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  1. Ranxerox

    Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Oh, the Outsider thing goes deeper than that. The first we see an Outsider comic in Black Lightning, it is in the hands of Anissa's soon to be girlfriend, Grace. The comic book she is carrying is one of the early issues of the Outsiders, but a latter incarnation of the team has a brick named Grace who is Asian and queer just like the girlfriend. So, you just know that if Black Lightning makes it season 3, girlfriend Grace is going to get super strength or it is going to be revealed that she had it all along.
  2. I just assumed that Themyscira exist in some alternate dimension and that the pair exited it a lot closer to London than Steve entered it.
  3. That isn't really the opposite of what Pattern Ghost was saying. PG was referring to knife wielders in general whereas the person you spoke to previously was specifically referring to knife wielding muggers. Muggers probably only make up a small percentage of knife wielders. So, it is perfectly possible that most knife wielders aren't ready to use the knife, but muggers are not like most other knife wielders. Also, PG is a member of law enforcement. It seems likely that muggers with knives, as murderous as they may (or may not) be, don't get into confrontations with police. After all, they know that the police officer has a gun, and probably also know the old adage about not bringing a knife to a gun fight.
  4. I was disappointed to discover that she was not playing Tracy Burke.
  5. Personally I enjoyed Iron Fist. The martial arts were bad, but I watched Arrow for years and its martial arts were in there own way just as bad despite the years of practice their actors had doing them. The pacing was good, without the the feeling that episodes 8 through 12 were just there as padding like so many Netflix series. The story with Ward and his father was compelling. Madame Gao was a good villain. Colleen Wing was cool. Moreover, prepare yourselves for heresy, I liked the character of Danny Rand. Yes, if I was a fan of Danny Rand from the comics, I probably would have hated him in the Netflix series. However, Danny Rand in the comics never really did anything for me. The Netflix's Danny Rand at least I found interesting. The idea that taking an orphan and training him for years to be some ultimate warrior would result in not some peaceful zen warrior but instead in a really emotionally messed up man struck me a wonderful overturning of a stale troph. Every good thing about Danny Rand was stuff that he brought with him to K'un-Lun as a sweet, innocent boy. All K'un-Lun added was violence. If you doubt this, look at messed up Davos is. Early on we see him subduing and tying up a food truck owner to use his truck to spy on Danny, and to pass the time he scares the s*** out his prisoner. Had Danny Rand not won it instead, this is the guy who would have become Iron Fist. Think about that. I also liked him in the Defenders. I found him to be a refreshing counterpoint to everyone else's angst and cynicism.
  6. You set the bar for Trump getting your vote extremely low. You asked for only one positive achievement with the rest being just a short list of items not to screw up. You didn't even ask that he not get us into a war as long as it wasn't with someone on your list. Still, the chances that he wouldn't screw up one of the items was extremely low, and I expect he will cross some more off your list before he is done. 😪 Even though it isn't a surprise, the torpedoing of the Iran deal is incredibly sad. That agreement was the product of years of economic and diplomatic pressure in order to get Iran to the bargaining table and months of hard work to craft an agreement that would stop Iran's nuclear program and be acceptable to both sides. The fact of the matter is is represented a decent chance at peace. Now all the work and care and commitment to peace is being flushed down the toilet like a McDonald combo meal three days after Trump finishes eating it. I'm not a man who apologizes for being an American, but I kinda of feel like I should now. Sorry, world. We decided not to give peace a chance.
  7. Ranxerox

    Black Panther with spoilers

    Deleted Scene From The Black Panther
  8. With the exception of Speed, these stats aren't a bad representation of Batman. The 9 Speed, however, is ridiculous. Depending on the campaigns level of Dex/Speed inflation, I could justify giving Batman a Speed of anywhere from 4 to 7. However, Regardless of campaign, only speedsters should have ever have 9 Speeds. Though, if I remember right, DC Heroes didn't have a stat directly analogous to Speed, so the conversion probably is estimating it off one or more combat stats. As Batman would have had fantastic combat stats, the conversion just got a bit carried away with the Speed, I'm guessing.
  9. Ranxerox

    In other news...

    California is one of 14 states that sends more money to the federal government than it gets back in benefits (link). So, I'm really not sure what mistakes it is that the family thinks they are being asked to clean up. It is certainly not financial help that they are giving us.
  10. Ranxerox

    U.S. Strikes Syria

    😆 😢
  11. You mean the comic book version? The article doesn't show Anna Diop in her Starfire costume.
  12. Bah! Things said by Ms Sanders reflect neither reality nor whats going on inside of the Trump White House. Michael Wolff's book was just scurrilous, gossip mongering, and it was still a more accurate description of White House happenings than any Sarah's news conferences.
  13. Ranxerox

    In other news...

    I disagree. It is all normalized down to killing per year. Yes, the data from a ten year period is going to be do a better job ironing out statistical outlier years than just looking at 3 years, but 3 years will usually be enough to give a person a sense of things. So, yes, IMHO this chart and graph do a good job showing how dangerous each state is to it law enforcement officers and how dangerous those law enforcement officers are in turn.
  14. Agreed on both points. ROM was like Micronauts in that it was much better than it had any right to be based on it's original toy origins.
  15. Ranxerox

    Favorite legacy/sidekick character

    Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan. My second favorite is the Atom, Ryan Choi.