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  1. Cancer

    Superdraft: Back Benchers Unite!

    Only thing missing from my entry is the title, repeated here.
  2. Cancer

    The Last Word

    About 20 years ago, when I was at the Enormous State University, some twit in the Philosophy Department proposed making an ethics course required for graduation (so that the Philosophy Department could have, oh, 8000 students take thir courses a year, rather than, oh, 18). I said I could support that proposal if and only if students caught cheating in it were irrevocably and immediately expelled. (I was encountering a fair number of acts of academic dishonesty, up to and including a student submitting a download from schoolsucks.com.) The twits in Philosophy were not amused.
  3. Cancer

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    They're ewoks. My guess is they subcontract that out to the Keystone Kops or someone like that.
  4. Cancer

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    If I understand correctly, he is the surger, not the sugree? So if this works right, I think maybe he comes back with a custom-scratchbuilt "aide".
  5. Spring Training games are going on, and baseball is resuming. Let the thread start! And on a personal note ... the Seattle Mariners have signed Ichiro Suzuki to a contract. Again. While it is the same person as batted leadoff with the Mariners for the 116-win season in 2001, in all honesty, it really is not the same Ichiro as hit .350 in that year. Most people figure he'll get a week or two of playing opportunities and then will retire in a Mariners uniform. Being a sentimentalist (and there's a vast amount of sentiment for sports in Seattle, though the moments of sports greatness here have been few and sparsely spread), if that's how it works out, I'm OK with that. EDIT: Famous Ichiro interview (NSFW!)  (Hermit, don't look at this!)
  6. Wife and I set out about 10AM on Monday April 23rd, returned about 2.5 hours ago. Much good times, and many hours behind the wheel (roughly 4500 miles, all told) to reflect on them. Some reflections deposited here. 1. Let the record show that the very first text message I ever sent included the word "cretins", sent about 5:30 PM on April 25th, in reference to Denver traffic.
  7. Cancer

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    "Do not give the bison psychoactive substances." NT: Things you packed for the long vacation and never used.
  8. Cancer

    Insights from the long vacation

    27. On our way from Colorado Springs to Santa Fe, we nipped off of I-25 onto US-160 and went over La Veta Pass (9413 feet) and turned south at Fort Gardner, sneaking into New Mexico on state and county roads. Probably not something you want to try in winter, but in late April it didn't cost us any time (we did stop for an hour or two in Taos), the scenery was better, and far less traffic. The only real issue is a total absence of rest stops on the less travelled roads.
  9. Cancer

    Insights from the long vacation

    26. A corrolary of item #12 above, the juxtaposition of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, with reference to the Manitou in the published Deadlands RPG setting: NORAD headquarters and Cheyenne Mountain are also in the immediate area. Contemplate a one-off hybrid modern-day plus Deadlands RPG session where that spatial proximity ... is not accidental.
  10. Cancer

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    It also powers off the TV. That's the most important function.
  11. Cancer

    A Game Of Questions

    OK, if that's what you want: You wanna be Cassius, Brutus, or Cancer?
  12. Cancer

    Insights from the long vacation

    25. Saguaro forests look like the mountains have stubble.
  13. Cancer

    Insights from the long vacation

    24. In the hummingbird exhibit at the Sonoran Desert Museum, you could get within about 5 feet of a momma hummingbird sitting on the nest. I tried getting pictures, but you certainly are prohibited from using a flash there, and the light level was too low to avoid blurriness.
  14. Cancer

    A Game Of Questions

    Do you wanna be Cassius or Brutus?
  15. Cancer

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    There is not yet a recognized collective term (e.g., flock of sheep, school of fish, etc.) for black holes. That term should be "committee".
  16. Cancer

    The cranky thread

    Ho hum. Another week, another two computer swapouts. This last happened about a month ago, but in that one-month interval of time I was gone for three weeks, so it counts as the next work week. The first machine swap was benign (the previous owner needed the machine back because she didn't back up all her old data before handing it off); I had installed only one or two things, no more than half an hour's effort, and I have already got most of that stuff back. The second one is less benign (not all that damaging as I only had another week of work that needed to be thrown to the backed-up communal drive before I lose the box), but a complete re-imaging is needed, and the extra stuff I installed will need to be put back on the new image. Probably the kludges I did to install stuff I need won't work again, collateral damage of the new image. I'd be rather more annoyed, but I'm still in happy mood from the vacation. In parallel developments, with the end of the academic year approaching, various people who need affirmation of their importance are calling meetings at a remarkable pace, filling up people's Outlook calendars like senior citizens participating in a frenzy-pace bingo game. I wonder if I'll have at least a meeting a day for the next two weeks (after which classes are over). Much depends on whether said administrators needing importance affirmation are so desperate for meetings that it overrides their need to cut out a day early and make Memorial Day weekend last four days (because it's next Friday that lacks a meeting right now). I don't think that'll happen, but it's an interesting study in PHB dynamics.
  17. Cancer

    A Game Of Questions

    Isn't it just that we want to stab you first for a change?
  18. Cancer

    "Neat" Pictures

    Would that that was real
  19. Cancer

    Funny pics

    When I was with the insurance company I saw something like that. The notation that went into the file said something like, "Client does not use best judgment. Cannot open garage door due to old back injury, so uses front-end loader instead."
  20. Cancer

    A Game Of Questions

    Could you stab them to let the air out?
  21. Cancer

    The Advice Column

    When embarking on a software project, double the time estimate to give yourself some hope of producing adequate documentation.