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  1. Well, she already spends a good portion of it brainwashed and gaslit, so it didn't seem like a huge change.  (Admittedly I only have 45 X-shaped chromosomes so I freely admit I could be off here.)


    There could also have been an early scene where she's actively encouraged to kill a Skrull but can't bring herself to do it for some reason.  At first this would seem like weakness, but she'd be proven right by the end.


    Still a good movie, I'm just driven to fix what isn't broken sometimes.


    I very dimly recall that the Red Slaad are more dangerous for some reason.  But I've never encountered Slaad of any color in game or IRL.


    And, yeah, I've seen some students understand stoichiometry.  Usually gearheads.  Uranus is a lost cause.



    Duct Tape vs. WD-40


  3. 1 hour ago, zslane said:

    Carol Danvers, on the other hand, never really went through a similarly "humbling" experience. Sure, she started to doubt her own personal history, but that smug sense of self-satisfaction was always there. I never really felt she showed a vulnerable side, the way Pete Mitchell did, both in terms of his somewhat awkward pursuit of "Charlie" and in terms of his psychological journey back into the cockpit.


    This!  This is what's missing.  Carol is smug in the beginning, but what she isn't is a true believer.  She needed to be a hardcore anti-Skrull fanatic, dying for a chance to get out there and waste some Skrulls in retaliation for their galaxy-spanning atrocities.  Then the revelation later in the film would have carried some weight. 


    Also, she should have been a reverse-Maverick--starting out short on confidence after five years of amnesia and mansplaining that she needs to "control her emotions", and only fully coming into her power when she allows herself to take joy in using it.

  4. On 3/12/2019 at 5:42 AM, Starlord said:

    So now that a good portion of folks have seen it, who is everyone's fav female Marvel character?


    1.  Black Widow

    2.  Scarlet Witch

    3.  Mantis

    4.  Okoye

    5.  Valkyrie


    1. Aunt May
    2. BW
    3. Valkyrie
    4. Domino*
    5. Gamora
    6. Shuri
    7. Okoye
    8. Hela
    9. Hope Van Dyne
    10. Scarlet Witch
    11. Pepper Potts
    12. Mantis
    13. That Orange Chick Who Grabs The Infinity Stone In GotG And Blows Up



  5. On 3/9/2019 at 9:20 AM, Starlord said:

    It was decent.  A slightly below average Marvel movie.  My only real issue is that Larson seems to have no charisma as a 'superhero.  I never really cared about what happened with her.  In fact, I was most invested in Talks the skrull.  Captain Marvel seemed to just be 'along for the ride' in her own movie.  Everything else was pretty good though.


    This.  But here's the thing--I'm not sure if Larson had no charisma, or Captain Marvel had no charisma.  We all know what personalities Cap, Spidey, and IM are supposed to have from the comics.  I'm not sure what CM's personality is supposed to be.  The human female I saw the film with was impressed by her "quiet badass attitude", and I suppose that if CM's personality is supposed to be something like Clint Eastwood, maybe that's okay.


    I felt that the film took itself a little too seriously.  Even the most serious MCU films seemed like they had more humor, but CM just wasn't funny.

  6. 10 hours ago, wcw43921 said:

    Cat--J.R.R. Tolkien


    The fat cat on the mat
     may seem to dream
    of nice mice that suffice
     for him, or cream;
    but he free, maybe,
     walks in thought
    unbowed, proud, where loud
     roared and fought
    his kin, lean and slim,
     or deep in den
    in the East feasted on beasts
     and tender men.
    The giant lion with iron
     claw in paw,
    and huge ruthless tooth
     in gory jaw;
    the pard dark-starred,
     fleet upon feet,
    that oft soft from aloft
     leaps upon his meat
    where woods loom in gloom —
     far now they be,
     fierce and free,
     and tamed is he;
    but fat cat on the mat
     kept as a pet
     he does not forget.


    Sounds like Eminem. 

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