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  1. No no, this is the Raiders. Where flake personnel problems start at the very top. I can't wait for Burfict and Brown to get into a fight in camp and hurt each other so they both spend the season on IR. That would be the most Raiders thing ever.
  2. Isn't there a flippin' sticky thread for this already?
  3. As someone who has family members that had polio, I think he got off pretty lightly.
  4. Watched Triple Frontier last night. I agree that it'd be an excellent basis for a DI one-off. You could even make a campaign out of it, at the intersection between special ops, espionage, and crime. Other films like Ronin and Bourne Identity come to mind.
  5. Sounds like Tribble may have seen one shoggoth too many.
  6. So does she view you as cocky or smug?
  7. It's in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.
  8. I prefer the term "misogyny", as it's harder to understand and almost sounds cool, even though it's actually worse.
  9. Well, she already spends a good portion of it brainwashed and gaslit, so it didn't seem like a huge change. (Admittedly I only have 45 X-shaped chromosomes so I freely admit I could be off here.) There could also have been an early scene where she's actively encouraged to kill a Skrull but can't bring herself to do it for some reason. At first this would seem like weakness, but she'd be proven right by the end. Still a good movie, I'm just driven to fix what isn't broken sometimes.
  10. "Calm down, everyone. They can't drive you insane if you're already insane." Protagonist Support: Tyler Durden
  11. Option #1: Gremlins Hunter #2: The Joker "I've found a way to share my madness with the world!" Option #2: Shoggoths Apocalypse Itself: Cthulhu Awakens, The Outer Gods Return, And The Earth Dies Screaming In Madness
  12. It seems like one of those is a version of the other that's gone moldy, but which way? I guess I'll go with the green one. Deities and Demigods Redactions: Lovecraftian Mythos vs. Melnibonean Mythos
  13. Let us know how you do this season.
  14. Fantasy Birdwatching Leagues Are A Thing
  15. I very dimly recall that the Red Slaad are more dangerous for some reason. But I've never encountered Slaad of any color in game or IRL. And, yeah, I've seen some students understand stoichiometry. Usually gearheads. Uranus is a lost cause. Duct Tape vs. WD-40
  16. This! This is what's missing. Carol is smug in the beginning, but what she isn't is a true believer. She needed to be a hardcore anti-Skrull fanatic, dying for a chance to get out there and waste some Skrulls in retaliation for their galaxy-spanning atrocities. Then the revelation later in the film would have carried some weight. Also, she should have been a reverse-Maverick--starting out short on confidence after five years of amnesia and mansplaining that she needs to "control her emotions", and only fully coming into her power when she allows herself to take joy in using it.
  17. Vontaze Burfict signed by the Raiders Hasn't actually happened, but does anyone doubt that it will?
  18. Aarakocra are playable as PCs now, IIRC. Forum annoyances: Inability to delete double posts vs. 'Sad' reaction counting against the poster
  19. If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape. Hero 5th as a weapon vs. Hero 5th as resistant defense
  20. If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you’re not using enough duct tape. Hero 5th as a weapon vs. Hero 5th as resistant defense
  21. I’m not sure what the death toll is in Nebraska, but I think it’s lower than the one in Christchurch. If it bleeds it leads, and sadly, NZ bled more this week.
  22. I know how corned beer is made, so... Irish stew. Fiend Folio vs. Monster Manual II
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