energy. While she can't cast spells, she can 'ignore reality' and release the energy within her. She can also absorb magical energy.
  6. steriaca

    Different REC based on powers used

    A simpler solution is use Increse END Cost for electricity powers, and Reduced END Cost for fire powers. It has no effect on REC, but it is also less book keeping. You could instead use Limited Power (Cost END And Long Term END: suggested value -1/4) on all electricity powers. But this also becomes complicated book keeping. Remember, you have to track END, STUN, and BODY. You rairly have to track Long Term END except for special circumstances.
  7. steriaca

    Different REC based on powers used

    It's probably a Side Effect.
  8. steriaca

    Different REC based on powers used

    I like your explanation, cause it does what the original poster wants without going into book keeping hell.
  9. steriaca

    Different REC based on powers used

    I would have one use persional END, and the other use a END Reserve. That way you can keep track of both powers separately. Did you know: Endurance Reserve was, in Champions 1st edition, a power limitation instead of a power in itself.
  10. steriaca

    The Sailor Senshi call Central City, Missouri, home

    Since they are all young girls, like a gentleman.
  11. I believe it is like Dragon Ball/Z/Super/GT. The objects shrink/fold up into the capsule, and grow/unfolds out of it. Or, that's the way I see it. In Dragon Ball series, the technology just works, nobody ponders why or how.
  12. steriaca

    The Sailor Senshi call Central City, Missouri, home

    Barry, well, he would treat the Sailor Guardians like any other superhero. Well, with one minor exception. He would try to find a scientific explanation for there powers. Not that he doesn't believe in magic. He has been around magic users long enough that he knows magic exists. He is just a police scientist (formally of a normal type, later a member of his cities CSI team).
  13. There is probably tech in the house which can pull water from air. As for electronic, that is what solar panels are for.
  14. steriaca

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Not really, unless it is common for school shooters to use VIPER Lazer Pistols to do so.
  15. Someone has been watching there Dragon Ball. Anyways, the human race becomes more mobile. I mean, you can store homes inside the darn things. So it might be common to now have homes without basements and foundation. You want to move and own your own home, you compress your home into a capsule and find a new clearing to put your home in.