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    More space news!

    Actually, wouldn't they just float there weightlessly?
  2. Whoa, Endgame comes out in a month.
  3. Can anyone remember whether Batman died in Infinity War?
  4. Ygorl spells "Lrogy" backwards. Somebody sat down and made one of these on purpose? Deck of Many Things vs. Sphere of Annihilation
  5. Nick Fury keeps a flerken as a pet!
  6. Un-manly? He went hand-to-hand with a flerken and only lost an eye!
  7. I found my sewer cleanout under 0.5" of dirt! This saves me a weekend of digging up my yard, or $1500 to have a plumber put one in!
  8. Title: Cthulhu, Interrupted or Fighting Madness With Madness Soundtrack: The Doors--People are Strange Cypress Hill--Insane in the Brain Suicidal Tendencies--Institutionalized
  9. I’m fond of using the word “fantastic” at work, which has the advantage of being totally unclear as to whether I’m using it sarcastically or not. Another phrase I use is “Christ on a stick”, though I’m not sure it isn’t just as offensive as normal profanity.
  10. Mueller has delivered his report to AG Barr. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT NOW
  11. The sign doesn’t say “hikers” or “walkers”, it says “runners”.
  12. That’s fine, but it’s not a good look to post uninformed opinions about the movie you didn’t see in the forum thread dedicated to that movie.
  13. She rolled over in bed and whispered in his ear, “sweetie, don’t see my movie, it’s not for you.”
  14. Strangely, I can’t think of a way to distinguish ‘90s action movies the way I can with ones from the eighties. Shaky cam and grainy?
  15. Damn that RL, always getting in the way of things.
  16. No no, this is the Raiders. Where flake personnel problems start at the very top. I can't wait for Burfict and Brown to get into a fight in camp and hurt each other so they both spend the season on IR. That would be the most Raiders thing ever.
  17. Isn't there a flippin' sticky thread for this already?
  18. As someone who has family members that had polio, I think he got off pretty lightly.
  19. Watched Triple Frontier last night. I agree that it'd be an excellent basis for a DI one-off. You could even make a campaign out of it, at the intersection between special ops, espionage, and crime. Other films like Ronin and Bourne Identity come to mind.
  20. Sounds like Tribble may have seen one shoggoth too many.
  21. So does she view you as cocky or smug?
  22. It's in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.
  23. I prefer the term "misogyny", as it's harder to understand and almost sounds cool, even though it's actually worse.
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