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  1. buying 1200 lottery tickets for the same number
  2. Less than five years later, the inlet where I saw these is no more.
  3. Paddle-to-the-Sea, by Holling Clancy Holling, 1941.
  4. If you formulate it in terms relevant to their microscopic worldview, a good Epimenides paradox can send a micromanager into a destructive downspiral in a hurry.
  5. On a technicality, yes. Or maybe no. Depends on the application.
  6. Just think of the experiments we could run if we could get a reliable source for antipuppies! "PUPPY-ANTIPUPPY COLLISIONS AT 0.99c". Now there's some research!
  7. Especially if that's a faculty member.
  8. Watch this shy plant engage in "self-love" when it can't get pollinators Just the thing in the bitter aftermath of Valentines Day
  9. Q: You're from Oregon, aren't you? A: Nobody here but us chickens.
  10. You need to ensure that the soundtrack of the movie they'll make about you has something in it other than screaming.
  11. Declaring your candidacy before you have adequate financial backing is a recipe for certain defeat.
  12. Wear your raingear tomorrow. And keep your electronics in a sealed box.
  13. Q: Do you understand how you got the diagnosis of Acute Excessive IntArWebZ Dependency Syndrome? A: If you don't know what a volt is, you haven't had enough of them applied to you!
  14. What level of subscription did you sign up for?
  15. Once you recover a couple of SAN points, commit "No. Just no." to memory. I haven't looked into the political thread for most of a year for that reason. I am much happier.
  16. Is it safe to use an electric chainsaw in the rain?
  17. A very powerful rendition, no question. OTOH, Joni Mitchell kicking butt is another vision entirely...
  18. Don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock'n'roll 1971. Three minutes and change of narrative, and then ...
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