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  1. COIL (formally COBRA till Classic Enimies added King to the villain Cobra, and rename the org) is in Villain Volume 1: Master Villains (for King Cobra, of course).
  2. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Thinking about a VIPER issue. Blue Phantom: The multiple personally and geneticlly created lifeform with connections to The Dutchess and Dutchess Industry, and with there links to VIPER. The Dutchess: Dutchess Henrietta Von Dottie, head of Dutchess Industy, and one of VIPER's Council of Forty. One of the most dangerous normal women in the world. Black Mamba: Scientist who was inficted by the COIL Virus, and was one of Doctor Blank's assistants and rival in science. Became a Dragon Branch member after a long time trying to cure himself of the virus by becoming a supervillain. Crital: A mutant and ex-superhero who after a scandal turned to crime. She later joined VIPER and became a Dragon Branch member. Brick: A man who's mind can't remember his past and with a body litterly made up of bricks, he has been VIPER's strongman for a long time.
  3. steriaca

    Supers Image game

    Well, it is defently not Tuxedo Mask. It is Master Cosplayer, a rather odd criminal who takes the costumes and powers of anime characters. The more powerful the character, the less time he is able to channel there powers (so he rairly spends time as Kenshiro, Son Goku, One Punch Man, or Sailor Moon, and spends more than enough time as Lupen the 3rd, Tuxedo Mask, and Crayon Shin-Chan then he likes).
  4. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Dart is covered by the new Geodeciant PDF (Dart, Ultraviolet, Orb, Diamond, the newly resurrected and joined Dark Claw, and Doctor Kirby Loo). PS: I misspelled the group name.
  5. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Humm...beyond the love duo Valentine special... Weaponsmith Galore. Rainbow Archer. Frisbee. Dreadnaught. (the suit is a weapon right? Ok, so it is more dangerous to the driver than to the hero's.) Red Rapier. (Who can resist a swashbuckler?)
  6. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Open my mouth, and a entire factory of can worms falls out, including more than a few feat. I'm sorry about the Radar and Sonar suggestion.
  7. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Yes. Radar and Sonar. There villains. They are allowed one Ewwew because of that fact. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  8. steriaca

    Package Deals

    No astronaut or test (airplane) piolet on the list?
  9. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    And for Christ sake, DO NOT CALL PANDA AND RACCOON GENMA AND CARTMAN (unless you really want to get hurt).
  10. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Another set to look forward to. Don't forget, Thunder and Lightning have a case for cruel and unusual punishment (You don't see petty criminals sentenced to be police officers for a year, do you? So why in the legal world would a judge sentence them to be superheroes and not have the ruling challenged at some point?) As for Panda and Raccoon, I love the idea of them becoming a 'super PETA' duo. And speaking of duos, there is my take on Radar and Sonar (not only Brother and Sister, but lovers as well).
  11. Hunted (watched) by The Goverment (for care of there equipment. Should not be to high. They are constantly there, but rairly complain unless for the story or if the character does something really stupid with it.) DNPC (usually a girlfriend...perhaps also the girlfriend's kid brother and the girlfriend's scientist father) Social Complications: Subject To Orders (if he is in the military at the start of the game. If not, that will be thrusted upon him once the war starts at 0 points)
  12. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    DEMON can't always rely upon supernatural agents. Besides, The Ghoul works for cheep. Only an arm and a leg. Of course, not his own...
  13. steriaca

    What happens when a combat precog runs out of options?

    Getting headackes each time she pushes her precog powers? Psionic Code of Ethics? Her mental senses get flashed if she encounters an event with to many choices (beyond one hundred would be my guide, depending on how complicated the choices are)? May also go in reverse, flashing her senses if there is two or less options.
  14. steriaca

    Supers Image game

    The supervillain known as Toxian was once Profesor Calvin MacCanister. He was working on creating a chemical which allows people to survive in and around environments which are extremely toxic "for the benefit of mankind". Well a super fight broke out in his lab, and he was knocked into a toxic vat of chemicals. Now rendered unable to live in pure environments, he plans to toxify the world, to "speed up what we are doing to our world anyways". He is not exactly that heartless. He has perfected his chemicals to allow people to survive such an environment. And once he is done changing the environment to resemble his future vision of Earth, he is planning to give the chemical away, free of charge, to those who wish to survive. His armor grants him superhuman strength and resistance, and also gives him the toxic environment he needs to live (much like Mister Freeze from Batman). He uses various weapons designed to toxify the environment
  15. steriaca

    Builds of 2018

    I believe you have to supply that information.