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  1. Cancer

    More space news!

    What I haven't seen yet is any kind of quantitative estimate for the brightness of the event or the size of the impactor, and that would, I think, be an interesting number.
  2. Cancer

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Wow, the adrenalin of lecture didn't wake me up at all. Time for second cup of coffee AND donut.
  3. ... have you ever tried chewing on duct tape? 😝
  4. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    As someone who is grading things now ... perhaps closer to the situation on hand would be "engraved on a shiny golden statue of a calf".
  5. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    "Militant vegetables on Bench 3. Militant vegetables on Bench 3. Hide all the sharp objects."
  6. Cancer

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Rum and Red Bull! Plastered and wired at the same time!!
  7. Cancer

    Funny pics

    Just for the record, I can testify that that general phenomenon happens to men also, so don't feel picked on. It's just nicer to draw it like the above.
  8. Cancer

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    The delivery snout of a white-out tape dispenser looks sort of like it ought to fit in a USB3 socket, which has all kinds of interesting implications.
  9. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    For winter classes, didn't you write yours in the snow the old fashioned way? That was the real reason only boys were sent to school.
  10. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    Well, bringing in an assignment written on slates is often a challenge.
  11. Cancer

    A Thread For Random Links

    ... That's my story and sticking to it. Source for the quote
  12. Cancer

    "Neat" Pictures

    Well, you could overlay it with a contour map ...
  13. This seems to be going viral, and it's a little weird for a USer to contemplate a culture who thinks of Genghis Khan the way we think of George Washington, but the music is great. There's about a minute of stray lead-in stuff, but ... they rock.