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  1. Rain?! In Seattle?! Think of the traffic nightmare that must cause.
  2. I have fond memories of kazoos. I also take them away from my kids when they're not looking. Vuvuzela vs. Lamia
  3. Common Core strikes again! So newer boy has had a string of bad math tests, which were puzzling because he always seemed to have a clear understanding of the subjects based on his homework. It took a few weeks, but I finally figured out that his class is being taught four different ways to compute the same type of operation, and then being hit with quizzes that are word problems for that type of operation. Example: Multiplying fractions. Homework one, multiply the numerators, multiply the denominators, done. Homework two, draw a grid, color in the appropriate area of the grid, use the grid to work out the result. This method is useless. Homework three, draw a number line, count off the appropriate number of fractions and add up the result. This method is useless. Homework four, draw a bunch of circles, divide up the circles, color in the appropriate fraction of divided circles. This method is useless. Quiz: Karen's cupcake recipe requires 1 2/3 cups of milk to make 13 cupcakes. If she has 11 1/7 cups of milk, how many dozen cupcakes can she make? These kids are being set up to fail. I get that applying the math is important and should be taught--but it needs to be taught, not just tested out of the blue. I've already asked the faculty about this, and have been told that this is a result of "the new curriculum" and they're "working with" it. What it actually is is confusing and demoralizing for the kids. Newer boy is not a straight-A student by any means, but from what I can gather, even the super gifted kids are struggling with this. I can't even imagine what it would be like for ESL kids. No wonder kids struggle with math in this country. Jesus.
  4. I LOVE BAGPIPES. Vuvuzela vs. Didgeridoo
  5. That’s just good business. This is an ownership economy, after all.
  6. No, it would look like a particularly creepy Ewok.
  7. Are you nuts? I have standards, man, don't you realize that?
  8. Do you have to watch the always on video? Like the telescreens from 1984? Admit It You Can't Even Remember What The Breath Weapons Are: Brass Dragon vs. Bronze Dragon
  9. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten how much I hated clouds when I was working at IfA. Time flies.
  10. What if I have my lawyer force the jury to watch the tape over, and over, and over?
  11. All politics is local, and up close, local politicians rarely look competent or intelligent. Our governor is Just A Guy; he does okay but his main skills are not pissing people off and not being GOP.* One of Obama's big advantages was that he was a relative unknown even in Illinois, allowing him to create a more national persona. Historically, senators rarely make it to the presidency because they're usually in office too long to avoid building up a voting record and making enemies. And for all that this is a deep blue state, it's important to remember that in a lot of ways it's a deep blue Blue Dog state; the most progressive new legislation on the books is a gradual minimum wage increase. * There may be some overlap between these two skills.
  12. Why wouldn't it? You think they might want to see the script?
  13. I had that experience in my mechanics physics lab. Week 1 TA: "Please log and report actual data, do not falsify your data." Me (thinking): "Okay." Week 1 Lab: Reports honest data, G=9.5 m/s^2, discussion of systemic errors resulting from lab equipment in writeup Week 1 Lab Grade: C Weeks 2-12 Lab: Data mysteriously falls into line with expected result Weeks 2-12 Grade: A To be honest, though, there was a shocking lack of training in lab procedures, standard deviations, statistics, uncertainty propagation, and estimations in every lab I took, which includes chemistry, mechanics, electromagnetism two or three times, and quantum/particle physics twice. I think there were certain specific labs in the latter classes that addressed specific reporting issues because (for example) catching gamma rays in a scintillator happens infrequently. And then I got flashbacks when I started helping the boys with their science projects. It's all I can do to not shout "Quantify! Quantify! You need more data!"
  14. If you film prostitution, is it still illegal, or is it just porn?
  15. Minotaurs are surprisingly chill and given to deep discussions of philosophy. Which Half: Minotaur vs. Centaur
  16. Remind me again why people live over there?
  17. Deep blue state? My understanding of Washington is that it's a deep blue King County surrounded by Greater Idaho. What changed?
  18. The only thing more terrifying than a log is a librarian.
  19. Noir would be perfect. It’s unfortunate Affleck never really got a shot though. His burned-out Wayne would have been a great fit.
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