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  1. Rudy Guiliani accidentally creates a link in one of his tweets It get put to good use.
  2. I've been enjoying Beck Chamber's Wayfarer series (The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet; A Closed and Common Orbit; and Record of a Spaceborn Few). Have you ever watched or read some big space opera and found yourself wondering what life is like for normal people living in that universes? Ir is in the lives of normal people where the Wayfarer series calls home. Because while Chamber's Galactic Commons would make a fine setting for big space opera type of adventures. The stories are inevitably about people trying to find love, friendship and purpose in a big and confusing universe. That is not say they are completely lacking in adventure. Even though you know from the outset that she succeeds, Jane 37's efforts to escape from her home world are quite harrowing. It is just that when there is adventure, it is just a part of the story it is not the whole story. Good books. I will be impatiently waiting for the fourth in the series to come out.
  3. I'm not the least bit worried about the migrants throwing rocks. People who are just trying to stay alive don't usually go around picking unnecessary and potentially suicidal fights. Their supporters and people pretending to be supporters are another matter.
  4. A little pedantic I know, but Libertarians are considered part of the right wing under the traditional pro-capitalist definition of the term.
  5. Cut Post Credit Scene From Wonder Woman
  6. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Options, dragon: Leonard Smalls, from Raising Arizona
  7. This is BS. Yes, the Senate can't "order" the FBI to investigate on their behalf, but they can request such an investigation and in the normal course of events such a request would be granted, Chuck Grassley isn't requesting because he doesn't want the investigations.
  8. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Not just bald billionaire, but bald, evil, billionaire. Good pick. Antagonist: Lex Luthor
  9. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Looking for help with my antagonist. I really want to use Jeff Bezos as my antagonist, but I know that real people are generally off limits for drafts. So, ideally I would like an official ruling that Jeff Bezos is not actually a real person. Falling short of that, can any of you think of any good Jeff Bezos fictional analogs?
  10. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Kid #4: Regan MacNeil, from The Exorcist, sometimes possessed by Pazuzz, but usually just herself
  11. Also, while Danny remains a bit naive, he is a good deal more mature this season. I mention that because while I got why Danny was immature in season 1, I know that it bugged the heck out of a lot of viewers. Having now made it all the way season 2 (the move from 13 episodes to 10 episodes was a good one), I must say that I didn't see that ending coming.
  12. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Kid #3: Damien, from The Omen movies
  13. You think Stallone is human looking? We may have to agree to disagree on this one.
  14. Ranxerox

    Superdraft: Kids on Bikes SciFi

    Benign Adult: Friendly school janitor, Frederick Charles Krueger