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  1. Thanos snaps his fingers and the audience dies.
  2. Old Man

    Superhero power archetypes

    That seems ripe for GM abuse. "It's about time you got out of the bathroom Matter-Defecator Lad, I really need to pee." "NO NO NO YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO IN THERE!!" *sigh* "Again?" "Quick I need the number for a plumber I haven't called before!"
  3. Old Man

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    I hear the Chargers may be an exception.
  4. More like you guys are too young to get my jokes, but that's okay.
  5. Old Man

    Funny pics

    But it's not a flamethrower. It says so right on the box!
  6. Old Man

    Funny pics

    Did you actually get one of these or is this just a photo from off the internet somewhere?
  7. Old Man

    HFFL '18: Son of Gronk

    I'll just assume I'm playing Log this week since that's how the season is going for me.
  8. Old Man

    Superhero power archetypes

    I voted, but a points-based poll would have been easier than a class-based one. I was surprised by the "shapeshitter" option, seems like that's a really specialized archetype... Anyone want to stat out an example?
  9. Old Man

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    FBO rates Seattle squarely average in special teams, rushing offense and defense, passing offense, and run blocking. Fourth overall in pass defense and almost last in pass pro. So... there are worse teams, but feel free to make other plans during the playoffs.
  10. Old Man

    Funny pics

    Is that better or worse than the bile of a drowned sandworm?
  11. Old Man

    The Advice Column

    The coolant should not look like chocolate milk. If it does, congratulations, you’re buying a new head gasket.
  12. Old Man

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    They were already talking about firing Mike McCoy before tonight’s game. Turns out the QBs coach is Byron Leftwich, who has played in every offensive football scheme in the universe. He’d become acting OC.
  13. Old Man

    Marvel's Venom

    It was good enough to justify a rental or matinee price. I’m not sure if you really need to get the DVD since it’s connection to the MCU is tenuous at best. Also, there are two mid/post credits sequences. There are enough credits between them to go take a leak and then return for the second one.