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  1. What Bolo said. Some typos are too good to pass up.
  2. You are right, of course, Rufus can't be crated. He will always find a way to escape from any crate.
  3. Wow! Good eyes! Maybe this movie isn't dead after all.
  4. A two minute trailer and not a single shot of Rufus. ☹️ This movie is dead to me.
  5. Well, yes, coming with unique is really, really hard. However, in this case it would need to be both unique and still have a definite "African feel" to it, and that would be even harder. So, hey, sample like a hip-hop record.
  6. The in-universe explanation is that Wakanda despite there outward display of isolationism has quietly been culturally influential in Africa for centuries due to being Africa's most affluent and stable nation. So, these aren't Caribbean, Afro-American and Egyptian influences that have made there way to Wakanda, this are Wakandan influences that have spread to the Caribbean, Egypt and even America. The out-of-universe explanation is that the movie makers were pursuing a Pan African/Afrofuturism vision and settling on one country or region of Africa to draw their influences from would have been picking a favorite and as such at odds with that vision.
  7. I would think that it would pick up best costume design and best production design.
  8. So, how do you feel about the term pseudo-rapist to describe cat-callers or pseudo-murderers to describe people who sell guns? Because I know people on the left who would be totally down with those terminologies. Using the pseudo- at the front or -like at the back of some really heinous word such as terrorist, rapist, murderer or pedophile is a tactic of demonization. It is saying that this group that you dislike is almost that other horrible group. The idea being that we should punish our newly labeled pseudo-terrorist/pseudo-murderers/pseudo-rapist almost like we punish actual terrorist, murders and rapist despite their not having terrorized murdered or raped. When activist use this tactic they are trying to be inflammatory. When government this tactic they are usually getting ready to do some sort of crack down. Both groups are trying to bend or break the truth in order to achieve an end. What I am saying is Greenpeace either is a terrorist organization or they are not. If they are not, then it is inappropriate to try to paint them as being almost terrorist because the word terrorist is much to loaded to use in that fashion.
  9. But seriously, bad puns aside, that is one of the problems with streaming services. They keep there viewing numbers to themselves, and it is hard to tell if something is a hit or a flop. I haven't heard much buzz around season 2, and that may just indicate that people just haven't tuned in to see it. If they don't tune in, they aren't going to find out that this season is better. If Runaways does get renewed for a third season, that will probably stream on Disney's own streaming service. Fortunately since Disney owns a 30% stake in Hulu they can probably arrange the transfer over of seasons 1 and 2 fairly smoothly.
  10. Finished watching season 2 of Runaways. It was better than season 1 which wasn't bad either. Hope that it gets a third season.
  11. Well, I certainly hope they discover all sorts of new things. Knowing more about low gravity plant growth would be very helpful once we reach Mars, and if they find rocks from the moon's core that would be very cool.
  12. I doubt that it being on the "dark side" will add much scientific knowledge. Though the rover may have scientific instruments not included in previous rovers and that could be valuable. In any event, I tend to view space explorations as not a national aspiration but a human aspirations, and as such news of the landing made me happy.
  13. It's also possible that the Atlantean commando armor that he was wearing gave him extra strength that made the difference. Though I do think that the knife will turn out to be special.
  14. Aquaman has so far made a $629 million worldwide. So we may have to consider the possibility that the DCEU may not implode, despite the massive failure that was Justice League. It turns out that all they need to do is make films completely without Zack Snyder being involved. Who knew? Except, well, everybody.
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