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  1. Cancer

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    Decades ago there was a one-panel comic of two priests (Roman collars are the tipoff) playing cards, with one saying, "Forgive me, Father, for I have ginned."
  2. Cancer

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Bleah. I think I've developed an ear infection. Will call doctor in the morning.
  3. Cancer

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Probably at that age it was just a pea-green floatie.
  4. Cancer


    Also, things that you find while figuring out your psychiatrist is a cross-dresser.
  5. Cancer

    RIP: Stan Lee

    Rest in peace, sir, and thanks for the heroes.
  6. Cancer

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    Also saw five or six bald eagles in the same area, with one pair that seemed to be courting.
  7. Cancer

    The "Nice Happy" Thread

    Went with wife up to father-in-law's, and thence out to Fir Island (part of the Skagit River delta). Very nice sunny autumn day. Some of the winter-over birds were there: maybe a hundred or two trumpeter swans and probably ten to twenty thousand snow geese. The swans are silent; the geese just the opposite. The swans are pretty chill. The geese move and talk continually. Watched the big mass of geese graze in the grass and interact, and eventually they got spooked and the whole flock took flight. She grabbed some video with her phone, but I haven't looked at it. EDIT: This is someone else's video from a year and a half back of the geese (probably a few times the number we had today, but not twenty times the number, if you see what I mean) in the same area (probably a few miles from where we were), but it was taken from further away from the birds -- we were no more than 25 yards from the edge of the flock on the ground -- so the noise in the linked video is diminished compared to what we heard today.
  8. Cancer

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Do you forget what you're up against? The most powerful suck in the Universe?
  9. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    Hm, I woulda guessed either circa 1966 proto-psychedelic rock, or 1990s post-punk videotrashpop.
  10. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    Get out an El Marko and he could be Blue-Ringed Bazza. Y'know, "Blue-Ringed Bazza and Death Tribble" would make a great cartoon, in a Saturday morning high-camp slapstick sort of way.
  11. Cancer

    The Advice Column

    --- Frank Buckles