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  1. Old Man

    Funny pics

  2. I was shooting for despicable, but okay.
  3. Old Man

    Low Level, Mid Level, High Level.

    Low level: Smuggling and blockade running in the bayous of Louisiana. Mid level: Commerce raiding at the helm of an experimental ironclad. High level: Cataclysmic fleet actions between ironclad airships, high speed submarines, steam-driven colossi, and zombie-crewed tall ships, in a wild free-for-all that draws in the European great powers, voodoo witchcraft, Aztec gods, and the First Peoples, that will determine which culture shall reign supreme over the world for centuries. Next topic: Social events at a castle.
  4. Old Man

    More space news!

    "Mars rover strikes oil; fossil fuel industry ramping up drilling efforts"
  5. Old Man

    Trying to build a healer...

    Healing is one of those self-inflicted problems that Fantasy Hero has always had. First of all, it matters whether you're playing with hit locations and bleeding or not, and whether your healing spell is per-injury or not. Then somewhere along the line it was decided to roll Healing into Aid, causing it to get caught up in all the efforts to fix Aid (which was admittedly broken). At this point if it's 1st ed FH, I might know how Healing works, and if it's any other version, I definitely do not know how Healing works.
  6. Old Man

    Head Hit Locations.

    Based on the sectional armor charts all the way back to 1st ed, 3 is face, 4 is throat, and 5 is skull. Location 13, as always, is less cut and dried.
  7. Old Man

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    A Thornado, you mean?
  8. Hate what? Rocky and Bullwinkle? Do you want us to not mention Rocky and Bullwinkle?
  9. Old Man

    2018 World Cup

    Has Argentina's goalie been executed yet?
  10. Old Man

    Musings on Random Musings

    That's what I do, only instead of a bike, I ride a 3000lb car made of steel, glass, and fire. It protects me from, among other things, lunatic bike riders who consider traffic rules to be guidelines at best.
  11. Old Man

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Must we discuss Badger’s fetishes here?
  12. Old Man

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Metallica (1991) Pantera/White Zombie (1994) Metallica (1999) Rage Against the Machine (1999) Sting (sometime in the early 2000s) k.d. lang (2003)
  13. Old Man

    Musings on Random Musings

    I have to say, Seattleoids are really determined to ride bikes in spite of that. I suppose if the weather won't stop them, nothing will.
  14. Old Man

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    It does make one big fat juicy target out of all of them. One of the previews before Incredibles 2 made it clear that Vanellope Von Schweetz is a Disney princess, along with Shuri and Leia Organa.