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  1. That could be worse than WWE.
  2. I think Wallace's and Darwin's works on evolution are a worthy counterpoint, in how scientific progress can be made without recourse to mathematics. But your initial comment was about physics, and those counterexamples are not part of physics.
  3. Might have something to do with frequency of use....
  4. Yesterday my daughter wore an old t-shirt of mine, from an event at a Yakima Valley winery that I attended with my parents in 1984. I had forgotten I'd given that to her, and I hadn't seen it since I had, about four years ago or so. I got that shirt during my last trip home before I finished my PhD in mid-1986. At that time I had not yet met my wife (that would come in 1987), and my mom and dad had 30 and 18 years left to them respectively.
  5. I have until noon Wednesday to post grades, then my spring break ends with my first class on April Fools' Day.
  6. N = 25, 150 possible, median 76, mean 74.6, high score 112, low score 35. Screams: uncounted but within experienced norms.
  7. 35. Taos, New Mexico takes faux adobe chic to patently silly levels. The real adobe in the old core of Santa Fe is monumental.
  8. Death Tribble. Though he might waste it all on movies instead, and prove me wrong. Misinterpreted foods: Yorkshire Pudding (made with real Yorkshire terriers!) vs Sockeye Salmon (made with real punches in the face!)
  9. ... but I have no classes until next Monday.
  10. The last surviving escapee passed away almost a month ago, aged 99.
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