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  1. I actually don't want Force ability to be genetic. At all. I get why you're-a-wizard-Harry is a popular story, and why it's almost necessary for background reasons. But I'd rather Force ability be the result of character and hard work, rather than some kind of latent royalty.
  2. The NFL has settled the Kaepernick lawsuit for chump change around $70M.
  3. *observes Cancer crashing PETA into each other at 0.99c*
  4. I would like for them to get completely away from SW altogether. Wrap it up with Ep IX and make way for something new. Not gonna happen because franchise and IP, but hey.
  5. The SW franchise feels like work at this point. Which is unfortunate because even the worst of these films had their moments. Ren and Rey in Snoke's throne room. "Luke" confronting Ren on Crait. Finn and Rey's meeting on Jakku. Ren's obvious conflictedness throughout. It's just that we have to endure so many plot holes and so much poor characterization to get to these.
  6. Can you post your credit card info here?
  7. And he's still doing that in the Disney trilogy, so...
  8. That's why I focused on Luke's record from the originals, to show that he's not supposed to be a Mary Sue in the first place.
  9. I thought Psylocke's costume worked great onscreen, but the obvious fanservice doesn't set a great example.
  10. Well, let's see. Luke vs. Tusken Raider: Raider. Luke vs. Trash Compactor Beast: Beast. Luke vs. Vader I: Saved by Han. Luke vs. Death Star: Luke. Luke vs. Wampa I: Wampa. Luke vs. Wampa II: Luke. Luke vs. Vader II: Vader (singlehandedly). Luke vs. Rancor: Luke. Luke vs. Vader III: Luke. Luke vs. Emperor: Emperor. I get a record of 4-5-1, which is thoroughly average.
  11. Hey, congratulations! Also, don't blow all your money at once on stuff to fill any new digs. Homes can be surprisingly expensive...
  12. As a middle-aged anything you have aged out of the most popular target demographics--twentysomethings with disposable income, and pre-twentysomethings who will soon be twentysomethings with disposable income. Pull up a rocking chair, we're yelling at kids on the lawn today.
  13. They are one and the same. It is known.
  14. The Flacco move seems like a win-win. He's an upgrade from Keenum and only cost Elway a fourth rounder. If nothing else he's a better stopgap. Meanwhile the Ravens are able to sell high on Flacco after a decent season with fewer injuries than normal, and they have another QB on staff with greater upside.
  15. I think the entire idea of a live action version of that film is... deeply flawed.
  16. Got my finger on the reset button and am having a damn hard time thinking of a reason not to push it.
  17. I didn't think the books were going to have a satisfactory ending. After ADWD Martin had spun up so many subplots and POV characters there was no way he was going to wrap it up cleanly in less than 12 volumes, unless the Valyrian Doom happened again and killed off 90% of Westeros and Essos. It's an unfortunate side effect of the characterization that sets his books apart.
  18. That explains the lack of sex. I knew I shouldn't have clicked through that EULA.
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