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  1. Got my finger on the reset button and am having a damn hard time thinking of a reason not to push it.
  2. I didn't think the books were going to have a satisfactory ending. After ADWD Martin had spun up so many subplots and POV characters there was no way he was going to wrap it up cleanly in less than 12 volumes, unless the Valyrian Doom happened again and killed off 90% of Westeros and Essos. It's an unfortunate side effect of the characterization that sets his books apart.
  3. That explains the lack of sex. I knew I shouldn't have clicked through that EULA.
  4. I really liked the one escape room I did. It's important to choose the right people to go with though.
  5. He might be a bastard son, but then so is Jon, and it's not clear to me at all who would have the strongest claim--except that succession in Westeros in general seems to be patrilinear, which would rule Daenerys out.
  6. The best spin I have seen put on this transaction is that Dorsey is picking the scumbag up on an inexpensive one-year contract so that he can be dealt next offseason for picks. He's going to spend most of the season suspended anyway. But still... scumbag on roster.
  7. And yet students come up with answers that are blatantly wrong anyway. Orbital velocities greater than c. Negative volume. And why can't they check the units?! Work is not measured in meters per second!
  8. Dude, I don't stop at lights now.
  9. This outcome becomes more interesting if you accept the Tyrion-son-of-Aerys theory, as that would result in another Stark-Targaryen pairing, and could render R+L=J moot. What we are seeing is the result of 1) progressing past the end of the books and 2) an acceleration of a plot that was already kind of a highlight reel compared to what was in the books. I mean, there are some serious shortcuts happening, especially regarding travel across a good-sized continent. I keep expecting Jon Snow to grow a brain and stop Forrest Gumping his way through the series. Hasn't happened yet.
  10. And he did it well, having previously worked as a volunteer firefighter. An earlier take with a breakaway door failed because Nicholson got through it instantly. They had to do it over with a real door.
  11. That's one way to keep your franchise in the news.
  12. Craftsman trucks seem to top out around 180mph. But there's always Shockwave. 'Murica!
  13. This is why we are GoT fans: the story is entirely unpredictable.
  14. Wasn't this thread corrosive enough already? Why do you guys have to compound it with bad chemistry puns?
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