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  1. Does it really matter if the bathroom gets cleaned every week, or every other week? Surely one more week doesn't make a world of difference. I'm not that inaccurate.
  2. Dreamweaver MX... it is hard for me to put my admiration and respect for this application into words.
  3. Nothing is more dangerous than an executive with an idea.
  4. It took six months for this company collateral literature to get printed. You'd think it would be easier than that. It's just a folder with four sheets of paper, for chrissakes.
  5. I woke up this morning and thought that it couldn't possibly be monday already. But I think this pretty much every monday. You'd think I'd have learned by now.
  6. How can I get any work done when every five minutes someone walks up to my desk and asks "So how was your thanksgiving?" It's a whole nother class of interruptions, on top of the phone and the door and the IM and the meetings, that I just don't need.
  7. I love the rain. It takes the edge off everything, cools things down, washes things off, and drives everyone else indoors. About the only bad thing about rain is the new potholes.
  8. Cat in the Hat sucked. I should have saved myself fifteen bucks and left my nostalgic childhood memories intact.
  9. I derive at least as much enjoyment from reading posts in this thread as I do from posting to it.
  10. I bitch and moan a lot, about a lot of things, especially here. But in spite of the fact that I am hopelessly overworked and stressed out both in the office and at home, I can't think of anyone I know who I would be willing to trade places with. And the world, for all its problems, is an okay place to hang for a while.
  11. I've learned to hate a new phrase: "I know you're really busy, but..." I got that three times today. Does it make you any less of a dick to precede your request with that line? No. In fact, it makes you more so. Maybe if you didn't know I was so busy then I wouldn't resent you for dumping more of your work off on me. But you did.
  12. I feel the need to spew random thoughts onto a public board from time to time so I thought I'd start up a thread to do it. Of course everyone else is welcome to spew here also--the only rule is that you cannot reply to someone else's post. Each post should have as little to do with the others as possible.
  13. Q: What did you do when you saw the 12-ogre cirle-jerk A: Kind of like burnt toast soaked in beer.
  14. Q: My car! What did you do to my car?! A: A Lamborghini Mercielago
  15. Q: Did the guys at SWG really load their servers with anything from Microsoft? A: Because it bounces better
  16. I've always wanted to whip up an app that would generate entire languages, not just words, at random. It would include things like whether the language is syllabic or alphabetic, grammatical structure, tonality, particles, as well as a basic lexicon. And in my dreams I'm even able to have the app develop the written script for the language as well. But I will never have that kind of free time...
  17. And Shadowpup has reached 500 posts! Time for the Dildo of Death! Oh wait, wrong boards...
  18. That is what I was suggesting, since merely changing the base levels around is really irrelevant, as Keen asserted. I am still inclined to believe that a better solution is to alter the actual characteristic costs for different races and dispense with maxima entirely. I haven't yet tried to balance this, though.
  19. I think it's a nice touch. My usual kludge is to define Elvish as some bizarre Earthly tongue, like Azerbaijani, then use Google to develop a small lexicon for it.
  20. I think Old Man was considering that the adders in the racial package would change the point at which cost doubling would occur. So if Foogers start with +3 STR, their new max STR is 23. Likewise, their -2 INT makes their new INT max 18.
  21. What really matters is the changed maxima if NCM are in play. If a Fooger can buy 23 STR for 10 points then that's a big difference from normal humans. The problem with this approach is that every PC fooger is going to be right around 23 STR. A better solution would be to define a base and a cost for each characteristic. If Foogers start off at 13 STR and their STR costs 1/2 that accomplishes about the same thing without the problems that char maxima cause.
  22. As an active Shadowfist player I consider it my duty to list all the monkey-related card names in that game: King Kung Battlechimp Potemkin Furious George Orango Tank Chimpanzer Che Gorilla Gorilla Fighter Apes of Wrath Ba-BOOM Funky Monkey The Monkey Who Would Be King Koko Chanel (Master of Monkey Style) Flying Monkey Squad Big Macaque Attack Mo Monkeys Mo Problems Monkey Boy Too Much Monkey Business Simian Liberation Army SAM Simian Simian Sneaker Who's The Monkey Now? Gorilla Warfare Monkeywrenching That's quite a few, now that I look at it. Ordinarily I consider the monkeys to be a small and silly minority in that game. Sadly there is as yet no card titled "Butt Monkey".
  23. Well yeah, I was looking for something that would need many many hits to actually kill someone but still inflict imparing/disabling wounds. The -1/2 only to disable sounds right but -1/2 seems light considering that no BODY or STUN is actually done. Maybe -1 would be more reasonable?
  24. I was wondering how to create a small blade (dagger sized or smaller) that didn't do much Killing Damage but because of it's special materials and/or sharpness, always caused an imparing or disabling wound. It doesn't chop off arms, just slices through the tendons making the arm useless. So....how?
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