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  1. Cancer

    2017 Word Association Game

    'Allo 'Allo!
  2. Cancer

    In other news...

    Yes ... yes, we do.
  3. Cancer

    "Neat" Pictures

    Enough of the non-painting pictures are artificial ('Shops, etc., and some thoroughly synthetic digitally-created things) that to me it seems overly restrictive to hold paintings out.
  4. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    My senior colleague (she'll start the three-year phased retirement process next year) took her students in the Nuclear & Particle Physics course and had them write things (and explain what they were writing) with sidewalk chalk out on the Quad (cement pavement). The Meson nonet, proton structure, Feyman diagrams for weak and electromagnetic interactions, and so on. Unfortunately it happened the weekend after (not before) the annual rock concert on the Quad. Probably just about all gone by now, since it started drizzling since I got in an hour and a half ago. Pity.
  5. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    Wow, language translation and clarification technology is much further along than I had guessed.
  6. Cancer

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Can we call him snorklewacker?
  7. Cancer

    The Academics Thread

    I turn off autocorrect as soon as I can find where to do so.
  8. Cancer

    In other news...

    Gah, I misstated; shoulda said northeast. If there's a magnitude 9 megathrust monster that pops off around Puget Sound, the wall of water will be coming at you from that direction.
  9. Cancer

    A Game of Numbers

    Let's see, the strongest correlation here is between enrollment in this class and calendar year. Looks like it'll drop to zero in about 2025, if you believe it, which I don't. And even if it happens, I should be retired by then and will officially Not Care.
  10. Cancer

    In other news...

    Sounds like I'm better off staying where I am and waiting for the Magnitude 9 earthquake. The tsunami from that ought to paste your northwestern shores pretty well, too.
  11. Cancer

    In other news...

    OTOH, the place we rented for the week when we were on the Big Island four years ago is in the evacuation zone. I haven't gone poring over maps to see if it has been engulfed.
  12. Cancer

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    An infinite-repeating loop of the entirety of Herman's Hermits' Henry the Eighth. NT: The next meaningless, vapid public spectacle to hit the media. Extreme silliness preferred. Difficulty: no royalty, no sports, and no fatalities.