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  1. Old Man

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    No, they have some good receivers (if they can stay out of trouble) and the second best run-stopping front seven in the league (per FBO). Their real problems to date have been QB "play" and idiotic coaching.
  2. Old Man

    Power builds/abuses of Hero

    Dull rusty scalpel. Problem solved!
  3. I thought WWI was awful. No picturesque marching formations or glorious cavalry charges, just mud and barbed wire and machine guns. And the smell. The High Middle Ages had the best battles, really. And feudal Japan.
  4. Old Man

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    CLE's OL last season wasn't awful. It wasn't awesome either, just average. Statistically Mayfield is the best QB prospect in the draft; it remains to be seen how the coaching regime in Cleveland ruins his mechanics and decisionmaking.
  5. Old Man

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    Jaguars purchasing Wembley, totally not going to abandon Jacksonville to become the London Jaguars
  6. *sigh* So Trump phoned into Fox and Friends this morning. He revealed some key information: - He admitted to staying overnight in the Moscow pee tape hotel - Thereby admitting that he lied to James Comey about it - He declared that Michael Cohen does not represent him - Thus wrecking most claims of client-attorney privilege - Except in the Stormy Daniels case, where he admitted that Cohen did represent him - Contradicting his own statements from two weeks ago Seriously.
  7. Old Man

    The Academics Thread

    The middle school here has a zero tolerance policy for cell phones. Use one on campus and it gets confiscated until the end of the year. I'm down with this.
  8. Old Man

    Funny pics

    I wonder what that would look like. Sunbeams? Food? The enslavement of the entire human race?
  9. Old Man

    In other news...

    Perhaps it's time for a grim 'n gritty reboot.
  10. Old Man

    April Superdraft: Weird West poll

    Thanks for running the superdraft this month. The same month you did a nano. Lunatic. ;)
  11. Old Man

    In other news...

    But I hate to start a new series before all the sequels have been written.
  12. That may be why DC tends to have better villains than Marvel. A lack of superpowers means the writers have to give the characters personality and depth in order to set them apart from each other, and the heroes.