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  1. steriaca

    A Modified Champions Universe

    Phantom's problem is not that he can't find a setting he likes (He has and does. Teen Champions with a little bit of Anime-ish Magical Girls.), it is just thathe keeps on moving his platform, never satisfied with whatever play by post method he started out on. But this is neither here or there.
  2. steriaca

    A Modified Champions Universe

    VIPER's goals are simple. Get extremely rich for the Supreme Serpent and Council of Thirty, semi-extremely rich on the Nest Leader level, and maybe control the world to there benefit. The armed agent arm are merely soldiers who believe that VIPER is the best choice for them.
  3. steriaca

    Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe

    Everyone knows about the Phantom Zone. Everyone knows about Kryptonite. Just accept it and walk away.
  4. steriaca

    Supers Image game

    The alien duo of Orange Spaz and Blue Dork are two self-proclaimed protectors of the planet Earth. Unfortunately, they don't know much about our planet and barely know our language. Their powers are standard super strength, durability, and flying.
  5. steriaca

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Is there any villain from the abysmal supplement European Enemies which can be salvaged for Forgotten Enemies? Well... Neither of Eclipse is a rather good grey supervillain/witch which is wasted in the group... Mammoth is an interesting idea, a would-be world conquer as a brick with a mastodon trunk. I would rename him Masterdon myself, and use him as a 'serious joke' character myself. If Deathstroke could use another member, he could be useful in spite of his arrogance. Vauld is a mutant with vampiric-like energy drain abilities and thinks he is a for real vampire. He has potential, except for his villain name.
  6. steriaca

    Valerian Scarlet: Is She a Villain or Not?

    Ok. It is not that perfect. But 30 STR in 5th edition is 30 STR in 6th edition.
  7. steriaca

    Valerian Scarlet: Is She a Villain or Not?

    Unless we are dealing with Transfer or mental powers, there is not much differences between 6th edition and 5th edition. Different cost, but beyond that.
  8. steriaca

    Valerian Scarlet: Is She a Villain or Not?

    Thank you Bubba. A combo of false memory and spelling.
  9. steriaca

    Golden Age

    How did Clark Kent evade the draft, or enlisted? Well, he read an eye chart correctly...it just was in the next room and he accidentally activated his x-ray vision. Hey, even Superman was a new hero at one point, still learning about controlling his powers. As for Bruce Wayne, the point never came up, but as a millionaire who owns various businesses with government contracts, one can easily see him as 'essential to homeland defense'. And Diana Prince, she worked as a WAC secretary. So, even she is a 'foreign-born individual' from an island from the myths of one of the enemies of the states, she was allowed to serve (both as Wonder Woman and as Diana Prince...having someone else identity can be helpful at times).
  10. steriaca

    Golden Age

    The thing is, they have to be convinced that they ARE serving their country by staying at home. How? By increasing the amount of 4th columnist in the country, have them disrupt various axis power missions which happen in their country, prevent the assassination of English Queen, among others, and other important deeds. Don't forget the bombing of London and the Blitz. Unlike the United States proper, England had bombs fall upon it
  11. steriaca

    Valerian Scarlet: Is She a Villain or Not?

    Sorry. I mixed him up with Brimstone. As for thoughts on a Doom Patrol analog, well it came to mind cause we kinda have a version of the Brotherhood Of Evil/Society Of Sin (Brain Trust), and the Brotherhood Of Dada (Professor Paragon and his Paragon Pirates). We kinda lack an analog of Chemico and the Animal Vegetable Mineral Man. Well, Chemico was more of a Metal Men villain...
  12. steriaca

    Valerian Scarlet: Is She a Villain or Not?

    Don't forget, Claiborne can be found in Champions Villains Volume 3 himself (mostly because of his demon soul taking over his body from time to time). And yes, he IS the closet we can get to the Hellblazer that we can get. Now who is the Doom Partol analog?
  13. steriaca

    Golden Age

    You can 'borrow' the Blue Knight name. As for Welsh, Red Dragon could be borrowed also.
  14. steriaca

    Golden Age

    The idea is that in the "Luchaverse", it is dishonorable for a luchador to be seen without there mask. There mask is their life. Topic drift, unless we are talking about Golden Age luchador superheros/hombre mysterioes (mystery men).
  15. steriaca

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Zen-Fire has used meditation techniques to become "one with fire". Fire cannot harm him, and he can command fire to do his bidding. He cannot normally generate fire, but he carries a cigar lighter to overcome that. Mostly to light himself on fire.